Friday, October 14, 2011

EATING LESS October Newsletter: Food Addicts should read this...

If you aren't aware of this resource by UK food addiction buster Gillian Riley--author of WILLPOWER!, one of my CDCC books, EATING LESS, and BEATING OVEREATING--then head over and read the October newsletter. HERE.

There is an archive of newsletters, and you can browse older editions for encouragement, insight, etc.

I need it. The appetite zen was short-lived, and I'm back in fighting, fighting, fighting mode. Cause that's how it goes...gotta roar!

If you suspect you are a food addict, or your behavior with overeating looks like that--compulsion, frequent need to reach for food, feeling out of control with food--then I recommend her books, newsletter, shoot, I might even get the CD. :D  If she ever comes to the South Florida area, I'd go to her seminar!

Happy Saturday, folks.


Bluezy said...

Again thanks. I caught myself starting by frying up some thin asada steaks and imagining them in a roll with onions and lots of mayo. I took the meat and froze it. I walked away from the kitchen remembering your "new motto" on the side bar. Thanks.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

As I go into fall depression I find myself reaching for comfort foods more and more. I will check out her books and newsletters.

Anne H said...

I'm still slightly obsessed with your saying:
"Victory Over Sloth!"
Cleaning my little apartment - I thought of this - and you!