Saturday, October 8, 2011

Still in the 170s, Still NOT fitting into the CDCC Goal Dress (of course!) or the New Goal Jeans (natch!), but sorta fit a new blue/black dress and definitely fit the green/brown these buncha pics show!

Tanita-san soon after waking: 179.6'

Took pics--well, hubby did-- as I find that I need to see in that form to really see.

When I was 300, 280, 250, 240, and so on...I didn't SEE me in a mirror as big as I was in pics. I still don't. So, I can fool myself looking in mirrors that I look hot. I see a pic and see the loose/bulging/hanging skin and I see the good progress, too, but I can't fool myself the way my brain/mirror can.

Hence, the following.

Oh, and thanks to April of 30 by 30 for inspiration to take a jeans my motivation-jeans have a loooooooooooooooong way to go to fit, as you will see in the last pic in this following series! (And maybe never will, but they were on sale, cheap, so I can always pass them on if they never make it to perfect fit due to all that loose belly/hip/butt skin. I keep the hope, though. :) )

Gotta say, from the look of me in this slip, I need me some shapewear. Regular undies aren't gonna cut it for snug dresses! Anyone use a really good shapewear slip or something that would rock a dress? :D

Here we go:

the CDCC black lace beaded dress, designer 14 (teeny 14)

Doesn't fit from the bottom..goes THIS far only.

Let's see how it fits from above...

Nope. Only this far. Drats!

But it's purdy and it WILL fit. Eventually. Onward!

This one goes on, but is a bit snug in the tummy.
Need to lose a bit for it to fit RIGHT. Maybe 5 to 8 lbs? 10?
Well, if it's in the belly...And I may need heels or a shorter length or both...

The green one fits! The looser skirt camouflages the belly apron.
I wanna dance in this one! SO I DO!, dance...oops, droopy fatwings. Who cares? Lalalalala...

Dang. That's as far as the jeans go.
Skinny jeans on a non-skinny Princess!
We keep working on it. It's all we can do!


One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

Thanks for sharing these pics with us you look amazing in the last 2 dresses so I know you will look wonderful in the black one too. I love the 2nd one and the color fits you well and its very cute. You are getting there keep up the great work!!

Mrs. D said...

I love the last 2 dresses!! I'm sure the black one is going to be beautiful on you too!

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Keep on pushing!! You are doing fabulous :)

Julie said...

Maybe because you did that I will put on the red dress and just see what happens.
I love that green dress, that is so cool. And you my dear are so pretty.
Keep up the great work. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

kristi said...

Cute dresses. You have great legs!

lv2 said...

Love the way the green one looks....the little sleeve makes your arms look skinney. The blue one would be fine now with some shapewear......spanx high waisted, thigh length bottom will probably do can order from Her Room if you'd rather try things on at home. Maybe someday I will be there.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Pretty dresses! Looking forward to seeing you in those jeans and the CDCC dress.

Betty said...

LOL! You really buy small when you buy for incentive. I should try that! :) I love the dresses. You already look awesome in the second one.
Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog. I needed it.

Miss April said...

Thanks for the shout out. Part of me was surprised that I posted my giant muffin top and not-even-close-to-buttoning jeans, but why not? It's a goal and they'll make for great before and after pics for both of us!

I swear by Spanx for shapewear, surely they have some that will work well with a dress. I love the power panty.

The green dress is adorable! :)

Jane Cartelli said...

I knew exactly how big I looked. I used to steal the photos family members took of me and hide them. I did Creative Memories photo albums for awhile and I took photos of me and cropped my legs and arms - as if it made a difference to the reality of what I looked like.

I was a pretty sick puppy when food was my God and Master.


EmptyNester said...

You crack me up! And inspire me! I love your attitude and am grateful that you share it with us!

Nanette said...

The green dress is so beautiful on you! That's definitely one way to measure your progress. I haven't had the braveness to buy the smaller sizes (I'm moving across the country soon and only want to take what I need). But I'm feeling better about some of the tighter clothing I was wearing before.

I'm excited to see your progress with the black dress.

P.s. The second dress... Look into nude heels they'll make your legs look super long! :)

❦ fitcetera said...

OMG, PD, look how far you've come!!!
You look HAWT in that blue/black one ... the one that you'd like to lose a few more to fit in properly. I love that dress.
The last one reminds me of springtime and lightness. Very pretty and looks fabulous on you.
170s .... ahhhhhhhhhh.
We share the same kind of arms. :D

Amber said...

Love the pics!! What awesome progress!! Hope you have a great week!

Val said...

Love love LOVE that green dress! Please post some sources!

Suzan said...

Whatever shape wear brand you buy, a piece like a slip or a body suit is much more comfy IMO than the individual bottoms or tops. No roll up or roll down. I've used both Wior and Spanxx. Got them from

Anonymous said...

Saw your review of "Wheat Belly". Thanks for that! I just went gluten free--had the same itchy face rash and swollen eyes--and vanity has pushed me into making the absolute, NEVER-again-will-I-eat the-wheat change in my life. You are an inspiration, and beautiful to boot! Thanks again :) Connie