Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 60 of Phase 5: Yay, the scale mooooooooooooooved... 85 lbs down now, and Walking with hubby is da best!

I actually risked the scale yesterday: 214.2
Then today: 214.0

So, it wasn't a fluke. It is progress again. So, I am hoping that by Sunday, I can get close enough to 213 to report a 2 lb loss. (I had no loss to report last Sunday.)

I think there were multiple culprits (the medical stuff going on as I mentioned in a previous post). But there may have been another estrogen release thing. Every now and then, after the loss of some weight, I get spotting. I get like a mini-period, though I'm menopausal. It's the hormones that release with the fat, I suspect (google it). So, that could have been the plateau co-conspirator with the inflammation.

I just want the progress to continue. I hate stalls, no matter how brief. Annoying. I don't care if it's a pound a week. I want the loss when I do the fricken hard work!

If I were cheating, eating up a storm, ignoring exercise, fine. I don't deserve to lose an ounce.

But when I'm eating at caloric goal and exercising and hydrating and  resting as needed, it vexes me. It's my sense of fairness and justice in play. If I overeat, I deserve to see added pounds on the scale. If I don't, I deserve to see loss.

The body doesn't work on my own system of justice. Snarf.

But fine, it's moving again. I rejoice.

Yesterday was Pilates--we did some new challenging stuff--and walking. The temperature was very pleasant in the early evening. Hubby met me halway through my walk (he got home from work, saw I was out on my exercise time, and went to catch up and walk home with me). I found that romantic. We held hands during the cool-down phase as we got close to home. Nice. Hee.

I can actually tell that the pound came from my belly fat. Hips measurement was smaller and I looked a bit more deflated in the hanging sack of my pannus. (Gross. But, is what it is.)

Seeing that lovely new number --it's now 85 lbs down--makes me want to stay on plan EVEN MORE. I feel the surge of motivation. Yes!

Anyway, not much more to add today. Do your best. Be happy and well....


Jen said...

YAY for 85lbs!! And great job sticking it out through a plateaue!

gracies tough journey said...

Way to go Princess. 85 lbs is AWESOME!

Marilee said...

Every pounds is a victory! Great going!

Kelly said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! celebrating with you.

Candy kankles said...

Yay! Thats great to be moving again!

Food Freak said...

YAY!!! It's such a bummer to do everything right and see no loss, isn't it? But the human body isn't a machine; it's an organism. It's biological, in an open system. Still, it works on the same principle. It will work, still the plateau will be beaten. It's just that it can take a little while as it adjusts, that's all. But the damn thing will do it if you wait. I'm excited that you waited. You have great will and confidence, lady Jane.

I really is romantic that he ran to join you in your walk. He's a good man--quite romantic. He must love you a whole lot, which is completely understandable. You seem to be a loving woman. That's important. And you're passionate, too. Ah, a good couple. How long have you guys been married? How long were you together before getting married? This is very personal so tell me to shut up, okay?

I'm happy for you.

Suzan said...

Great news!