Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 61 (maybe) of Phase 5: Plateau bit the big one for sure, Waist Gets Closer to Dr. OzLand Boundary, and The One Where I Gush Obnoxiously About Great Love of My Life (again) Especially for Food Freak

Tanita-san is most beneficent today: 213.2

As of right now, I can report a 2 lbs loss to the Challenge Fearless Leader. I don't have to send it until noon Sunday, so I need to stay far away from salt shakers and deli meats until I weigh in officially, cause I don't wanna mess with the BOOOOFUL numeros! (And if anyone is sure of what today's day it is on Phase 5, let me know. I may be off.)

Da plateau has, for now, done died.

Breathing is still slowly improving. I think the rains Tuesday must have cleaned the air some. Been easier on walks,  much less gasping. :)

I knew I had lost more. When I woke up and did my daily morning post-wake-up ritual of inspecting my totally nude bod in a full length mirror, my waist did looked "less than". I got the tape measure, and yes. I got to record a lower waist number. Hallelujah! Closer and closer to the magic 35 inch boundary that Dr. Oz always yaps about. :D

I posted early on when I began this second weight loss blog that I had two main reasons why I wanted to lose weight, get fit, get healthier. I figured I'd link up to that old post after a comment by Food Freak on my previous blog entry:
I really is romantic that he ran to join you in your walk. He's a good man--quite romantic. He must love you a whole lot, which is completely understandable. You seem to be a loving woman. That's important. And you're passionate, too. Ah, a good couple. How long have you guys been married? How long were you together before getting married? This is very personal so tell me to shut up, okay?

My family would guffaw at the idea that I wouldn't want to yammer on and on at length about the merits and wonderfulness of my husband and how crazy-mad in love I still am with him after 29 years. He is...the best. People have actually told me I get all glowy when I talk about him. Well, I guess that's understandable. He's this pure, beautiful, unspoiled, devoted, patient, funny, smart, adorable, sexy, tender, gentle, sweet, talented, creative, fully loyal and unselfish glowing star in my life's firmament.

I am so nuts about him it's probably off the charts lunacy.

And yes, we're a romantic couple. My family has more than once told us to cut it off with the googly eyes and smooching. PDA's have been toned down, but they persist. :)

We met June 1982. Twenty-four days later, we exchanged "I love yous". Married June 1983. And I still feel like I'm a giddy young bride when I'm with him. I'm still his Princess. He's still my Prince. And even after all these years, it's really tough not to jump his bones every time I see him. His smile makes my day, my week, my life.

He has loved me slim and he has loved me morbidly obese, and he has not once thrown my fat in my face (like I've seen some hubbies do, shamefully), or insist I get on a diet. He simply has been sturdily, steadfastly supportive of my goals and wishes, no matter what they've been. He walks with me now and eats more veggies now (and he's not a veggie lover), because it is better for me and for us.

It's the most stress-free relationship of my life. Waiters occasionally ask us if we're newlyweds. :) We rarely quarrel, and when we do, it's over very fast, because it's too distressing for both of us to be at odds, so we end up both apologizing within 15 minutes and smooching up. When I got ill and had to quit working in 1990, he was my nurse and patient lover through the depressions and trials and multiple medical trips, etc. When my parents were dying, he was my rock and a calming presence even for my parents. One of the reasons my mom could die in peace was that she knew her kids--including me--were in very good spousal hands. She loved my husband like her own son and one of my most poignant memories is her feebly, blindly, trying to raise her arms to hug him on the last night of her life.

So, yeah. I want a long and healthy life with him...and a long and happy eternity, too, if God allows. :D I wanna be by his side even in the Kingdom. I'm that greedy.

I am grateful to him for not holding it against me that I let my body get so bad, let myself fall into binge eating. To him, I've always been beautiful, and even my deflating body with the weird crinkly skin and pannus, to him, it's desirable. Every day, his eyes look at me like I'm the #1 wonder of the world. I suspect I have the same look in my eyes when I see him. Well, do I?

Charles loves Mir; Mir loves Charles
Yes, I do like looking at THAT face! See!?

How do I find enough hours in the day to thank God for this gift:

I can't. I'll just have to borrow time from Eternity to do so...

Um, does this answer your questions, Food Freak? :D


gracies tough journey said...

That was amazing. Aaahh to find love like that would be a dream come true. You both are so blessed. Hugs.

Candy kankles said...

That is so sweet! I hope me and my hubby are still like that after 29 years were barely on year 3 for married and 4 for togeather.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Oh how sweet!! Great to see the scale cooperate! Keep it up and it will just be flying off! I have no idea what day it is, we'll figure it all out in the end. :-)

Jo said...

What a heartfelt post. I feel the same way towards my man after almost 27 years of marriage and 3 years of dating. It seems like a dream, doesn't it?

Congrats on the loss, and the waist measurement! What you're doing is working!

Anne H said...

Love this story!
Love abounds!
Love ya!
And good job on the inches!

Julie said...

I am so glad that the scale moved for you. With it my TOM this week I'm supecting nothing but hopefully next week.
I've been married 31 years in a couple of weeks and I wouldn't trade my man for anything. Like your hubby mine has loved me thick or thin. We don't bother arguing, it's not worth it but when we do, look out world. But the make up, oh goodness it's wonderful.
Thank you for sharing the love of your life. It is so awesome to see that.
Take care and have a blessed evening.
P.S. thank you for taking the time to write me such a sweet comment. I love your words of advice and words of wisdom.

Debbie said...

What a beautiful, precious, and rare love you and your husband have. You deserve to celebrate such a special relationship. Congratulations on the scale moving again, so happy you are reaping the rewards of your hard work!
Enjoy your weekend!

Laura (wonderwife!) said...

"...borrow time from eternity..." Oh my goodness, that was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. And congrats on busting through the plateau!

Food Freak said...

Ahhhh. I'm so glad I asked, and so glad you answered, and so glad you'd answer those questions in real life even if not asked!! lol

Your love is totally evident. The look in both your eyes in the first photo is like lightning bolts at each other. Plus his eyes are gentle as he looks so fondly at you. Then, in the second photo, where we can only see your face, you're absolutely radiant, the way they say a bride is on her wedding day. You're more radiant than that.

Each of us has his/her own "taste" in physical attraction, and I mean no disrespect, but he's quite hot to me. If I'd seen him across a room, I would have asked "Who's that guy?" to everyone until I found out. Given the personality you've described, I would have married him within a year, too. Or sooner, which I'm sure you thought about. My sister married her husband after three weeks and it's worked out for 35 years!

Thank you very, very, much for giving me a peek into your deep love of your true love. This is love that never dies. I want to add a personal note--my husband never used my weight as a bludgeon on me, either, fat or thin. He's expressed worry for the past year or so, and I might blog about that since you've shown me the way and been open. But just like your husband, he's never slammed me about my appearance/weight like I've seen other husbands, do.

I'd tell you you're lucky, but you're half the reason, even if you feel you got lucky. You did it.

Thank you again.

About your plateau--GREAT news! It's about time that scale moved downward. Holding fast to a weight is what our bodies want to do, but eventually, they won't win the fight. Congratulations.

Princess Dieter said...

Thanks, FF, and you're welcome.

I happen to think he's KILLER HOT. :D hee hee So, it's okay to say so. :D He actually had a lady at the airport in San Diego (during a business trip) say, "Oh, you're handsome!" hahahah She's got good taste. :D