Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot flash, Wee bit more Weight Off , and Gots no Appetite--which I love--and Easy Baked Apple With Walnut Butter,

Tanita-San: 195.0

That's 1.6 pounds down from Sunday's official bloggy and P5 weigh-in. Hope to make it to 2 round pounds by Sunday. The body is weird. Who knows?

Been having occasional hot flashes again. Just spontaneously get the "I'm on fire" feeling and then break out in a total body sweat. Lovely. May be due to estrogen stored in the fat cells that are being tapped.

Glad the flashes aren't as common these days as during transition to menopause. I just went and doused my head in cold water and the cooling effect of my curls drying off is reviving.

I am glad my appetite is nearly non-existent. Yesterday, even after Pilates, when I generally wanna eat a nice big breaking-of-fast meal, Meh. Not hungry. So, I drank water and didn't eat.

I walked at 8 pm. Meh. Still not hungry.

So, I drank water while I got ready hubby's supper. After I had him taken care of, I went and scrambled some eggs with chorizo and peppers, sliced a tomato, drizzled it with EVOO and tossed herbs over it, cut up some ripe strawberries and mango, and brewed some lovely gourmet decaf, and that, along with a few bits of hubby's turkey fricassee and mashed taters,  was my only meal. I had some sugar free pina colada custard (80 calories, 12 carbs)  from a local diet meals vendor for dessert. Done for the day.

Woke up. Not hungry. I've been up for 4 hours and still have no desire to eat. The hot flash didn't help. ; )

Anyway, I'm gonna go have a chicken salad that's in the fridge. I have no appetite, but I do want to build muscle, and that requires protein and nutrients, so off I go.

I may head to the farmer's market for a couple Rome apples. Hubby loved the baked apple I made up quickie in the nuker for him the other day (served with sugar-free low carb vanilla ice cream). I may make it again. Easy: Peel 3/4 of skin (so top and middle are bald and bottom is "dressed"), core, then stuff the core with walnut butter, place on nukable bowl or plate that has a bit of water on the bottom, sprinkle liberally with true cinnamon, nuke for like 4 minutes or to the texture you like. If you like yours sweeter than the apple's sweetness, sprinkle with Splenda or add some honey or whatever sweet thing is your fave.

 Hubby loves it. It's a fruit. Has fiber. I love walnut butter and cinnamon. We're both happy. Hooray!

Don't you love it when something EASY to make and healthful is a nice dessert? Baked apples rule!

Happy Friday, folks. Make it a health-promoting weekend! Go swim or something.. ; )


Karen Butler Ogle said...

It is just too hot to eat much, Princess. I don't know how it is down there where you are but we are in the mid 90s here with no sign of relief. We have been eating cold foods mostly. I wish you a great weekend.:)

Jo said...

Cold foods here, too. 97 degrees right now. We have been eating anything that we don't have to cook in the oven, or on the stove for very long. Cold sandwiches, cold salads, mmmmmm!

Anne H said...

Cold foods all the way around. I even pack my liddle cooler with two liddle blue ice blocks. Boo-yah!
It's a great summer already!

Floriana said...

The lack of hunger and desire to be active - sounds like leptin doing its magic. Good times!

Enjoy your weekend, Princess.

Anonymous said...

We're ROASTING!! Hit triple digits out here today!

Anonymous said...

You are chipping away at that weight. Great job! Deb

Joy said...

You have an adorable blog and thus, I have given you the adorable blog award. Swing by my blog to pick it up anytime ;) Keep up the great work!