Monday, April 25, 2011

Salt/Low-sleep uptick, which will be gone, soon, no worries. And some pics of pre-and-post Easter feast and a quickie fix for the too big t-shirt so you can use it a bit more, fasting workouts continue......on Day 77 of Phase 5

What a lovely Easter. The day was sunny, warm, and pretty. I wore a dress for the first time in...I honestly can't remember.

Today, Tanita-san shows a 1 lb uptick to 207.2. I know what this is. This is sodium and this is lack of sleep.

1 Sodium: I cook with no added salt EXCEPT on meats and chicken (I hate animal flesh sans salt. Ugh. Some, not a lot.) But Easter's brunch, we had ham and roast Cuban-style fresh ham (pernil, we call it). Both have salt. I also had an ounce of Manchego cheese. My contribution to the feast was a large organic vegetable tray and a large organic fruit tray. The veggies were numerous and I had plenty. The fruit was delicious, and it served as my dessert.

I had no fried stuff (alcapurrias).
I had no bread or crackers.
I had no corn pudding.
I had no sugary crap--candy or flan. (And I adore flan.)

I had 1 tablespoon of a no-sugar, low-carb custard my sister made for me. Very light and subtle. No sugar rush. I have the leftovers home to enjoy after supper for a couple days.

And two days of not-enough sleep. That always does things to scale/progress. But, I am back on undistracted track. I have an MD appt tomorrow, which does mess with my sleep schedule, but I'll try to get as much as possible. I also had my Pilates session today, and it was great. New stuff. Progress. Trainer happy with the less fat in ONE WEEK noticeable in my abdominals.

But...back to Easter Sunday:

After I ate and chatted and digested a bit, I changed into workout wear and played ball and Frisbee. :D  Not calling it exercise. Calling it PLAYING. And it was fun. Sweaty fun that made my heat rash worse. I slathered cream on it and kept going.

Here are pics of me before the feast and after the outfit change:

Colorful for Easter

Sporty for Easter

Activity is now my normal mindset. I try to add it to every day in some way. Even holidays. Plus, let's face it. If you have kids in your family, kids like to play/run/throw/jump/climb. If you bring out a ball/frisbee/net/shuttlecock/puck/stick/bat, they're gonna wanna do something with it WITH YOU. So, have lots of gear handy and have fun with them.

Okay, time to walk. Sun is low and my poor rashy arms get a break from strong direct sunlight. If like me you are getting smaller and not able to wear a lot of your stuff (another big bag of clothes got donated yesterday and I have oodles to go), here is a quickie solution for t-shirts:

1 knot, 1 too-big tee wearable

Yep. Just a knot to the side and it's kinda fun wearing it this way. Makes your butt look pretty decent, cause it's longer in the back, hugs it a bit, and makes it not a slouchy, frumpy mess.

And to close, this week continues the fasting workout experiment. I went in to Pilates on a coffee-n-water only tummy. No loss of energy. Last week, I took a pic of me drinking some iced black tea (made fresh, made dark for caffeine) before my fasting-walk:

Drinking tea pre fasting-workout
I have leftovers in the fridge for supper (shredded BBQ chicken with salad fixings and fruit) and a bunch of new workout clothes (DANSKIN NOW and Just My Size stuff from Walmart. Cheap and useful for when size changes rapidly. :) AND I got COLORS. Woooo.)

Yes, colors. I wore radical pink to Pilates with light grey shorts (not black on black).

Enjoy your evening, have a sound meal, if you didn't move today, take a nice walk or do something in front of the TV. Rest well...


Anne H said...

Colorful for Easter - yes!
Sporty for Easter! - yes!
Skinny for Easter - yes!
You look great!

Susan said...

Flan. It was my dad's funeral. I had not had my mom's flan in over a decade. It was only 8 inches in diameter. I grabbed the whole pan and hid and went and ate it all. I hear my aunt in the background saying "Luisa, didn't you say you made flan"? anyways no one approached me on it.
I looked back at your photos. It is where basically I am at. I actually weighed 294 according to schizophrenic digital(healthOmeter Walmart)scale.
I am on day 13 and no flan pan stories or late night second dinners. I am going to weigh again in 2 days.
You look great. Keep it up. And keep being a living example. I appreciate that you share your journey! Oh I changed my name and blog name to be less offensive. I was a bit angry.

Suzan said...

I've been putting smoked paprika on everything and it has allowed me to reduce my salt sprinkling. That stuff rocks.

You're looking good!

Julie said...

Tonight 10.56 miles on the bike on the bike trails in Cuyuna. It was a lot of work and I still hate riding bike was with Mike and we had a blast. We took some really good pictures and maybe even a new one or two of me to share.
You are doing great. I didn't notice a chance much last week with the fasting exercise except the 2 hours after my work out was a very long time before eating. I did it three times, none so far this week but it is just Monday.
Keep up the great work. You are beautiful my friend.
God Bless!!

MissMommie said...

You look wonderful!!! Love that you are wearing colors to work out in, that's great! Keep up the good work!

Candy kankles said...

Great way to do a healthy holiday!You look so radiant!!!!!

safire said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love the easter top you have on! It's totally appropriate for the holidays and totally flatters your ladies ;)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Love the Easter dress, Princess. That is so something I would choose too. I love those colors and you look lovely in it.

Don't worry about the slight gain. It is to be expected after such a great loss last week. I do this all the time. Lose several pounds at once and then rebound a couple. Don't know if it is fluid or if it is just my body adjusting. Either way it is just my pattern.

I'm glad you had a lovely Easter. :)