Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ground Regained, the starch experiment at lunch (Insulin Resistant folks, take note), and a cool new "Paleo Diet" book is out... on day Day 78 of Phase 5

Tanita-san said: 206.0
Doc's scale said: 208.0 (and I had clothes, shoes, jewelry on).

So, my scale seems pretty darn accurate. That's the Easter bloat GONE and .2 lbs down from official weigh-in. Now, to make better progress! Only 6.2 pounds off to be in ONEDERLAND! Only 20 pounds to be NOT OBESE!

Okay, for the IR among you, here is me being a guinea pig again:

I did an experiment, a perhaps foolish one, when I went out to eat with sis today after my MD appt. We headed to a Mexican joint. We ordered veggie fajitas and mixed chicken/steak fajitas, so we could share. This allowed me to have my usual protein plus veggies. I also ordered unsweetened tea, water, some no-sugar espresso to finish up (no dessert, natch).  Didn't use the sour cream. Had the dollop of guacamole for my healthy fat (and cause it tastes num). Had the pico de gallo, again, cause it's num. They don't serve cheese with theirs like I've seen some restaurants do.

But today, I had some beans. I had about 1/3 of a cup. Not a lot. No other starch. (I asked the waiter to not bother bringing tortillas --neither sister or I eat them--and I had no chips--sis has some, and the rest are bagged for hubby. I ignored the rice that came as a side.)

Well, today is the FIRST afternoon in quite a while that I got the sleepy-slumps. I don't believe this is at all a coincidence.

Normally, lately, since ditching starches, I am revved up and energized ALL DAY from the get-go. I have no slumps. I am sometimes SUPER-CRAZY -TOO-DARN-MUCH energized. I even had one person ask me recently, a tad jokingly, a tad not, if I was on something.

NO.  I'm OFF something.

Seriously, I don't do drugs unless they're Rx for a condition. I've NEVER EVER EVER done any illegal drug, not even in my teen years. I was a goody-two shoes like you would not believe in High School. I mean, when the vice-principal reprimanded me, it was for reading my Bible at lunch break. Yeah, I got harassed for that. Snarf.

Needed to clarify it wasn't drugs, too much caffeine, or too much thyroid meds. (They've been checked often and my levels are within limits and excellent.)

It's the Lacto-Paleo/Primarian way of eating I've had. That's what makes me seem hyper at times. :)

When I eat starch-free, I have:

No yawning.
No loss of pizzazz.
No desperation in hour-long workouts.
No lethargy in front of the TV prime time.

I have:

So much energy I sometimes wanna workout again after my trainer-led hour of Pilates is done. Or I want to go out walk again after I get back from 40 mins. And a healthy sex drive. And low appetite. And no cravings (beyond mild normal desires). And no binge-ing. And no dips in good mood (which is a blessing).

Even at Easter, when the family members (other than the children and my hubby, who had no starches, either) were slumped on the sofa or dozing off or yawning or calling for Cuban coffee to perk up, I went to play Frisbee with my vim in zoom-drive.

But today...I had a starch. Not even a full 1/2 cup serving. And blam: reaction.  I started getting the dozies as I checked email about 15 mins ago. That's about 2.5-to- 3 hours hours after eating.

Dat ain't no happenstance. I believe the beans caused my insulin to spike, and now I am paying the price for it with the yawns-and-dozies.

I hope this doesn't jam up my newly restored momentum. But I cannot guarantee. One thing I've read over and over is that not only are starch-sensitive/insulin-resistant folks messed up about carbs to begin with, when carbs are restricted, there is an increased-sensitivity to them, so ingesting them can cause even GREATER spikes in insulin than previously.

Well, nothing to do now but back to avoiding the stuff my pancreas does not like. Post-meal slumps suck. I want my ENERGY BACK. NOW!!! Give it back to me, you stupid pinto beans!

Yeah...I had forgotten how much the slumps suck. My brain feels slow and my whole face feels like it wants to shut down for a nap.

