Sunday, October 9, 2011

4th CDCC Update--feeling groovy and relaxed...a quote about choice for food addicts...and asking for courtesy from challenge-mates should "life happens" happen...

Challenge dress now:
fits up to knees.
Haven't left the house in 2 days due to a ton of rain. The whole day yesterday was a stormfest. I like to read when it's rainy, and watch anime, so that's what I did. I must say, a few lazy days in a row are nice, but tomorrow, I'm back to moving.

Tanita-san, same as yesterday: 179.6

For the week, a loss of 0.8 lbs.

I suspect had dinner not involved Chinese egg drop soup and chicken chow mein, I might be a bit lower and meet a full pound loss for the week. My portions were discreet. I asked for minimal sauce in the chow mein, and they complied. BUT...Chinese places are sodium blasts. Yeah, yeah. I know. :) I had fruit for dessert to get potassium, which helped lots. Or I'd be super bloated.

In the last couple days, I saw lower numbers than today's, but, I am happy. For me, a week with a loss is a week to partay! In a new decade, too,  which is a psychological boost like ya wouldn't believe!


Fluids: a cinch
Calories: harder earlier part of week, easier latter. Appetite zen is back, though I had to fight like the mother to get back here.
Exercise: minimum met, then lazy days....which are restorative, so no guilt or regret at all. I seem to have reached a new level in Pilates, and even the instructor commented on that, which made me feel super. Two of the intermediate exercises felt downright EASY.
Books: Reading WILLPOWER! and parts of THE END OF OVEREATING for continued assistance.
Support: I've commented on several blogs, though by no means all. The minimum for the challenge is 3 blogs at least a week, and I've well surpassed this. Mood is GREAT. And for the record: STILL NOT QUITTING!!!

I was disappointed that one of the challengers just went silent. I hope it's not, like, a medical emergency or something grave.

Frankly, I'd rather it be laziness or binge-ing or shame or disinterest than a terrible family or personal event. Of course. I've had those and wouldn't wish them on anyone, even though life does this to us from time to time. I do hope LueLue is all right and her loved ones, too.

But when I create a challenge and say that I don't want folks to participate if they plan to quit, I mean it. Emergencies happen and all, but in the days of smartphones and such, how easy is it to send and email or post a bloggy comment to say, "Life interfered. Sorry, excuse me from the challenge." or "I can't update for a while, as my appendix came out,  but will be back updating as soon as life allows. Say hi to the crew." That's fine. These things occur.

Just courtesy, in my view, to communicate with a need for a break or to abstain altogether.

So, to my fellow challengers, should "life happen", just email me or post a comment tot he challenge blog or this blog to say you're out. Don't leave us hanging. Let us KNOW. Ya don't even have to explain the why, if it's too private or painful. Just do the simple courtesy of letting we, your fellow challengers, know you had to back out. Happens. But I would appreciate the courtesy of an "adios, thanks."

After reading some of the updates, I can see it's been a tough week for many. This too, happens. Few people have perfect dieting streaks. Setbacks occur. Regains can happen. It's the BIG picture , the long-term journey, that will see if you succeed or not. NOT QUITTING is the most important component of this. Bad week...fine. Move on. Have a good week. Hungry? Eat foods that decrease hunger. Binges? Get a book on eating disorders or overeating and work on it. Get counseling if you need it. Back away from sugar. Stay the hell out of fast food restaurants. Don't buy crap that triggers a binge. If you cannot eat JUST ONE SERVING...don't buy it. Period.

Here's a quote from WILLPOWER for food addicts:

If you continue addictive behaviour, start to choose it. Let yourself know that at least for now you are choosing the addiction--and that you can continue to do that for your whole life and never stop. Then, you begin with a sense of choice. Then, you can start to make the choices you really want to make. If you don't acknowledge choice first, you're still operating as if you're a captive slave with no will of your own.

Sometimes, I see posts like, "I binged and I was eating and didn't even know why."

I say, "Accept that you WANTED to eat that and you CHOSE to eat it and start from there." Accept responsibility. It was NOT out of your control. That's like saying, "Yeah, I cheated on my spouse, but it was beyond my control." No, it's not. We always choose to do things like this. It is steps. We have to buy the food. Hold it. Open it. Warm it. Chew it. Swallow it. That's totally IN OUR CONTROL. No one is OUT of control completely. We can be partially out of it cause the brain can set us up in a habit pathway, a desire loop, and that's hard to resist. the end, we have will. We CAN resist.

You and I just don't always CHOOSE to resist.

If you can't stay in control at buffets or fast food drive-thrus, choose NOT to go to buffet restaurants and drive-thrus. Simply choose not to.

Would you walk in sexy lingerie down a dark alley known to harbor rapists? No?

Well, then why the hell do you go to a place that you know leads to your self-destruction? Stop making stupid decisions like that. CHOOSE SAFETY when it comes to where you eat!!! You make that choice. No one else.

You can excuse yourself when others go to junk food places, if you think you can't stick to the safer foods. You can make a suggestion to go to a safer eatery. Be assertive and choose your health.

