Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 6 of P5 Challenge: Sending Weigh-in, Chilly in Miami, flu is "widespread", Wanna Go Right Back To Bed...but it's the WEEKEND OF LOVE, BABY!!!!

::yawn::: It's one of those sleepy days.

I must have slept crappy. I slept 10 hours and totally wanna :::yawn::: do more of that.

Ah, well. I'll go make some coffee and see if that helps.

Tanita-san: 222.4

(One of the 3 weight tries--I always do 3 and take the highest, and sometimes it's all 3 the same, usually it's 2 the same and one either .5 up or .5 down. Today, there  was one 222.2, which looked cute, all those 2s.)

Rounded down, that means I send 222 for the P5 weigh-in. (Last week was 225, rounded up.)  It's pretty much a 2.2 pound loss, which seems right at 1200 calories for me. It ranges from 1.8 ro 2.2 at that level if I exercise consistently as I ought.

Considering how gray, dampish and chilly it was on my walk yesterday early evening, I'm not surprised we have us some lower temps today in Miami. I like chilly SUNNY, dry, clear sky days. Today it's overcast and dampish chilly. Gotta enjoy it, nonetheless. Any not-hot day is cause for celebration for me. It's 58.6, 77% humidity (but the dew point is curl friendly at 51). Pollen is 8 out of 12 and flu activity is "widespread".

A couple people were sniffly at the salon yesterday, so I did the antibacterial hand thing a couple times out of concern. Fortunately, the gal who did my shampoo/condition wore a mask (she was definitely sounding congested).  I didn't wanna catch a bug before my happy events that are in the coming week and a half.  I'm sick too often when hubby takes days off, and he ends up nursing me. I'd rather enjoy his time off with him..making good memories for when we're old and decrepit and crinkled in our rockers, reminiscing.

Well, gonna read some motivational stuff before I embark on a day of controlled healthful's gonna be a mushroom-spinach egg white omelette for breakfast (and yes, the yolks are healthful and I have yolks a couple times a week, but I'd rather save the yolk calories for something else later in the day if I need it--since I'm a night-hunger type. Always gotta keep some spare calories for dinner or late snack. If I was an AM hunger type, I'd just have the yolks and enjoy.)  Truth is, though, I like whole eggs just fine, but I also like the texture of egg whites. :) Well, I just like eggs. :D

Nothing profound to say. I've read some good stuff and keep meaning to link, then I get lazy. It's V-Day long weekend, and I've got on the brain what hubby said yesterday when he got home from work: "Ready for the Weekend of Love?" (Which he followed with canoodling and later in the evening some nice foot rubby while watching TV. Ooooh, I love having my feet manhandled, er, hubbyhandled.)

I am! was my reply.

So, really, would rather get going (yawn, wake up, me, wake up!) to rev up my body to enjoy THE WEEKEND OF LOVE.

(Although, really, every weekend is the weekend of love in this household. I guess this is just a LONGER and more "official" weekend of love, hah.)

Hope your weekend is full of loads of love of all kinds...including enough self-love to stay on your plan (whatever your healthy plan may be). Later...

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