Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What is it with restaurants and salt? Give Beth Some Hugs, Would Ya? And Remembering that FAT KILLS! aka time for another Royal Rant!

Yesterday, I had my Pilates, did a 35 minute walk with hubby, and finished NATIVE STAR, which was great. Too bad it's another typical "pick on religious folks, pick on republicans, pick on big corporations" message...which is sorta cliche these days, but other than that, primo,great fun, romantic in parts, and I'm gonna start the sequel soon. :D

Today, I pick up my organic coop share. Hubby will be happy there are gala apples, broccoli, potatoes, and bananas. I'm happy there are grapes, arugula, local avocado, and local eggplant. Some other stuff, but those are my faves in the share.

Yesterday, I allowed myself multiple carbs/starches with dinner, so I'm staying away from the scale. Starches/more carbs = water retention for me. I had black beans and hummus. My half cup of beef veggie soup (from a Lebanese restaurant, as was the hummus) had a bit of rice, too. I also had extra fruit with dinner. And lowfat Greek yogurt with some walnuts. A lot of carbs yesterday with supper. But I just wasn't in a meaty/poultry mood.

It was half a cup of soup, not the full share, cause it was TOO DAMN SALTY. Geesh. 9 out of 10 times I have soup in a restaurant, it's like someone opened up the Morton's and just went to town in my mouth. What is it with that? Maybe Allan knows, as he's Mr. Restaurateur Supremo.


The hummus was salty, too, so I didn't hit it much, which is fine. It's just for a little flavor.

If a genie gave me 3 wishes, I think 1 of them might be: "Every restaurant in the world will only sell healthful, nutritious, real, organic food without additives or excessive salt."

I know. I ain't getting that wish, but it might lead to world peace if everyone was eating sane. Who knows? :D

We had rain again, and I may leave walking for tomorrow and do something indoors. Dancing. Some calisthenics. Weights. Not sure.

But I am sure my blogging fatfighting buddies, who well understand the power food can have and how hard it can be to refind one's groove, will want to go and give some commenty support to our pal BETH of OBESITY STRIKE blog. She came back to us after a long hiatus. Let's send good wishes, prayers, vibes...and let her know she has the power to overcome this setback!

Saw as I was reading a few blogs (been bad at keeping up with everyone, sorry) that one blogger lost a babysitter due to obesity.

Fat kills.

Fat kills.

Fat kills.

I'm not talking about a little fat. Some healthful dietary fats. I'm talking about obesity. I'm talking about excess fat.


If you think that chocolate bar or that cookie or cake or that double meat pizza or lasagna or drive-thru supermeal is benign, you're kidding yourself. If we have weight issues, those foods are killing us if they are not helping us lose weight. Period. And hey, they might be killing you anyway, with whatever nitrites/preservatives/additives and crap is in there if you're sensitive to it--diabetic folks, gluten-intolerant folks, soy-sensitive folks, preservative sensitive folks, hypothyroid folks, autoimmune folks, binge-eating triggered-folks, I'm talking at ya, stop eating crap you know you can't handle physiologially or psychologically!

Your desire to eat too much is destroying you. It was totally destroying ME. I know it.

Stop it.

Right now.

Find the sane place inside you and grab hold and put down that food you're about to trigger a binge on or go over your alloted calories with. PUT IT DOWN!!!!

We already have people dropping dead all across our country from eating too much. Kids getting diabetes. Adults, too, who only are getting it cause they got fat. That was me...heading right to diabetes cause I ate too fricken much.

Adults getting cancer.
Shortened lifespans.
Orphaned kids, cause their parents couldn't say not to Dominoes or McD's or the Chinese Buffet.
Despairing seniors whose children predeceased them due to obesity -related illnesses or complications.
People being sick and unproductive due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

It affects a whole society. Not just me and you. EVERYONE pays for this.

I lost a nephew, who'd probably be well and alive today if he'd gotten a handle on his weight issues. It complicated his medical treatment that he was morbidly obese.


Don't let it kill you anymore than it already has. Yep, who knows what damage WE ALREADY DID to ourselves. Irrevocable damage. Done and not to be undone.

Don't do more. I don't want to mess myself up anymore. I want to heal.

Let's heal.

Put the damn crap down. Spit it out. Refuse to buy it. Refuse to spend your hard-earned bucks on anything that is not NUTRITIOUS and on YOUR (and my) acceptable eating plan.

Live longer, love longer, be well longer....


Suzan said...

It also depends on the salt that is used. Commercial salt tastes bitter and too salty to me now that I started using Celtic sea salt.

The folks who are now making billions from obesity-related illness and suffering decided a while ago that grain fed meat is cheaper to raise, that inflammatory plant oils are cheaper to make, and that sugar gives people a cheap, addicting high. Then they went to D.C. and lobbied for the support of the politicians. So now we have supermarkets that sell cheap food, which is mostly poison, and people go along with it because TV doctors who are sponsored by those food companies still suggest those foods that are killing people, and the USDA recommends them. Yes, fat kills, and people need stop believing the "experts," who made us sick and fat in the first place, and just eat real food.

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Great post!

Jo said...

I agree! No restaurant food, no fast food, no packaged food. I like to think of it all as poison. That thinking helps me say NO to the fries.

EmptyNester said...

"Put the damn crap down.." I couldn't have said it better myself! LOL

I know just what you mean about the salt and restaurants. My BFF and I ate lunch out yesterday and could hardly eat the soup. We stuck to our salads.

Betty said...

Great post! Totally inspired me and made me feel good, that I didn´t have that crap for dinner, that my body was screaming for. It´s a good thing we don´t have many restaurants over here. Less temptations...

spunkysuzi said...

You never fail to make me look at myself and re-evaluate what I'm doing and what I can do to be even healthier! Thanks

Jane Cartelli said...

Great post. Fat Kills. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Rationalizing the occasional binge/slip/fall is like rationalizing death.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

This is a good rant, Princess. Fat does kill and it is time people faced the cold hard truth about it and changed their habits. Hopefully, a few people will get it. It is so hard to get to the point of facing down the food beast actually doing it.

NewMe said...

What exactly did the babysitter die of?

Princess Dieter said...

New Me, here's the post:

dupster said...

Can I finish my cantaloupe? Great post! In fact, I wrote a blog titled "Obesity Kills" just this week on my Spark page. http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=4530074
I found you through Jane at Keeping Off the Pounds. On Saturday, I will celebrate (and I DO MEAN CELEBRATE) 6 months of maintenance. Having lost 185 pounds in the last two years, I have literally gotten my life back. You guys writing these great, motivational, inspirational blogs are part of the reason I could do it, and most of the reason I am still maintaining it. THANK YOU!

Anne H said...

I try to avoid toxic food - toxic situations -
AND toxic people!
None of that crap is good for my peace of mind!
Great post!

Beth said...

Sorry, I thought I'd commented here! Thanks so much for the shout-out for support. I think I've made it through day one today. Whew.

I'm so sorry to hear of the death of your nephew. How very painful that must be.

And the rant is excellent. I can use a kick in the bum every once in a while.