Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Love Affair with Tanita-San Blooms Still! IF/fasting exercise rocks! Even a Salty Soup (to purposely raise BP) didn't derail me much, huh?....Though I weep Over My Non-Fitting Shoes...And ***I****SPRINTED****...on Day 72 of Phase 5

Tanita-San: 207.8

-2.4 lbs since Sunday. IF and working out on empty stomach continues to rock. The experiment will go on, natch. Let's recap shall we, since I started the IF/empty stomach exercise:

210.2 on Sunday, official DDDY weigh-in; I IF-ed before it for 16 hours
209.4  on Monday, and right afterwards, I went to my workout fasting
208.4 on Tuesday, lighter exercise day. Had an interval play-walk with sprints
207.8 on Wednesday after waiting 17 hours after dinner--breakfast after WI. I suspect I'd have had a greater loss if I had not had the Whole Foods veggie soup which was so salty I added 3/4 cup of water to dilute on Tues evening. But I needed to bring my BP up, hence the salty soup as a deliberate strategy.

I am astounded by that progression. IT IS NOT NORMAL for me, not even at a higher weight. Ever. So, to make sure it's not some weird flub, I will continue to see how this goes. If I see losses more than 1 to 1.4 or 1.6 pounds a week, then I know it's changing to this strategy, cause I'm still at 1200 cals and still at the hydration level the DDDY requires. I only changed the meal scheduling and working out at least a couple times a week in a fasting state. That's it. Food plan's the same. Calories the same. Water the same.

The studies that show IF improves insulin resistance may explain it some....and studies show fasting workouts help increase fat loss (optimally if you don't eat within an hour or so AFTERWARDS, and especially no sugars)....maybe.... it's what I hope, cause I have improved and want to continue to improve.


It might well be a coincidence, flub, oddity. But, hey, I like the progression so will continue.

If you try it, let me know how it goes. Don't change your low-cal diet or any other intake or sleep. Just see if working out on an empty stomach and not eating for an hour or more after makes a difference in weigh-ins. And if you do both IF and the fasting workout, let me know, too. I wanna see what that does or has been doing for YOU

Anyway , NEXT THING...

I spent some time trying on assorted sandals since the weather has warmed up, and most are unwearable. I need to upload a pic of one of my fave red ones that simply are beyond me now. Too wide. Sad and happy both about that.

I have to jot down some basics I need to get at the mall tomorrow or Friday in terms of bras and shoes and clothes, just enough to get me through a size. Cause this is mighty expensive buying clothes so often. And now SHOES???? OMG shoes are expensive. (Well, non-crappy shoes, shoes with lots of cush and good leather and that breathe are expensive.) I need a strategy for that to minimize budget pain and maximize use while I lose (meaning hello Spandex!) Maybe I will wear cheapo shoes for a spell (and hope it doesn't give me fungus or something like last time years ago when we economized and the cheapo shoes messed up my toenails.)

Anyway....I'll focus on the good. Body is mobilizing. Blood pressure is down. Belly fat is  burning off. Feet are slimmer (and cuter!). Appetite is minimal. All good.

And what's really good? My knees are not complaining today from the two very brief sprints we did yesterday in our playwalk. I have not sprinted knows. A long time.I've wanted to badly this week. Just run a bit and feel it. FEEL the speed. So, when on our playwalk yesterday, I asked hubby to sprint with me. We only did it twice. Both times no more than half a street block. But all out. All out (as much as my 51 year old fearfull, knee-impaired self could go all-out). It was scary and fun. And while my knee was a bit testy in the evening after dinner, it was fine this am. So, I will incorporate more sprints into playwalking. :D

Yes. It felt soooooooooooo nice to do it. To feel the heart pound like mad and breath saw like crazy and blood pump and knees go, "Hey, wait a minute, what was that?" I wouldnt' do that a lot. I did get some slight knee complaint. But it was transient. And I still am happy about doing it.

And what else did I discover? Walking backwards makes stiff hips feel good. Yep. We not only sprinted, we walked backwards, sideways, criss-cross, and just made it a sort of spontaneous "let's do weird cardio stuff" sort of walk. We made it PLAY. And it made it go fast. We wanna do more play. Hubby and I plan to take some sort of ball (lightish) and toss it as we walk. Kick it. Jump with it. Lob it. Whatever...just PLAY and make exercise fun. :)

Try something new in your workout today. Be random. Be playful. Experiment. Surprise your body!

I hope you have good things to report today. Be well, people. Be really full of joy and well....


Candy kankles said...

You are on a roll!! So great! Im glad your experiment is working!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sounds like you are rocking the whole plan, Princess. Keep it up, girl!

I'm feeling ya on the shoes. I wore some sandals the other day that I hadn't worn since last year and I couldn't keep them on my feet. My feet are shrinking, I swear. My therapist probably thought I was especially nuts that day as I walked into her office from the waiting area carrying those sandals.

Angela Pea said...

Oh yeah. Shrinking boobs. Shrinking feet. Oh! And shrinking hands! I had my wedding rings resized at 50 pounds gone, because I was afraid I would lose them. Talk about a committment to maintenance!

Joni said...

lord have mercy girl, you are kicking some butt!!!

Julie said...

Hey girl I have one know me and my questions. For your work outs are they intense or a bit laid back? Reason I asked, I've tried the exercising on an empty stomach and I nearly passed out a few times, but since I can't get to the gym all I want too I really have a pretty intense work outs.
YEAH!! on your weight loss. I'd be game for this too. Just something to get things kick started again.
Take care and my friend and God Bless!!

❦ fitcetera said...

Hi Princess! It was so nice to see you on my blog! Thank you for stopping by. :D
I'm marvelling at your astounding success!!! This is fantastic to see!!! (hence the exclamation marks!!!!)
You've given me the proof that I'm on the right path.

I am so very happy for you, despite the expense of having to buy new shoes. :D