Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 18 of P5: In a new "decade" at friggin last...hope it's not a momentary blip; finger still hurts, typing still hurts; Buck-Tick for the exercise mojo with a more positive original concept of "kamikaze", um, how's it going with ya? :)

Tanita-san welcomes me to a new decade: 219.8

(I thought my waist looked "less than" and measured. Yep...1/2 inch down from last week.)

Took me long enough. I was tired of being in the low 220s already.

Funny, this is such a contrast to the months and year+ futzing about in the 270's. Sometimes, I get stuck in a decade. 280s and 270s were long ones. 260s less long, but I dithered.

I want to get out of the 210s with ease. This is my prayer. No futzing, dithering, lollygagging. Up and at em. Out of here! Let's do it, Body o' Mine!

(And while you're at it, BofM, please heal up this finger. It hurts to blog!)

Anyway, I felt no vim when I woke up, so I put on some Buck-Tick on the cd player and got my mojo going. Put on my workout clothes. Started moving about to get the blood pumping. Worked. The song "Kamikaze" today especially gave me some good "wind at my back"....which was followed on the CD with the faboo ZERO. (Link is to video of a live performance. Sakurai Atsushi in his long-haired glory. Hot dang! That'll wake up your ovaries.)  Double wind!

I decided I'm going to appropriate the term "kamikaze" while on the challenge. Not in the tragic and deadly way it was used in WWII and continues to be thought of today. But in the sense of divine intervention for my good. Kami is a word meaning god(s). Kaze means wind. Wind from God or the gods. Divine Wind. Kamikaze. It's a beautiful word. Too bad we have such ugly, sad, destructive images for it in our recent generations.

Let's make it a beautiful one again.

I believe in God. I believe God wants our good and when it is His Will, He will intercede on our behalf. God's plan is bigger than any one of us, but each one of us has great value.

So, I do pray for that divine winds--holy typhoons, mighty hurricanes of mercy-- to carry me to my health goals. Wind to blow away the boats carrying my enemies so they cannot disembark and wage war on me.

How are you doing as February closes and we see ourselves two months into the new year (less new now)? Are you meeting resolutions, short-term goals? Are you still fighting the fat fight or did you give up?

Find a new wind...keep going...

Here is a "nothing to see" video of Buck-Tick's "Kamikaze", couldn't find a performance one...enjoy...lyrics/translation here...


Karen Butler Ogle said...

You are rocking the weight loss, Princess. Before you know it you will be at goal. :)

Tena said...

What a great motivating post! You are doing great and I feel your determination. I'll be praying for His Divine Winds, too!

Mrs. D said...

I'm so happy for you and the new decade!! The 220s were the first time mine slowed down, and then picked right back up, only to slow a little again. Bleh. I've found my "new wind" though! Time for a change to help get me out of the 200s for good!

Thanks for such a positive post!