Monday, April 18, 2011

Feeling great, dropped nearly a pound since yesterday, gonna start thinking of exercise more and more as PLAYING, and it's Day 71 of Phase 5 as I get ready for Pilates...ETA: Working out in a fasting state; I'm Stronger! I can hinge like nobody's business...And I need a smaller sports bra. :D

Tanita-san has fallen in love with me again: 209.4

That's 4/5ths of a pound down from yesterday. Hooray.  I'm getting ready for Pilates session, so I may just leave the subject there and do a partial post and finish later. :)

I'm starting to really enjoy working out, but I want to make it more like play. Pilates is kinda like that. It's my trainer and me, we do different stuff every time, we do something NEW every time, and she has many of my fave music playlists and cds to use for me, often some Japanese-rock or anime-theme comps. So, it IS like a really hard session of playing. Hard, but fun. Satisfying.

And I will say this: I FEEL GREAT. I wake up and feel GREAT. I go to bed feeling GREAT.

I love my walks. I like smelling flowers, seeing new doggies, noting other people, enjoying the architecture (MiMo), singing or humming when I'm in the warm up or cool down phases, and telling myself I'm a warrior when I'm in the brisker phases.

I want to continue to incorporate PLAY as exercise. I don't want it to be stressful mentally. It has to be fun or I won't want to do it forever.

Yesterday, while putting together supper, I was dancing around the kitchen, then running up to smooch hubby, then back to the kitchen and jumping around to some BUCK-TICK.

I kept doing this all day. Just spontaneously dancing in place, cause I felt so much energy. This is not me 20 years, 10 years, 1  year ago. I was bursting with this desire to just...RUN. Just up and go outside and wind. Maybe if I ditch 50 pounds, my knees will let me. I wanna....for 20 or 30 seconds. Just run.

This is an amazing thing for a woman who felt like crap getting up for 20+ years. Who had to set the snooze button like 20 times. Now, I can spring up and feel like I have energy and goals. I LOVE THIS!

It's not worth any binge, not any fricken binge in the world, to stop feeling this good.

So, how do you make exercise exhilirating and fun? :)

(Came back on at 7:15 pm to add that REFUSE TO REGAIN is also addressing the exercise/joy issue. Hah. It's in the bloggy air. Here: READ IT.  One of her transformative principles.)

And I"ll carry on when I get back....

BACK:  The session was astounding. I could literally FEEL that I was stronger. My trainer looked at me in one position and said, 'You know, we don't need to modify this like that anymore. You have even less belly and can do it normally." She readjusted the Reformer and bam, I was hinging farther back than EVER EVER EVER! I astonished myself. I was so happy.  Everything was easier with the couple pounds less of belly. (I must be in belly fat burning cause that's where it seems to be coming off this past week.) My trainer was VERY happy. :) We like progress that's so evident.

I did start experimenting with working out on an empty stomach. I did this in the start of my Pilates journey in 2008 at 278 lbs. It didn't work. I was exhausted in minutes and wanted to die 20 minutes in. I started experimenting with protein/carb/vitamin mixtuers and hit on one that worked (Green Magma, Whey Protein, Berry Splash). But I think I can work on an empty stomach NOW with lotsa energy cause I'm more effective at burning fuel in my body. I've lost weight, the insulin resistance is improved with the new diet plan my R.D. put me on, and I'm fitter. All that combined makes me able to work out without eating for 14-17 hours, and feel no drop in vigor.

I don't have sugar spikes and crashes anymore, cause I eat to control insulin. This helps immensely with steady energy. I don't get the afternoon sleepies/slump anymore.

The reason I'm doing fasting-workouts again now is after reading about how working out on a "fast" status makes the body burn MORE FAT within the hours AFTER THE WORKOUT. So, worth a shot, yes? I"m all about burning the fat. :D And this apparently also has a beneficial effect on telomeres. Look it up. :D

So, walkies later, and hopefully a trip to the mall to get me a couple new bras and something for Easter. My dress clothes are just too big again and my sports bra is getting loose...and it's vexing when stuff doesn't fit. You look frumpy and feel out of sorts. I like my clothes more snug now. :)

Move happily and well today. Eat happily and well. Make progress to getting healthier, okay?

OK, later dudes and dudettes....

(Note: I got tired of "maybe it's this day of the challenge", so I went back and counted from February 7. It's Day 71. Yay. So, 49 days to go...7 weeks...I could lose at least 14 pounds at a 2 lb a week rate. Well into Wonderland. Yes. Yessssss.)


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sounds like you are having a great day, Princess. Keep up the good work. You are getting there. I would love a burst of energy like that.

gracies tough journey said...

That sounds awesome. I am so happy for you!

Kelly said...

Princess you have a place on your blog I can go and get an idea what you eat? I am trying to get the hang of this IR diet and seeing what has worked for others. Thank you much

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

You are sounding SO happy! Good for you!

Candy kankles said...

Its great your feeling so GREAT!! Playing is so much more fun!! You are doing so awesome!!!!

Suzan said...

Congrats! I know what you mean. Since ditching the grains/sugar I feel like a completely different person! Have fun!

Jumping My Fat Away said...

You definately, absolutely have to make exercise fun! That's basically what I discovered for myself. That as long as I do exercises that are specifically fun and enjoyable for me, then I will do it, I will do it more often and I will stick with it long term and this has basically been the philosophy that has helped me lose the weight I have. I don't like runnning, so I don't run. I love jumping on my mini trampoline, so I junp. Simple and effective, do what you like, don't push yourself towards doing what you don't like.

Kelly said...

WOOHOO! Way to rock the scale. Doing great, chick. I'm so happy for you. Your energy is contagious.

Amanda said...

That's awesome that you can see exercise as fun! I definitely have been trying to keep that at the forefront as well, choosing activities I like and trying to spice it up so I don't get bored! I've always wanted to try pilates, someday when I can afford a gym membership I'll have to find a place with a good program! Keep it up! :D

Anne H said...

The scale loves you - and so do we! What's not to love, dah-ling?
I ask you - what's not to love?

Nemie said...

OOOh Yes! Keep on rocking.. More to come, have fun!