Friday, October 7, 2011

Going by Hunger...and feeling calm;Chilling out with manga/anime and magic/zombie fic; More wardrobe motivators; SF book recommendation; Blog read recommendations.

It's been a quiet, relaxing day. I consciously decided to chill out. No walk. No exercise DVD. Sleep until I felt like it. Drink my coffee reading manga. Just chilling out. It stormed and there's no cable and...that's cool. I'm in a lazy zone...

Appetite is calm, too, which is nice.

I didn't get hungry or thirsty until around 7pm, and that's when I fixed my first meal and had my first chugs of water and coffee. The scale liked me waiting until late: 179.0

I watched one of the new animes for fall. I'm waiting for hubby to come home so we can see Persona 4's first episode and decide if it's worthy of joining our regulars (BAKUMAN, BEELZEBUB, SKET DANCE, BLEACH...)

This weekend, I'm gonna use my Vera Bradley goodies that I bought to celebrate entering a new "decade". I've been here 3 days, so I figure, okay, I'll break out the reward.

Yesterday, I did Pilates, walked 35 mins in the cooler weather (for Miami, anyway), enjoyed the lovely sunset, and we've had several this week, lots of rosy/coppery beauty, smelled some amazing floral scents. My breathing is good for being off inhaled steroids for 1.5 months. First time in 22 years I'm off them this long without relapse. :D

I also read some of my challenge stuff for focus. BUT..I spent more time reading the (so far) amazingly rockin' good zombie/magic/alternate history set in post-Civil War frontier, NATIVE STAR by Hobson. I want to read more tonight after dinner and some chores. SOOOO GOOD! If you like well-written fantasy/magic/zombies/alternate history, with a touch of steampunkiness, here ya go. I'm not at all surprised it was nominated for a Nebula--the most pretigious, peer-selected award in science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction-- if it's THIS good 1/4th of the way through. I do plan to read the one that won--by one of my fave SF authors, Connie Willis. But I was in a magic/zombie/frontier mood. HAH!

Okay, back to the weight/food/exercise/challenge thing:  Food and movement and fluids were terrific yesterday. No crazy hunger. No weird temptations. Appetite zen is back. May it linger. It will be worth it if it stays and helps me move down the 170s with sorta-ease. I've met my challenge minimum in exercise, and anything else is lagniappe, as I'm wont to say.

So, with the eating/calories, finally getting a calm handle on things. Thank God

Exercise: great. I still have some ache and soreness in my ankle I twisted, but I am walking all the same. 
Books: good. They do help.  
Support: good, I've been commenting on some CDCC blogs.
Dress: Ain't anywhere near fitting. can't even get it over my hips or down my head, so no pics yet!

Motivation mojo: I have a new dress I bought that's roomier than the tiny Christmas Dress challenge one, one that I hope to fit into better in the next 5 lbs. And there's a pair of jeans that won't close at all...big zipper gap...that's my motivation to lose 10 more. I like having clothing motivation.Visual, tactile, tangible motivators. :D

I hope your Friday has gone well. If you need to read stuff, look at my blogroll. Jane Cartelli of Keeping the Pounds Off blog and Chris of The Healthy Skeptic have posted good stuff. Just scroll the blogroll and find em! And if you need motivation makeovers, check out this article at Sparkpeople.

Be blessed this weekend with optimism, family/friends who love you, cool weather, and some lost fat or muscle gained and great, great joy.

And be well....


Kek said...

Hi! Just found your blog and spotted your progress pics in a previous post and had to leave a comment to say: WOW!

Great job, keep it up! :)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I had a chill out day too. It is nice to just hang out and rest after a few busy days. It is very healing and I enjoy solitude sometimes.

Betty said...

I´m so happy for you that you broke the 180´s!! That is such an accomplishment and I love that you took a "break" this week. I´m sure your body will thank you for it.
Thanks for your supporting comments!

Bluezy said...

Gotta love that zen. I found a binge fix. Always have some prepared sugarfree jello for that late night check the fridge habit...only just in case.