Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plateau is crossing my brain; Dang, those Honeycrisp Apples are ROCKING MY WORLD!; Lousy weather; Gonna be a high-low week; lost an inch; considering NaNo next month.

What I saw Sunday on the scale:  180.4
What I saw Monday on the scale: 180.4
What I saw Tuesday on the scale: 180.4

Every day I ate differently, woke up at a different hour, and exercised at a different level. But that number stays the same.

I'm really starting to think: FRICKEN PLATEAU!

That's just eerie. Eeeeeeerie.  How can it be the same, the very same number, that keeps plaguing me down to the TENTH OF A POUND?

Hm. Hmmm.


Okay, who is digging on the honeycrisp apples this month?

I'm really happy they are included in today's organic co-op. I'd been getting a few every time I hit the grocery store, cause they really are my fave apples. I'm always insanely happy when I can add one a day (doctor, stay away) to my dinner as dessert (or eaten as a snack, depending). The texture is divine. The tart-sweet combo perfect. OMG, thank you for honeycrisps!

If you've never tasted one, hurry and go buy a half dozen for a week's worth of mouth-happiness!

It's an emotional week.

The weather was utter crap this weekend. Like monsoon crappy. Couldn't walk.

We're under a tornado watch in three counties (mine included) right now. Sigh. 

My grandniece's birthday party was Sunday, and I got to wear that green/brown pattern Evan Picone I showed off in pics recently. Fit me even better.

I guess the scale ain't moving much but things are redistributing.

To test that, I measured. Yep. Lost nearly a whole inch in bra band size from 3 weeks ago (when I measured to buy some bras). Waist is the 35 I aimed for in Slimmer this Summer. Hips the same. I'm counting that as an 'up' to the scale's not moving "down".

Birthday Party: Up.
Weather: Down.
Went shopping, since it was rainy and I had presents to get. Shopped for myself in "normal stores": Up.
Had to cancel my doc appointment due to flood warnings. South of us, there were tornado warnings.): Down. I'm running out of Singulair.
Did a new move I couldn't do before in Pilates: Up.
Saw my sister developing a moon-face from the cortisone she's been on for her heart issues: Down.

Upcoming highs and lows:

Low: Friday is my nephew's birthday Or would be, had he not passed away in July. :..(  There is a special mass for him, and so we're getting together. I had promised him last year to make my Spanish Omelette for him (he loved mine with the sweet onion variation) for his birthday. I plan to make it in his honor and share with the family. It will be sad.

High: Then Saturday, is his daughter's birthday party. My hubby is dj-ing. See what I meant about high-low. I know my nephew would want his daughter to have joy and pleasure and celebration. And that's what I want for her. To remember her papa, but to have joy that he would want her to have.

Then Sunday is her actual birthday, and we'll probably gather again: High.
My nephew won't be there on his daughter's 13th birthday: Down.

So, I'll be having emotional whiplash this week!  And fighting off those food tempations that occur whenever folks gather for events. Such is life.


I have a friend coaxing me to do NaNo (National Novel writing Month challenge). I may.

I may use it just to spit out a lot of stuff without editing. Let it be total crap just to see if I can get my creative juices flowing.

I want to tackle the clutter before the novel, but maybe NaNo is a way to just get that part of the brain that is most creative awakened.

I don't want to risk carpal tunnel syndrome waking up, though--I used to have it bad, had to use splints, ice, painkillers--so I'm gonna consider this, not rule it out, but maybe accept that if writing more than 1000 words a day, day in and day out, reawakens the CTS beast, I'll have to back off.

Still, I'm craving my creativity. I miss those years when I wrote stories, poems, began my novel, got great feedback, had editors interested. Part of me wants badly to go the distance and do my best. Do it, try it, and if I fall on my face, so be it.

You can't gain a chance at the win,at the high, at the success, at the uber-joy,  if you don't give it your best.

Be it weight loss, organization, novel writing, relationships.. LIFE...our best shot is what it takes to get all the sweet potential blossoming.

Happy Tuesday, folks.


Miss April said...

You're such a great writer. I just love reading your posts!

Eek on the emotional week - the good outweighs the bad, but the lows... are HEAVY lows. I will be thinking about you. That whole year after losing someone is terribly difficult. It is your first birthday, Christmas, summer eclipse, etc. without your loved one and it is such a difficult and sad adjustment. He is with you though, share the time with family.

Have a good week, you're prepared for the roller coaster.... now get through the actual ride.

Suzan said...

I'm doing NaNoWriMo, but not "officially." No registering, etc., just doing it.

You should do it, Mir. I love your fic writing. :-)

Anne H said...

You are very creative!
You always leave the best comments.
Thanks for that, by the way.
And go for it! Indulge the craving for creativity!

Betty said...

I agree with the rest. You are a great writer and I love reading your posts. They really inspire me and I can feel with you when you write about your plateau. That is tough, to see the same weight every day! I hope it budges for you soon!

downsizers said...

I don't handle weighing every day as well as you do. The fluctuations (or complete lack thereof in your case) make me crazy and make me want to eat stuff. Once a week at the most is about all I can handle. It is kind of weird how your weight stayed the same for 3 days. I guess if nothing else you are consistent! :-) You are doing the right things so the weight HAS to come off.

Jacqui said...

mmmm... apples! I did try the honey crisp, but wasn't that keen on it. I'm a gala apple girl. I've been getting local ones, as it is apple season.. yay! When I was pregnant, apples were my only craving... I had to limit myself to three a day. Surprisingly, that is the only fruit my little one isn't crazy about. Maybe she had too many in utero.. LOL

I agree with everyone else.. your writing is awesome and you should consider doing it! Though I do understand about the carpal tunnel issue.

Julie said...

Apples are almost my most favorite fruit. Crispy and tart.
You are a great writter Mir.
The scale will move, just keep up the great work.
Take care and God Bless!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I love honey crisp apples dipped in peanut butter. Of course, they aren't as healthy that way but I do indulge once in a while. You are a great writer and very creative. I wish you the best with it.:)

Caron said...

I've been enjoying the honey crisp apples a lot. I'd never heard of them before this year. Yum.

Bluezy said...

I looked at the number 180.4 backwards, then upside down. Read it outloud slow then fast. Just couldn't record it backwards for some hidden message ..... no, not really.

I believe getting involved in a
creative project is the right food -soul food!

Nanette said...

emotional whiplash is right. I can't begin to understand how tough this week is for you. I'm glad you have family and loved ones to help out. Maybe if you cry the scale will go down? Does sadness have weight?