Okay, will drink more water, move around a bit, splash my face, and refuse to go down without a fight. If I have to walk with this sleepiness, I'm not gonna have fun. And I like having fun-walks.

Speaking of FUN: I bought the new book EVERYDAY PALEO on Saturday at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon began shipping it out yesterday. So, if you've heard the buzz and want to check it out, I liked it a lot and wrote a review. You can find my review HERE--I'm "Mir"--and if you can click "helpful" , I'd appreciate it. I like to keep my ranking under 200. (I sure did my best to be informative and helpful, which you'll see when you check it out.)

If you're a mommy and like more "clean" food and lower carb type eating, this is for you. If you have kids and insulin resistance, this is for you. Lots of pics. Nice recipes. No nonsense workout info. More pics. Shopping lists. Well, read the review I posted at amazon and I go over what the book covers.

Dat's all for today (prolly). I'm gonna go try to unslump.

Throwing blessings over all of you. See them sparkle in the spring air....Catch one!


Candy kankles said...

*jumps for blessins!*
Thats great your figuring out what work for you! I have noticed alot more energy as I have lowered carbs.Im gonna have to read up on this insulin resistance stuff.The book sounds great im having alot of trouble gettin my big guy to eat *picky stage* Il take any help I can get lol.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

You are ROCKING that weight loss girl!! Keep it up!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

You know I'm already on board, Princess. When I eat clean and stick to the plan, I feel 100% better. Carbs bog me down and mute me tremendously.

Suzan said...

Yeah, those beans can really make for a yawn-y afternoon. I remember when I ate some gluten-free bread after being low carb for a while. I promptly fell asleep afterward. Who needs that?

Congrats on the continuing loss.

Julie said...

It's great that you've got so much figured out for yourself.
I really need to read up on insulin resistance. You talk about it all the time and I'm in the dark. Well tonight I'll see what it's all about.
Take care Princess and have a blessed evening.

Anne H said...

I did the click!
Cool book, it seems!

Patrick said...

Just 20 to go to non obese label, oh that should provide plenty of motivation to make those 20 very afraid of you.

Georgia said...

My Pilates trainer encouraged me to drop the beans last fall (right at the start of prime bean-eating season!) and I found my energy ramp up as well. I do miss them. They were so efficient, what with all their protein and fiber. But alas, another thing I've given up.

At the moment, I miss KFC biscuits. I know if I were to actually eat one now, it would NOT impress me much. And yet...

I am feeling so healthy lately with my pseudo-Paleo ways. Thanks for the book reference.

Floriana said...

I go away for a couple of days and you drop 4 lbs? Should I take it as a sing that I need to skip visits to the blogland more often? Seriously, you are doing so great. Congrats on the progress!

As for the carbs, the first time I ate some after a long period without starches I felt like I couldn't keep my eyes open from how sleepy I was. All I wanted to do was go find a bed and crash. However, after I introduced potatoes into my diet I got used to them quickly. I can now eat them often and not feel any negative consequences on my energy level.

Princess Dieter said...

I plan to allow tubers in my diet once I get down below obesity level. Discreetly until then, very discreetly. But I'm Cuban and I love cassava and malanga and taters. :)

❦ fitcetera said...

"NO. I'm OFF something." -- YES!!! Perfect answer!!!

How you described your energy level is how I'm feeling just weeks in to eating paleo/primal. It's the "magic pill" for me. I WILL NOT go back to how I was eating ... EVER. Mine is even although I'm still tired while adjusting. I have no slumps and I'm able to keep to 3 meals per day down from 5-7! There is no need to eat for me other than "normal" hunger. Amazing.
I haven't binged in a couple of weeks now which is unbelievable for me. The SAD diet, moderated (ha! as if) doesn't work for me. AT ALL.

I received my Everyday Paleo book a couple of days ago. I love it.
Anne has got hers ordered as well. She suggested we compare recipes and I mentioned we should pick one each week to try and post on the same day ... just for giggles.