Friday, October 14, 2011

To Win The Fat-fighting War, Become a Roaring Lion!

I liked a quote from a fellow blogger, so I offer it here and a link so you can read it in context. His post reminded me of one I posted not too long ago on this blog.

Read, babes, read:
There is a lion in my heart, and he’s roaring at the fat that I’ve saddled myself with by being stupid and lazy. Roaring at the complacency that allowed me to put my own health and future in jeopardy. He’s roaring at me every day, filling my spirit with grit and reminding me that this is my day, this is my time. He’s pushing me to run wild and pounce on this chance, this opportunity to reclaim my life.

This journey is not for the weak or the meek; it is for the strong-willed and the lion-hearted.

It’s time for you to roar.
I've been nurturing my inner lion for more than a year. I wanna be the fiercest me I can be in my last years. These are my last years. For all you know, these are YOUR last years. Who knows how long they have? Right.



Karen Butler Ogle said...

I love this post, Princess. So true that we have to fight the beast into submission Roaring back at the food monster is sometimes the only way to defeat him.

Angela Pea said...

We're all loving Jack Sh*t this week!! I linked to him from the Christmas Dress blog, too.