Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phase 4 Cancelled,, is it still day 31? hah Uncertainly about challenge status for moi...but the scale moved. Yay!

Yesterday, Allan called off Phase 4. It was pretty shocking to a lot of us, so, well, the air was a tad in the "bummed out" zone, if you read the comments on his blog.

Today, he announced a new phase starting Monday. He wants adherence and those who won't adhere to take a hike.

I emailed him that I wanted in. I expect it to continue to be tough...but worth it. :)

On to the scale:

Tanita-san says: 225.6

Wow. Fewer than 10 lbs to be out of the "severely obese" category. I'm so stoked to see 216. I want to get there................NOW!!!! hahah

Anyway. Was still feeling the munchies evening time and it was hard, hard, hard to say no last night. But....the scale shows the battle was worth it.

I was hoping we'd get some of that cold you guys are getting all over the more northernly/westernly places. I don't like to hear my a/c running or feel "warm". I wanted more chilly days!

It's Groundhog Day...and I wonder what Phil says about winter. ; )

I hope he says Miami will get a bunch more cold fronts!

I feel really boring today, so maybe I'll cut this short. This is Valentines and Birthday month, so I got some planning to do. I want to celebrate well and STAY IN MY CALORIES and eat healthfully and move and see at least 8 pounds gone by month's end.

It's a short month, but I want to see it shine, shine, shine for me!

Happy well....


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I thought I read on Allan's blog that the people with medical issues etc can still be in phase 5 with modifications. You can check with him but I'm pretty sure that is what he wrote. :)

Princess Dieter said...

Thanks, Karen. I did email to explain to him. It's up to him, ultimately. :) But on we go, no matter what, right?

FatAngryBlog said...

You are doing awesome!!!

Joy said...

Phil didn't see his shadow so it's going to be an early spring!!! :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I just discovered your blog! It is GREAT!
Thank you for the weight loss motivation!
Have a pretty day!

Laryssa said...

Don't believe what that scrawny lazy groundhog said ... I think he said it would be an early spring because he was afraid those of us in the northeast might put a hit out on him if he saw his shadow!! LOL

And I would love to send all this cold and snow your way ... but my sister lives in Miami and she won't let me! ;)