Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another pound goes adios despite 200 extra calories and pondering whether to walk or not given the Return of the Rash...on day 79 of Phase 5

Tanita-san: 205.0

ONE full pound down from yesterday.

Okay, afater the combo of Easter Sunday sodium-blast and the Tuesday starch experiment, the weight loss momentum seems to be back on.  1.2 labs in the last couple days.

I had just under 1400 calories yesterday (yep, 200 more than usual, 200 more than challenge level). It didn't mess with the scale, thank goodness. I did think I lost when I woke up, as the mirror said my belly was a scosh flatter. The scale just validated what my eyes saw.

Rash is bad. Hubby went and got me a refill of the steroid cream before he headed to work. I had said he didn't have to, but he was worried about the hot pink puffiness and pebblyness of my arms, from shoulders down to index finger. ITCHY!!!!!!!! The driving arm (ie, more sun exposure) is worse. I can't use sunscreens (allergic to all the ones I tried, even the uber-pricey ones). So,well, we'll see. I don't wanna aggravate it right now. I don't wanna stop my walking. Argh.

The general recommendation is to NOT be out in the humidity and heat to avoid sweating. To keep the areas in loose clothing or open to air. I do that already. I am in a/c all day at home. There really is no indoor walking places in Florida (why, when anyone can walk outside). It's frustrating. If I walk, I can complicate it and end up requiring antibiotics. If I don't walk, I feel...less well and slow my weight loss.

Gosh, I hate hot weather!

Anyway, I hate treadmills and I hate conventional gyms, but that seems to be my only option as we head into the hell of summer. I already walk when the sun is just about set (nearly dark) to minimize heat/sun exposure....we'll see.

A solution will be found. :)

Anyone else out there prone to bad heat rashes?

Be well today, folks...


Candy kankles said...

I get huge welts on the inside of my elbows the rest arent as bad as when I was little.What about walking with an umbrella? I know its probably annoying but might help a lil. 205 is so great! You are shrinkin before our eyes!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I hope you are better tomorrow, Princess. It was hot and muggy here today but this evening we finally got the expected rain. I'm glad my flowers got a good drenching but I will miss my sunshine if it doesn't come back tomorrow. I wish I had some suggestions for you rash. Feel better!

Suzan said...

Hubby uses Sun Precautions stuff for the driving arm. They even have just open sleeves you can buy, and a full line of lightweight clothing, too.

I hate gyms, but I've had good experiences with a couple of local big churches that have fitness programs or fitness equipment. Nicer atmosphere. They don't usually advertise, so you have to hunt them down. My apt complex has a small workout room with a treadmill and a recumbent bike that I use sometimes, because I hate being outside in the summer here.

Suzan said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention Sun Precautions is clothing, not sunscreen. Sunscreen is thought to cause skin cancer now, so we avoid all of it but Badger brand.

Susan said...

It is like you have a hole and sprung a fat leak. I want one!!! LOL Seriously, this is great. I just showed my daughter (she is thinking of starting up, too). She says "Heck, yah, the princess has it going on"!

Julie said...

YEAH for the princess, you are melting like the snow we had today. Keep it up, you are doing so great.
Even though you hate the gym and a treadmill, I'm thinking to keep you healthy you're going to have to give it another whirl. I get prickly heat rash but never so bad it takes medicine to make it go away, well other then OTC kind.
Take care and have a blessed day.

Caron said...

We've had some success finding malls in various places that cater to the walking crowd. They will open early (7:00 or 7:30 usually) so the walkers can come in and get their exercise. They have music going and of course the A/C is on. Just a thought. :)

Floriana said...

Way to go on another pound lost! At this pace you'll be in onederland in no time!

Fortunately, I have no experience with heat rashes, but it seems like a royal annoyance. Hope you find a suitable exercise solution for you!

Anne H said...

I walk in WalMart - they are so super sized here,
that 2 or 3 times around is a mile.
Then I can pick up anything I need...
Great for extreme heat, cold, or rain!
And the treadmill is ok with some iTunes or dvd!

Yum Yucky said...

haha. I love that word "scosh". Husband uses it when he's cooking up secret recipes in the kitchen... Greedy Baby is prone to heat rashes. My cure of choice for her is to just keep it clean and dry. Errr, not that you're dirty. LOL! But babies? It's a mission to keep that wild child clean.

❦ fitcetera said...

Here where I live, people walk at the mall every morning (they open up early just for the walkers) especially in the winter time.

I second Yum Yucky ... scosh ... great word!

I don't suffer from heat rashes so I can't help you there.

Debbie said...

I second the mall walking mentioned. I did that last fall, it's nice because where I walked, the stores, except 1 anchor & a snack bar where closed, so no shoppers to maneuver around. Clean bathrooms are close by for emergencies. Of course, if early mornings aren't convenient you can walk there any time of day.

I feel for you, I hate the heat & sun, but at least I'm not allergic to it. With my pale, Irish skin, I do freckle and burn very easily. So I avoid being in the sun as much as possible.

Stamp Til Dawn said...

You are doing amazing!!!

You might check into "arm coolers." They look just like "arm warmers" that cyclers wear, but they are for hot conditions. Sorry, I don't know exactly where to get them, but the person that told me about them said she found them via a triathlon site.

Princess Dieter said...

STAMP! I'd never heard of those. I looked them up right away:

what a "cool" idea. I need to figure out what size I am to order (and maybe get some for hubby, too). THANKS.