AND....fundamentally...basically...absolutely....Accept that you choose to overeat when you do, and it's the first step to figuring out how to stop when you want to. To exercise will, you must realize the choice is always yours..and mine.

Whatever setback you had, it's done. Another week is here. Another day to make progress. Another HOUR to realize your dreams. Learn from the bad. Focus on the good. Keep going...going...going forward. You are the only one who can make it happen.

It's hard. It's worth it.LET'S ALL OF US GET A MOVE ON!

I pray a blessing over you all. May grace be upon us.

And may we be very well, indeed, this week...


downsizers said...

Great post. Allan would be proud of you. I like the way you and Allan don't sugar coat things. You might have a smidge more tact. :-) This does so much more good, I think, when the leaders don't make it OK to quit or fail or stop trying. The encouragement and support is there but so is the straightforward truth.

Bluezy said...

HooRAH. Thanks for another Princess Fix! I chose to be here to read you LOL! I hope I continue to be addicted to your posts lolololol

Seriously though, you are right on. I have considered my choices lately. When I saw how much junk my grand children eat..I decided that I will no longer take or pay for drive thru. Only yogurt cups. And I might of posted already all over blogdom that the c-store has awesome yogurt cups and 100% juice. No more soda and candy! At least from grandma! It is a learned behavior. They are young and WILL learn.

Angela Pea said...

Yes! Yes! and Yes! We are adult creatures of free will, and our eating is strictly by choice. CHOICE! Nobody is tying us to a chair and force feeding us junk!

Glad your appetite zen is back, and that you had restful days this week. Rest is just as important as exercise.

Jane Cartelli said...

I accept that it is my choice and my responsibility as to what I choose to put in my mouth. I also accept that without help I am powerless to resist the obsession on my own. I ask for help daily and it has made all the difference in keeping the pounds off my butt today.


Becki said...

Great post. Thanks lady.

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Thanks for the comments on my stress post. I am reading a sample of the book you recommended. Another great post. I make no excuses... just have to move forward and put pieces back in place to help me succeed. Thanks 4 all that you so.

Julie said...

Great post Mir. And great weight. Keep up the terrific work. Have another successful week. You are such an inspiration.
Take care and God Bless!!

Julie said...

Mir, there are 4 blogs I can not leave comments on. Megan's, Jo's, Denise and Stormy's. I tried a couple times on each. I just wanted to tell them all to just keep up the hard work. A new week, new challenges and I know that each and everyone of them can do this. Keep up the great work.
Take care everyone. Blessings!!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Great post is right! I chose horribly this week. The buffet that I NEVER should have entered started the week and then it just went downhill from there. You're so right, I CAN'T GO THERE. Hope this actually gets to you, most of the comments don't!

"KT" said...

Good thoughts. It can be hard to accept responsibility because it's saying we were wrong... but the flip side is that it's realizing we're in control and we can "do right" instead. Empowering!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Amen. It is all about choices. We move steadily through the day with one choice after another. There is the potential at each choice to do the right thing. This works not just with eating but with our life decisions. Focusing and being aware of the choice when it comes it half the battle.

Mrs. D said...

Love this post!! Even when life puts us in a dangerous place- like the fair, or a family birthday party- we are still in control! We can take steps to prevent a binge, but sometimes we simply choose not to.

Jo said...

Nothing wrong with a couple of restful days to unwind and regroup. Thanks for the inspiration to make good choices or take responsibility for the bad ones. You're absolutely right!

Betty said...

I agree. Accepting responsibility is the key. We must admit our failure and move on.
I´m so happy you´re in the 170´s now. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

You know I like this post and your comment on my blog earlier this week in regards to decisions. You're a wonderful inspiration. Thanks.

FYI - For next weekend's challenge update, I will be unable to post as I will be on my well deserved vacation in Las Vegas. Trip dates are 10-13 to 10-17. I get in late on the 17th, will write something for an update on Tuesday the 18th. Thought I'd tell you now while I'm thinking about it. Don't drop me! :)

Beth said...

It is so exciting that you are in a new decade, it does wonders for the motivation, eh? Congrats on hitting the fabulous 70's!

And yes, yes, yes, about owning the choice, it is an idea that I am focusing on today, remembering that I can choose to suffer from the consequences of my overeating and binging or I can choose to feel the discomfort of a few minutes of refusal to eat on the impulse. (that hideous painful impulse, grrrr.)

It is a shame when bloggers drop out of sight with no apparent reason and loss of contact. I always think the worst - that they are buried under a mound of profiteroles. But then I've always had an overactive imagination. And I was one who disappeared when I was unwell and without any explanation. (and I wasn't buried under a mound of profiteroles, just to be clear...)

Keep up the inspirational writing, it's great but keep the rain for yourself, I am enjoying the rain-free days here in London!

Fatoutofskinny said...

Seen you comment on several blogs I follow, so decided to come on over and check you out! I take it this is your main blog?
Wow to the progress pics, hopefully I'll have some impressive photos like that soon.
Love the lacy dress, very sexy!!!

upinthecosmos said...

Love it, hold yourself accountable... that's all there is too it:-) Great post, great loss, great attitude... thanks for the words of common sense:-)