Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After the rant, a nice lil go overcome something a creator, innovator, overcomer. No wallowing or self-defeating actions, k?

Not much to offer today. Feel a little normal peeve at a plumbing issue, but the plumber should come Friday... and I made a doc appointment for Friday to get new Rx for "no Zyrtec" experiment was an epic fail, with runny nose and itchy skin, so back on it..oh, well, we tried...and the endo called to say she'll have me do a lipid profile...and I have cleaning to do. So, see? Boring.

On the plus side, doing fine off the steroids, breathing-wise. Zyrtec still necessary. I keep the hope one day it will be able to go, too.

Hope my rant yesterday was helpful for those who needed it.

Here's a nice quote for today that I pilfered from Melting Mama, who had it in her blog post today:

What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.  And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.  Right now.  
~Author Unknown

 I am the one who decides today what I will be today and tomorrow. But mostly, RIGHT NOW.

Yes, we all have certain limitations, but one thing amazing people of all ages, health statuses, economic brackets, intellectual levels, educational levels have shown is that humans have the power to change, transform, break through barriers, heal, create, astonish, alter paradigms, innovate, and just plain overcome everything in their paths.

Whatever is your obstacle today...tell it to take a hike. It's an opportunity and a challenge, not a barrier. YOU are the main barrier. Overcome what is in you that doesn't believe you can do...IT. Whatever IT is.

I plan to overcome something dark or hard or mean or lazy or indulgent or fearful inside myself today. wanna, too?

Oh, I guess yesterday's rant was refreshing. :D


Anonymous said...

wowwwww this post was timely. i believe a higher power has used you, dear princess dieter, to send me this message. there's just no getting around it and now i'm going to work on this really hard for the sake of a very important relationship in my life. I have goosebumps. Thank you!! Allyson

Princess Dieter said...

I believe in God, and I believe God uses other people to teach us, grow us, communicate to us. He speaks through they prophets or kin or a child. So, if anything I say is helpful to you, I'm really glad. I know there are otehrs out there blogging whose words led me to epiphanies. I'm always grateful when folks share...cause you never know who you can help with just words...just words on a screen ....

So, thank YOU for that comment.

Anonymous said...


Oh I just read your comment to the commenter. I totally agree. I think He brings others into your life so you can cope with your lot he gives ya! And you can do the same. Pretty soon both people are strong shouldered and marching boldly!

Anonymous said...

And this is JUST what I needed today. A good cap for the night.

Thank you.

Bluezy said...

Oh I see it..just up the road. OMG better take a detour. Feast Around The World Buffet in Las Vegas? Hell, know. I will not go there!


EmptyNester said...

It's always an inspiration visiting here!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

That quote is like a paraphrase from a bible quote. It is one of my favorite verses and good for remembering when things are tough. I'm glad to see you on and doing so well, Princess. I love visiting your blog because there is always something new and interesting here.

Yum Yucky said...

Amen, sister! Although I should've read this earlier in the day. It could've saved me all the whining I did. This evening will be much better now. =)

Betty said...

I agree with Pam. You are always an inspiration and your direct way of saying something is what I love.

Jane Cartelli said...

Ditto the above - inspiring, funny and spiritual. I love visiting your blog. I appreciate the art of the rant. You brought it around to the sunlight of the positive, which is exactly the direction I want to be facing on a chilly cranky morning. Thank you!


Beth said...

A very timely quote for me, being on day one (again). I'm ready to make it all new and yes, I'm ready to face down the dark shadow that has plagued me all these years - the eating and the disorder that follows in it's wake.

Sorry to hear about the fail on the meds front, that's such a shame. I hope that it settles down sharpish.