Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back, just barely, in the 170s (whew!) and feeling..well, damn hot; used to new portions? :D

Tanita-San: 179.8

That was unexpectedly nice to see...again.

After my last post, we had a busy couple days. Family party--my sister made extra shredded chicken for me, so I didn't have to eat from the mixed Imperial Rice, and could limit my rice serving, and did I mention how much I appreciate my sisses being supportive? I didn't have any of the non-Princess-friendly breads, appetizers, etc. Just the bit of rice with lots of tasty creole shredded chicken breast and salad.

Part of my usual "family tempting event" strategy is go go prepped: I took my own diet beverages and sugar-free jello to enjoy when everyone else was having cake and ice cream. I took a Larabar for "just in case" and had half later in the evening.  Only had a mild twinge at seeing the cake cut (the chocolate part, anyway), and then it passed. Just a fleeting little "aw, wish I could" and then realized it would NOT taste as good as my fantasy cake would, so why bother. I'm talking no more than, say, 20 seconds of cake reflection, and it passed.

And I ate my gelatin and drank my coffee and had a good time chatting. Got asked a lot about how I was eating to lose. Got called "skinny" and "hey, slim". And every time I passed a mirror, quite frankly, I thought I looked great. My skin was glowing. My hot pink lipstick was da bomb with my skin tone. My curls shone. My cleavage was assisted by a good bra. And I felt pretty. I spent more than 20 years feeling pretty ugly, so I can tell you, this was beyond wonderful.

As my regular readers know, I haven't binged in more than 17 months. I've only overeaten in a significant--ie, more than 2000 calories-- though not bingey way, maybe a half dozen times tops in the last year. I've become accustomed to moderate eating (though not VLCD, though I did some under 1000 cal days this year).

Well, I was eating out with one of my sisters yesterday, and I hit the salad bar as my option. In the past, salad bars were multiple trips of heaping plates. Some days, I'd have 6 or 7 plates there, each one having been pretty nicely filled. I easily could have consumed a cup of blue cheese dressing or more on the worst, binge-y days. I'd eat until I could barely move.

Yesterday, I had one veggie-intensive plate, with eggs and cheese for my proteins. I was sad they didn't have fruit (I'd have filled at least half a plate with some). I went back for about 1/2 cup more of veggies, but didn't finish it. So, one plate did me, along with one rib from the take-out I got for hubby.

When folks tell you you can get used to moderate servings, it seems impossible when you're in the midst of binges and overeating daily and hungry-constantly mode and can't-stay-on-a-diet-past-3pm mode. You simply can't believe it.

Then it happens and you go: "Oh, this is nice."

I'm not stupid. I know that if I allowed myself to eat a lot, my body would get used to that again, and my appetite would open up again (especially if I go uber-carby again). Vigilance is always necessary for someone like me with a crazy food thing somewhere in my brain.

But for now, it's nice to go out and just not feel like I have to inhale up the menu's offerings. To not even miss dessert. To offer the biscuits or garlic toast to a neighboring table. Just let it go. It's never as good as feeling alive and in control. It's just not.

Although I'd rather you not wave Black Forest Cake under my nose, K? ; )

To all challengers and fatfighters and maintainers...keep at it, be well...


Anonymous said...

You deserve to feel pretty, confident and comfortable. With your looks, your choices and your healthy lifestyle. I hope it only contines to get better and better!

prairieprincess said...

Wow, good for you! I like what you said about eating junk and overeating, not feeling nearly as good as being in control.

Wow, powerful words! I am wondering: did you start with so few calories or did you slowly work yourself down there? Thanks!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Hello 170's!!!!!

Princess Dieter said...

Prairie Princess: I began just trying to do 2300. Then 2000. Then under 2000 (for some reason, 2000 and under 2000were crazy hard). Then 1800. THEN...for the DDDY Challenge, 1760 limit. Then I found I was finding it easier to move to 1500 and 1400.... Then this year, began doing around 1200. Now, more like 1400-1500. I'm terrified that the folks who say eating low-calorie long-term can really mess the metabolism (and mine is wrecked in so many ways from so many things), that I don't want to do very low anymore. But yes, gradual was helpful for me.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

You have done wonderfully, Princess. I'm so happy to hear you are doing well and feeling confident and self-assured. Those are amazing gifts.

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

You are so right. The food NEVER, NEVER, NEVER tastes as good as it does in our imagination. So glad you felt pretty -- you should feel that way.

I went to a party last weekend where there were FOUR kinds of cupcakes. I went prepared with my own foods and stayed on track too. Yay for us!

Suzan said...


Yeah, don't go too low-cal. Your body will NEVER recover.

It's amazing when you are eating well how little food fills you up!


Betty said...

I´m happy for you, that you´re in the 170´s again. You are very inspiring and I hope "the scale" rewards you for your great effort at the family gathering!

Jane Cartelli said...

Welcome to he 70's. Are you going to do something to celebrate? Wear bell bottoms? watch the Brady Bunch? Play some Peaches and Herb?

I like how you brought your food to the party - just in case.

I once dreamt I made a chocolate hazelnut cake and work up still tasting it. I knew it was the best I could ever have and that a real one was never going to taste as good as the one I imagined I'd tasted.


Karla said...

Wooooooo hooooooo for the seventies !!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Come on 70's!!!! EEeeeek!

You are so right, it is worth it, the enjoyment of living well lasts so much longer than a few bites of food (that causes us so much misery). So glad that you feel as good as you look! FAB!

Fatoutofskinny said...

Congrats on.........everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog, and so happy I did - keep up the fantastic work!

Jo said...

Congrats on reaching a new decade! I try to do as you did with taking a few things along just in case I'm not able to eat any of the food. Sometimes I will eat a small portion of the evil stuff, then fall back on what I brought. It has saved me more times than I can count. Good job!

Angela Pea said... are such an inspiration!

prairieprincess said...

Princess Dieter, thanks for the information! I am right now trying to get to 1900 consistently but I keep going back to 2400. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has had to "work" there way to the smaller calorie numbers!

I wanted to let you know that I included this post in my weekly blog roll roundup because I found it so inspiring. Thank you!