Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 21 of P5: Shaking and wanting to puke cause I got all inspired by ONE OUTS....kick-butt baseball anime

Scale's the same.

I just did some working out and can barely type. My body is all shaking, blood pumping, and I'm a tad nauseous. Urp.

Did some of my Jackie Warner workout DVD , followed by some Dance Central on Kinect (Ride the train, come on, ride the train...)  I kept moving for 30 mins and pushed, pushed.

I may have pushed too much. Urp again.

Hubby and I watched ONE OUTS (new to us, though it's a couple years old anime-wise). Baseball anime. Not the comedic school one like BIG WINDUP! and not poignantly sweet and youthful like CROSS GAME. This one has a seriously testosterone-drenched couple of players and a really cool hottie of the "maverick with the spiky dyed blond hair and sly eyes" kind who wins every time. Of course, he's recruited (in a very cool seedy way by an uber-prideful and competent pro player) and is now a player for a team (instead of his moneymaking night gambling ventures). But he still manages to outmaneuver even the snobby team owner/CEO dude. Love it.

Oh, really, I will puke, methinks. Whoa..dizzy.

All these "we will do it no matter what" animes have been part of my way to motivate myself to stay in the Phase 5 mindset. Get it done! Don't give up! See the goal! Move toward it!

I will try not to overdo, though. I am a fat, middle-aged gal with medical issues, not a young turk with sexy-sly eyes and a killer-lean physique (ie Toua, the main character):

I really dig this song used in the opening credit sequence--Pay Money to My Pain, Bury. Gonna find and iTouch it.

I hope you keep your motivation flowing this weekend.

Keep going.



Karen Butler Ogle said...

Hang in there, Princess. :)

Laryssa said...

Oh, yeah, I'm keeping the motivation flowing!!! Hope you're feeling better. If you're going to push yourself that much during a workout, you should drink some Powerade during and after ... gets those electrolytes back. That was recommended to me by a personal trainer I had at the gym several years ago. They have one that has zero calories.

MissMommie said...

I love this cheesy line from Galaxy Quest -- "Never give up, never surrender!" This has become my mantra.

Anne H said...

Interesting song and graphics...stronger once again!
Princess.... you are aptly named!!!!!!!!!1