Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 20 of P5: 100 Days to Go....And I'll Send Weigh-In Today, not Tomorrow; What Would A "Maintenance Phase Challenge" Look like; Thoughts on June...

Official P5 weigh-in will be sent today: 219

Tanita-san said 219.4, and we round (up or down) as needed.

It'll be 3 weeks down in Phase 5 tomorrow, and a lot more weeks to go. But 100 days past quickly. Just look how fast 57 days have passed this year so far. Time flies, baby, always has (except when the dentist is doing something painful or you're waiting for a pay bonus to deposit).

In 3.4 pounds, I will no longer be severely obese...just obese. Milestones. I got my eye on 'em.

When Phase 5 ends, I hope to be close to not being obese. I suppose miracles can happen and I won't be obese anymore. But close is good. Very, very good. It's amazing, actually.

I'm selfish enough that I hope Allan will have a "let's see if we can keep it off or lose more" or "maintenance" phase. I know, we should not ask for more, when we're getting so much. But yes, I am selfish now. I like his accountability and progress structure, and I know maintenance is tough. He'll be at maintenance before me, but that doesn't mean that it's not something good to do. Learn the right way to readjust calories. Not everyone can do it right. I've seen bloggers stumble slightly, moderately, and major-EffingUppingly when they lost the weight and tried to maintain or just lose the last 5 to 10 lbs. Something about being close to or at goal can mess up your mojo.

And maintenance has always been hard.

My goal is to be a kick-ass maintainer one day. What number will I maintain? Who the hell knows? I've learned enough reading weight loss blogs for 4 years that what one thinks will be the end number isn't always the right end number. One may have to be realistic and accept a higher one; one may have been not optimistic enough and do well with a lower one.

I actually wonder what a "maintenance phase" type of challenge would be like, how would it be set up, since some would lose more, some try to stay in a small range of ideal weight, some realize they can't hold the low weight and need a higher number.....

Well, that's something for me to ponder, since I plan to have to do it, even if it's on my own. My own "maintenance phase challenge" to get me in gear for a  lifelong phase of maintenance.

One day. Soon, I hope. :)

Phase 5 ends in June. June is a special month for me. LOTS of things to celebrate related to me and hubby. It's a "very few clothes" time of year in Miami, cause it's when hurricane season (read hot and muggy and wanna die to get into a cool place while terrified of the weather reports season) starts and when we all sweat and have a hard time keeping our hair from frizzing and makeup from melting. Mosquitoes and mug. Ugh. BUT...with fewer clothes (and bathing suits for the ones not afraid to show hanging skin or rolls of fat), we're gonna be so glad we were in the DDDY and made progress.

Here's to making bigger strides before summer makes us reveal our skin to the world....

Happy Saturday!

(Off to have FUN now...and burn some calories...see ya...)


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I hope there will be a maintenance phase too. It is difficult to adjust after being in weight-loss-mode for so long.

I love Florida but I will skip the hurricane season. :)

Jo said...

I need to learn about maintenance, too. Although I'm sure some would say that is all I have done for the past 3 months. ;-)

kelly said...

Ok so I'm new to following you, but what are the phases

The Better Idiot said...

Am a bit behind but just wanted to say congrats on the new decade.

P90Xer said...

Congrats on being so close to your first milestone! Am glad I came across your blog, I love your brutal honesty.

Julie said...

You are doing awesomely. I too hope that Allan teaches up to maintain once we meet our goals. I know he's given so much we can't ask for more but maybe he can share as he learns too.
Keep up the great work. Here's to a great week. Your workouts sound intense, good for you!!