Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 12 of P5: 2 Days to Birthday, Busy, May Skip Blogging and De-Interwebs for a Spell...Still with the salt...sheesh...Plus I Ponder my Internet Addiction--like I Pondered my Food Addiction....& Are You Spending Too much Time Online?

I turn 51 on Sunday. Urgh. What an awkward number.

I may be MIA if things get hectic this holiday weekend. I assume many of y'all have holiday plans, too. ENJOY!

On to other things....

Lyn's post resonated with me today. We share addictions, so, of course it resonates.

My desire for too long is to comfort myself with food, to stuff with food, to obsess with food. I've worked on that and it's getting a lot better (for now, and may it stay that way and get better).

My other addiction is the internet. Blogging. Blogs. Facebook.

Time for me to cut back on that, too. I don't know how. Frankly, I wanna sign on before I brush my teeth. I check before bed. That's an addiction.

I want to blog, of course, as this is helpful to my health journey. But when it's hours on this thing a day, and it's not work-related or other necessity-related, then I'm fixating on this the way I used to fixate on food. Using the computer is a sedentary thing. So, it's not adding to the active lifestyle I"m trying to cultivate.

How to balance this?

I have no fricken idea, other than to give myself a limit of X time limit a day and use a timer or alarm...

If you gave yourself no more than an hour a day to blog and read blogs, how would you handle it?

Well, something for me to ponder and work on.

Along with the salt thing. Still struggling mightily. i had a handle on it for a while, then fell back to old habits. Not completely. I'm still WAY better than original Salt Vampire me. But... I'm screwing up my progress with hitting the salt. Seriously, the cravings are killer. It's like since I cut back calories drastically, my tongue refuses to let me give up the shaker. Frustrating. I was doing great on the scale and this has stalled my progress.

And it does give me cravings. I know it. But it's like giving up ciggies. Tough as hell.

Anyway, yesterday I exercised a total of 1 hour and 20 mins...strength and stretching and walking. I ate 1274 calories. I drank all my fluids and a bit more.  Scale today: 221.6. Sheesh. That sucks.

I keep on keeping on, trying to find balance, not always succeeding, but the fight goes on....

108 days to go in the Phase 5 Challenge....hopefully decades to go in the lifelong challenge....

Happy Weekend to all fatfighters!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Happy Weekend to you, Princess. :)

Beth said...

What? It's a holiday weekend? What holiday?!

Have a great birthday!

I do try to be mindful about my online time and because I am off and on all day long I am not sure how long I actually spend reading blogs. I don't do Facebook so that helps. It's a problem for a lot of people though and it is for me off and on. I don't know about how to reduce it, I seem to naturally wax and wane with it. Good luck though with reducing the time.

I have the salt problem too. Who invented salt...argh. It's so yummy and so bad for us. If it's not one thing, it's another, lol. I think I could go overboard on AIR if there was a way to do that...

Joy said...

Happy early Birthday!! Hope it's a smashing one for you :)

I'm with you on the salt thing. Oh God, I love it so! As much as Allan would probably kill me to hear me say this, I really don't monitor my salt at all, especially since I am so good with the water. Awful, I'm sure. Really, the only time I try to cut back is if I wake up in the morning and I am puffy from the day before. Then I know I overdid it.

Diandra said...

I hope you will enjoy your weekend!

Anne H said...

Have a lovely Princess Time!

Toni said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Laryssa said...

I find that since I started blogging more, I was spending too much time on the computer. It was even interfering with my exercise time! Especially when we started Phase 5 of the challenge and many of us linked with the other challengers' blogs. So now I just dedicate one day of the week to read through everyone's latest 2 blog posts and comment. That way I'm not spending most of my day reading blogs.

Hope you've enjoyed the weekend and had a happy birthday!! :)