Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prayer, Body Talk, Rest....and I should have updated for the challenge TODAY ...:)

Tanita-san: 178.6

That's more than a half-pound down from yesterday.

I should have updated for the CDCC challenge today,  instead of a day early. HAH.

A few days ago, I'd asked my hubby to pray for my body to want to be a lower weight. One morning (a few days ago), he kneeled by the bed and laid his hand on my thigh and prayed before going to work. Usually, that means he's praying cause I didn't feel well (and I spent many years as a virtual invalid, so he's used to praying at my bedside over me). He said he was praying also for what I had asked, that my body would desire to break the stall and move down again.

I exercised less. I rested more. I ate more some days, upping carbs a bit, as I saw some do to break stalls. I prayed more. I talked to my body more.

Well, whatever, some folks will laugh, but you never know what is the thing, or the combination of things, including FAITH, that will help.

Perhaps this week, the deciding factor was just that: a man whose heart was full of love saying  a prayer.

Thanks for the comments on the update post. My allergies and asthma are radically better, even if no cured. I used to be bedbound for weeks and months out of the year. I had to quit working when I was 30 cause I was gasping all day at work, and even part-time was beyond my ability. I was suicidal at various points, thinking it was hopeless and I'd never get better.

Well, eating better, exercising how I could manage, on days I could manage, taking herbs, taking supplements, seeing different doctors, trying different meds...just not giving up. And I a better place overall with my health, though my defective body will never be normal, barring divine intervention.

Research. Not giving up. Trying new things. Faith.

It worked for me in more than one area of life already, and I figure I'll keep using that in other areas and on other flaws I want to improve.

So, if you're a faith sort of person, have someone you love lay hands on you and just PRAY for you to lose some weight this week. Could it hurt? No. Could it help?  I always believe they can....I always hope for the mountain to move....even if just smidge. :D

Happy Sunday.


Becki said...

What a great post. I believe in what you believe is what becomes. So if prayers, positive affirmations, meditation, they all will work as much as you believe they will. how wonderful of your husband to pray over you for you. That is love.

downsizers said...

I love that you are not the least bit hesitant to share your faith on your blog and as you comment on other blogs. It is uplifting. Christians are often reluctant to do this because someone might be offended. Why is that I wonder. I am sure that your example of faith and the practice of it has been an encouragement to many including me.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Happy Sunday to you too, Princess and thank you for the support on my blog. I feel much better knowing you have been there and have survived.

Betty said...

I´m with downsizers. Love that you share your faith! I´m so happy for you that prayer did it for you and that you are praising God in writing this.

Anne H said...

WOW! Enough stuff here to launch another BLOG -
Much less another post!
Or another day.
I'm so glad you are doing better....
And really, a little Devine Intervention couldn't hurt any of us!

lv2 said...

I'm a believer in the idea that everything helps. So glad that you are moving along and feeling better.

Jo said...

I have faith in prayer, good wishes, good vibes, positive energy, meditation...anything and everything that concentrates sincere healing, forgiving, sympathy, or well wishes. Because all have worked for me. I am so glad it has worked for you, and am wishing you success in your writing endeavour. You have a reader here.

Claire said...

How lovely to have a man of faith as a husband! I never even thought of having my family pray for me to lose weight...must do that!

Blessings to you!

Anna Down Under said...

I believe very much that positive thinking and sending out positive vibes DOES help - whether you do it for yourself or someone else is doing it for you. Fantastic idea. I like to focus on positive intentions when I meditate, so I think it's very much the same. How wonderful that hubby shares that with you. :)