Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Post of 2013: Accountability, Word of the Year, Photos, and Recommitment

Ah, 2012 was rough on me in its last couple months. Well, it was a bit rough from the end of June on. Less income meant the loss of my personal trainer. Illness set me back in other ways. But this is a new year, with a new word, and a recommitment to a vision to let go of what holds me back and grab hold of those habits and people and events and things that  push and drive and yank me toward my goals.

So, some stats, cause accountability to me means NUMBERS, not just words.

On New Year's Eves past, I weighed thusly:;

2009: 267 lbs
2010: 234 lbs
2011: 183 lbs

I don't have stats kept for a lot of years, but I was in the 270s for several NY Eves prior to that.

This New Year's Eve: 182 lbs

On Dec 30, I was 178.8. A series of salty foods played havoc, so that by New Year's Day, I was 185, until I peed a couple times, then 183. So, the scale was all over the high 170s and low 180s for the end of the year.

The good news: I ended up with a net loss of ONE pound since last NY Eve. I maintained, basically. And that's fine.

The bad news: Back in the 180s and a lot of muscle loss. A LOT. I cannot tell you how easy it is  to be a couch potato again and lose muscle. Very easy. Very scarily easy. And I'm ashamed of getting out of good habits. That means that this 182 lbs is fattier and less lean than last year's. Urk.

So, what habits dropped off since November when I got ill:

1. 10 glasses of water a day
2. exercising at least 5 days a week
3. praying over my day's food goals upon awaking
4. blogging to keep myself motivated

So, with 2013 seeing me at a higher weight than my lowest in 2012, I must work on--work on diligently--at getting back good water, portioning, and positive focus habits.

Accountability to me is also about photos. I posted photos last NY Eve. Here are shots from New Year's Day. We didn't dress up or leave the house NY Eve, but we got together with family yesterday. These are at me at 183 lbs on the scale--both last year's pic and this year's shots.

kinda fun headless shot

Excuse the lousy posture, hah, I was repositioning..awkwardly, clearly.

I love red (to wear). Cool red. Warm red. This is an orange red. Compare to me wearing an earthy red years ago:

At about 80 or 90 lbs more than previous shots and next pic.
And this is NY Eve last time, 2011, 183 lbs

I'm grateful for another year. My health is not as vibrant today as it was one year ago. Exercise, right foods, proper rest, lowering stress--it all has an affect on appearance. I see my face DROOPIER since 6 months ago. My loss of good habits has taken a toll in many ways.

Well, that's my accountability.

Now, for my word of the  year: RELEASE

I put a pic on the left sidebar representing "release" to remind me of it anytime I check the blog.

I had  "open doors" as my phrase last year, and it's interesting that my husband began to work for a company that has "Open" in the title, and that I began to open myself to a new group (new church) and new ideas (restarted writing). I am continuing my "openings" this year--and NEED to-- but RELEASE is most appropriate for various reasons that I won't get into now.

I hope you have a vision for this year. If you made goals and want to hold on. If you didn't make goals and are going to work toward them. If like me you took some steps BACKWARD and want to recoup the good things set aside.

Never quit. Find the solution. Keep going with faith in the human power to change. Persist with hope. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dears.

May 2013 be peaceful and blessed for us all, and may we make strides to grab hold of good things, including more healthful habits and a more vibrant life.

God bless...and be well...


BEE said...

u look amazing
hey and a pound is a pound right
but the fact that u maintained i am proud of i was 187 and by the end of the year 222 yuck right lol
but it is what it is getting back on track today
187 felt so good cant wait to get back there in the 180s like u
love the post
happy new year

Traveling Light said...

Happy New Year, Princess!

This was a such a thoughtful, honest, determined and hopeful post. :D Yeah, I know, that's a lot--but it was.

I usually get with the Lord at the end or beginning of a year for my focus for the new year, but haven't yet. I came down with the flu soon after Christmas and it has muddied my brain. I'm getting better, so hopefully, God and I will discuss 2013 SOON.

Let's do this thing, Mir.


upinthecosmos said...

You look great & are an inspiration for keeping off the majority of what you've been able to lose. That should always be celebrated:-)

Val said...

Happy New Year, Mir!
Gotta be better things coming down the pike for me in "LUCKY" '13...
A.) I should be proud that I've been maintaining for these past 3 yrs (even if I'd PREFER to be in your 180'ish range)
B.) Talk about fresh starts - my long-standing premonition that Ex was reading my blog was confirmed last month; while I despise the thought of Ex dictating my behavior, I've taken it private for now & will likely delete blog entirely once I have what I want archived... But he certainly won't stop my writing - currently venting on SP.

Best wishes,

Betty W said...

Happy new year Mir!! You look great and are still my inspiration to continue on. I know I still need to lose that last weight and am full of resolutions to do so, this year.

Karen said...

You look great. So awesome to have maintained during thyroid balancing and the home stress. I'm impressed.

Happy New Year and looking forward to following a long with you again this year. Karen P.

PlumPetals said...

Happy New Year! I hope you succeed at reaching all your goals this year :) Good luck!

ZeroCalorieKid said...

Sorry about loosing your personal trainer. But you KNOW what to do. Just keep moving...everyday take one more step in the right direction and you will reach your goals.

Bluezy said...

That obese bar level should read Ooo la la la lo-ve-ly. You look awesome in red and a tad obese