Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 9 of 84 in the StSC: The Good, The Very Good, The Very VERY Good,The Bad, & The Ugly....or why I didn't post yesterday and what I did today and what I won't do today or maybe tomorrow, either...

The Good: Despite my hubby misplacing my keys (ie not putting them in the bowl I use for my keys, hence, *I* never lose them) and causing me to lose 1/2 hour of Pilates time, I did get some work in. And the soreness means it was a good 30 mins.

The Bad: After Pilates, I went to the farmer's market, and there I fell a big one and banged up my worse of two bad knees. Everyone was nice and helpful and the employee took my info in case it turned out to be more than the swelling and bruising already forming... It hurts.

The Ugly: My knee. It's swollen, green with bruises, red with scrapes, and making popping noises.

The Good: I could walk. Granted, I felt some discomfort in movement, but I finished getting my good produce before heading home.

The Bad: I had to ice my leg all afternoon and evening and stayed off my feet pretty much, meaning no cardio. I dozed a lot and missed blogging or reading blogs that I didn't get to early in the day.

The Good:  Had an appointment with my endocrinologist today, and she was VERY pleased with my big weight loss since she last saw me. I was in the 240's when she saw me last. I was 197 on the scale there (with sneakers and clothes, etc).

The Very Good: I was taken off the BP meds. Recall that I saw my doc last week and she reduced me to every other day half dose. Well, my blood pressure was 84/46, which alarmed the doc, and she said to stop taking it. I conjectured that this might be the reason that I was a bit spacey and didn't notice the corner of the platform sticking out. The platform is where I clipped my leg and lost my balance, leading to my fall at the farmer's market. I'm klutzy, but not THAT klutzy. I haven't had a spill in public since I slipped on a cheeseburger someone dropped outside a McD's back in 1989. Long time.

She also reduced my thyroid meds a scosh, as I'm lighter now and was subclinically hyperthyroid (slightly) and don't need as much. From 137 levoxyl to 125. No change in Cytomel. Yay.

The Very VERY Good: She says I have, and I quote, " now resolved my prediabetes." This calls for a big ole whoop, three cheers, and a lap around the block. Since my knee is still swollen and achy, the lap is delayed, but WHOO!!!! and "Hooray, hooray, hooray!"Those were words I have been longing to hear. A1c was good and Glucose (fasting) was 84. My last several readings ranged from 99 down to 92.

The Good, Very Good, Bad, then Good: Lipid panel showed increase in TOTAL cholesterol (included the calculated, not counted and analyzed LDL). It was the LDL that messed it up. HDL is high at 56 (meaning it's excellent). Triglycerides are wonderfully low at 49. I had requested a Lipid Profile from my primary last time, and she called me yesterday to say the LDL profile was good (ie, my LDL is principally the beneficial/neutral "fluffy" type, not the dense and dangerous type.). So, I am not concerned, but the doc asked I take red yeast rice. I put the kibbosh right off on any statins or presription drugs. I know what they do to me (bad, bad, stuff and crap quality of brain/life from side effects), but I'm willing to try the natural one, as long as I don't get muscle/liver issues.

If you do low-carb, lower-carb, moderate-carb, with higher fats (especially things like coconut oil and butter/ghee), always make sure you get the LDL profile (actual analysis of LDL) and not just the formula calculation of LDL, cause the type of LDL matters a helluva lot, and if you are eating, say, Primarian, Primal/Paleo, or LC, this will affect HDL/Trig positively and can have either a positive or adverse effect on LDL. I don't douse my food in butter or oils, as I have to count calories, so I was only concerned with the profile of the LDL (ie, I didn't want the deadly one). But don't go by calculated LDL. It's misleading when one makes certain dietary changes.

So, medically, there we are up to date. Now I need X-rays for my hips/coccyx and a bone density scan. The last is cause I'm post-menopausal and have taken steroids my whole life in pills and injection form due to really bad asthma since infancy, so doc thinks I might be osteopenic due to that. Great, right?

On the plus side, she took a quick look at the knee and thinks that it's just soft tissue damage. I hear additional weird pops in the knee, but the swelling MIGHT account for that. If that doesn't resolve, I guess an orthopedist visit is in my near future.

What's not in my near future is any exercise of weight bearing type. I was anxious about this. Even voiced it to hubby..okay, and doc, too. hahaha. I don't wanna slow my loss or mess up my fitness level, and trust me, I'd never have believed in all my previous adult years that I'd be worred about NOT BEING ABLE to do my walking exercises or other knee-use ones. It still stuns me that my first thought after the fall--after the, "Please, God, don't let my bones be broken!"--was, "Oh, hell. Will this impede my workouts!!???"

Lifestyle change, right?

Anyway, a quick recap of the Challenge related stuff for yesterday:

Calories: 1350
Fluids: in
Exercise: 30 mins Pilates, no work on the push-ups.
Prayer: Yep.
Blogging: Nope.
Encouragement: Some
Quitting: Not  a chance. But, well, rehabbing, mebbe. :D

I hope all the challengers are finding the second week still full of spirit and motivation. Let's keep at it until we make it to the goal line!

Be well. Off I go to use my Frieling French press and make me some yummy java and drink my water....


Ms. Scooter Butt said...

Ooo firsties. So you were high on your need no longer pills and just thought it was the Princess feeling all good about the diet and onederland and all? LOL.
You are just shining with success. I am happy to witness this!
I have heard about red rice yeast. I am planning on supplementing myself with that as well next round of vitamin buying. Grandpa in law takes it. I figure preventative holistic natural supplements self presciped...is better than my 80's self prescribed party life...ey?

