Thursday, April 21, 2011

ANOTHER drop! And my organic, grassfed, Idaho-ranch beef arrived...Feeling New Life After Emerging From the Tomb of Morbid a preview of Phase 6 is a-coming from Allan...And ready to wear DRESSES...on Day 73 of Phase 5

Tanita-san: 207.0

Three times on and off. Same reading each time. Nice round number. 3.2 lbs off in the 4 days since Sunday. Woo!

Talked to doc on the phone yesterday. She said to halve my dose of BP meds until I see her Tuesday. So, began the half of the half. My low dose Ramipril had been halved in January, now I'm on a quarter of my original dose I've taken for years. I can see no BP meds in my very near future. :D

I don't have any other "can get off them if I lose weight" meds left. I ditched statins years ago due to myopathy and liver issues with Pravachol. And I was happy to be off it. My brain fog cleared up. My chronic muscle pain cleared up (my husband couldn't even touch my arm or leg with a finger push without me crying out in pain.) It was like being taken out of quicksand. Amazing. Those statins made me feel like crap.

All the meds I have left are meds related to medical issues I've had since infancy--asthma and allergies--and ones I need for my hypothyroidism (I don't take the latter, I die; I don't take the former, and I will wanna die cause I'd be unable to function.)

I hope that with my continuing health journey nurturing better general health and fitness that I may be able to need LESS of the allergy/asthma meds, but who knows? I keep the hope.

My organic, grassfed beef from Idaho arrived yesterday from Alderspring ranch. I have never liked grassfed beef. BUT...this ranch's meat was doing great in taste tests online (you can google to see a couple of the taste tests, one in SLATE). And hubby loves beef. So, worth a shot. Grassfed means lean beef, higher Omega 3 beef, more CLA meat (and CLA has been tied with improving weight loss), and just better nutrition. If I like the taste, then I'll invest in eating less beef, but better quality by ordering it from humane, organic, responsible providers. It costs more, but I'd rather eat health-increasing meat than cheaper health-destructive meat.

I'm marinating natural, human-raised pork chops for our supper. Just some salt free organic Kirkland seasoning and lemon. I have asparagus and Swiss chard for sides, and I have berries for our supper dessert. Well, strawberries for hubby, and a melange of strawberries/blueberries/blackberries (organic) for me.


Allan of Almost Gastric Bypass announced the sign-up for Phase 6. After being on the journey since Phase 1, I hate not be in in it, but I cannot follow the plan to the letter, so I won't sign up. BUT...there will be a Phase 6 "preview": Allan and one of the Phase 5 Challengers (Kelly) will be showcasing how Phase 6 will go for a whole week. That should be interesting to watch, right?

I wish Allan and ALL future Phase 6 challengers the uberbest. And I am totally grateful to Allan for coordinating these challenges that so many of us have found inspiring, helpful, and part of a profound journey of learning and self-discovery for me.

Easter is almost here, and that's certainly a holy day associated with new life and miracles. I feel like I am experiencing that in my relationship to food and my fat-loss struggle. And one milestone is that I bought DRESSES. I have not worn a dress to any event in a while. With my big belly apple shape, wearing skirts was an issue  and dresses tended to look like I was a walking sphere of fabric. Now, I have a waist and my belly is flatter and I can wear a dress without looking like a floral-decor barn.

So, I bought 3 cheapo dresses with floral prints and am gonna wear something happy (not black) and girly (not athletic) for Easter. Hooray! I just gotta find sandals to wear, since my shoes and sandals are too big.

I want us all to get to goal and better health and conquer this fat mountain. Go, EVERYONE! Let's do it! Let's be RESURRECTED into a new life that's not food-obsessed, but is overflowing with energy and self-respect and new health...

What's for your dinner tonight? Are you gonna do Phase 6? And are you gonna wear something bright and pretty for the holiday?


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Dail and I will be spending a quiet day at home on Easter Sunday. I've never been one to dress up to honor Jesus on one day. I try to honor Him throughout the year with the way I live and try to treat others. The grandchildren might be coming over for dinner. We will see. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, dear.

Suzan said...

Dinner is a big salad with lotsa veggies and some canned Wild Planet tuna.

You may just be able to lose the allergy/asthma and their corresponding meds after you are on a Paleo plan for a while. Others have.

Congrats on the loss. My scale seems to still be stuck.

Candy kankles said...

Awesom weigh in !! I dream of wearing dresses you are just a wonderful inspiration!

lv2 said...

Great weight loss this week. I'm waiting to see how P6 preview goes but suspect I will also not be able to do it. I'll miss the weighins etc also. But I'm planing to continue losing weight. Post some pretty pics of you and the dresses. I was thinking of buying some new shoes but after reading your post I've decided to wear my old ones as I would hate to find them too big in 4-6 months.

Anne H said...

It's a great time of year to return from the UnDead!
Not really dead, but not really Living!

❦ fitcetera said...

Your weight loss is inspiring, Princess!
Dresses! I haven't worn a dress in decades. It'll be nice to get all girly again.
As your weight loss continues, you may find that you'll need less of your thyroid meds as well. Mine need to be adjusted every time I lose about 30 lbs.
You're proof that this isn't JUST about weight loss ... it's about regaining our HEALTH!
Have a very Happy Easter Friday!

Julie said...

YEAH!!!! Keep it up Princess. You are doing so great.
I chatted with Allan about phase 6 and he suggest I don't join and just keep up with what I've been doing with him. I am really going to miss phase 6, like you I've been here since the beginning and will miss the "what would Allan think" moments. With 10-15 lbs left phase 6 wasn't meant for me. BOO HOO!!!
Take care and keep up the great work. You are doing amazing.
God Bless!!