Awesome that you actually fought off prediabetes AND high blood pressure. And it is all in your lifestyle changes and you are proof positive!

I get so happy when I see your success!

w0rld4vamps said...

Yay for no prediabetes! I'm prediabetic so that's just another reason for me to keep going. This also reminded me to schedule another physical.

Anonymous said...

Fish Oil is very effective for bringing down cholesterol.

BTW, my doc says not to worry about cholesterol at all, it's all overhyped and overblown, and has no relation to heart disease at all. I trust him. He's a good doctor and does a lot of research.

Congrats on everything. Sorry about the fall. Arnica gel helps bruising.

Princess Dieter said...

Waterlily, I have severe seafood (fish and shellfish) allergies. Can't take fish or krill oil, sadly. Wish I could. I am gonna give Astaxanthin a shot, on a day hubby is OFF from work in case I have a reaction.

I also have read oodles on the studies that give thumbs up to saturated fat, thumbs down to too low cholesterol, and claim the LDL hype is overblown. However, you can't convince a doc of these things, which is why I insisted on the LDL profile. That at least has scientific backing they have to pay attention to. :) If one removes grains/starches, one has to increase fat. I dont' want to increase the inflammatory vegetable oil fast, so I use butter more often, and EVOO and coconut oil also. I ditched the canola and such to decrease inflammation. So, if the LDL goes up, then it goes up. If it's fluffy, I ain't gonna lose sleep. If it's dense..then I'll worry.

Scooterbutt, nah. Not enough of a high dosage to make me high. hahahah And just what were you doing in the 80's young lady? ; ) Ahem....

WorldVamps, if I could get my prediabetes down (blood sugar has been as high as 123), then you can. My skin turned near-black from acathosis in various parts of my body. It's also lightening up...it's proof of increasing insulin sensitivty. Hurray!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Glad to hear your doctor visit went so well, will send some cheers your way!!!!!
So sorry about your fall,I pray your knee feels better soon for you!

Princess Dieter said...

Thank you, Sarah! I always covet prayers!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ouchie-Mama!! That must have hurt. For exercise, do what you can until you can do more. Arm weights, stretching, pilates (some), situps, whatever it takes!

Super Wow on the pre-diabetes and blood pressure! Isn't it grand to have it under control with diet and exercise? Now keep it up as long as you can! I'm a T2, but have stayed off of meds for six years - pure determination, diet and exercise. Losing a lot of weight helped, too. ;)

Have a wonderful week, Princess, and keep that knee elevated and iced.

Sarah said...

Yay for a great doctor visit! MOST of it is VERY, VERY good news! SO proud of you!

Get that leg healed up, honey! xo Sending love!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

Anonymous said...

Wow! The news about reversing the pre-diabetes had to be music to your ears. The other news is great as well, bye bye meds - hello healthy living! I hope your knee gets better soon :/

Thursday's Child said...

Ahhh, the fall sounds nasty, hope you feel better soon. Maybe you could try some upper body work with weights while your knee recovers? Awesome news on no longer being pre-diabetic!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I think you are great, Princess. You are certainly an inspiration. Such great lab results should be celebrated. I'm sorry about your knees. I am a real klutz but mostly just at home. I haven't mentioned it but I ran into the trunk at the end of our bed again and broke my pinky toe again. I didn't think anyone would be believe I can be that clumsy so I didn't mention it. Believe me. I can get in trouble just walking across flat ground. I'm glad you are okay and that the there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage. You have done so well. It is almost impossible to do what you have done when you are on steroids, which are notorious for causing weight gain. I'm so proud of you and you should be proud of yourself for making such a remarkable change. GO YOU! I'll be here to keep cheering you on. Hugs and Love!

spunkysuzi said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful, smart doctor!
Congratulations on taking charge of your health.

FatAngryBlog said...

Sorry about the fall -- hope you mend soon and a huge CONGRATULATIONS on the health improvements and medication lowering/discontinuing!

The Evolution of C. said...

OH EM GEE!! CONGRATULATIONS! You have really taken control of you health! I know you're proud of yourself!

Sorry about your knee- I would definitely blame the low BP- messes me up everytime!

Here's to a healthy body healing quickly! :-D


MB said...

Ouch! Hope your knee feels better soon. I've been dealing with knee pain for a while and it can be a bitch. Take it easy and try not to push it too fast too soon.

Congrats on the good news at the doctors office. I'll do a celebratory run around the block for you.

Julie said...

Oh I love all that good news. I wish my weight loss had made it possible to take less levoxyl but we had to go up but in 3 months will re-check and I'll be at goal then so just mabye things will even out.
Sorry about your fall. I know the pain and a knee takes extra time to heal cuz we keep bending it. OUCH!!!
Keep up the great work my friend. You are doing amazing.
Take care and God Bless!!

❦ fitcetera said...

Aside from your nasty fall and now even more bum knee (which I hope heals quickly!) there is all kinds of wonderfulness happening here for you.

I can't run around the block for you to celebrate but I'll dedicate tomorrow's treadmilling to you!

Floriana said...

Sorry to hear about your knee and the low BP. On everything else... YAY and congrats. Great, great results. I am not surprised, though. You've been so determined to stay on track and doing well, nothing but excellent result could be expected. Hope the knee will heal quickly!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that your medical profile is improving so much. I'm trying to duplicate your success myself.

Anne H said...

Heal up quick!
Your blood sugars are better than mine!