Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 11 of 84 in the StSC: Trying not to get bummed, and what inspires me to keep going...

Scale is almost at a standstill, as I myself have been pretty much at a standstill...or is that a sit-still or lie-still? The knee is better, but still feels sometimes I'm walking and it feels...loose, like it'll give a bit. Still aches a bit. But much improved.

Lying around/sitting around has not improved either my appetite or the scale progress. So frustrating: 193.2  Only a half pound in all these days.My appetite increase is likely due to a sort of mental association reversion thing: "Oh, are we back to the sitting/lying around like an anemic slug days again? Whoopee. Let's have some fried cheese! Or a bacon-cheeseburger deluxe, followed by chocolate cake!"

Yeah, something about just being inactive has put me in some weird "I wanna eat to comfort myself" zone. And it affects my mood.

Sucks. But I'm fighting it. I've had closer to 1400 calories (1385 yesterday) and still had to fight off the eat more urges. I suppose this is something to get used to and learn to handle, since it will happen from time to time. I will have injuries/disease. I will have inactive days/weeks, perhaps (Lord, forbid) months. At 51, the fall made me reassess my fragility (I do worry about these wonky knees of mine and the arthritis). I think it's the whole, "I"m old, getting older, am scared" thing that affected my mood. Well, and not having my walking endorphins. :-/

But I ain't giving up. I will fight past the inactivity setback and mood dip and will emerge with my fighting spirit on fire.

 Not giving up. Part of this challenge is to keep going, and that's for life. Keep going for health for life....

Thank God for support. Hubby has been affectionate and attentive and it keeps me from getting too bummed out. I was cheered last night viewing some of his pro pics. (I got him a deal for professional photos, since he does classes/conferences and has his second edition of his book coming out, for resumes, etc, I wanted GOOD pics in assorted poses, for various users. For his gamer mode, author mode, engineer mode, Frisbee-er mode, business mode, manly mode, and just some fun ones for me to drool over.)

Here's one where I like his expression a lot, cause his intelligence and sweetness both shine in it:
mmmmmmmmmmmm,.so hot....
And this is his new suit (bought last week, cause he's dropped oodles of pounds and old suits don't fit). I insisted on sexy, basic, quality BLACK. Nothing professionally sexier on a man than a BLACK basic suit (lower rez, cause I couldn't get them to FLIP on blogger. Anyone know how to flip photos on blogger?):

 And here is a smiley gamer hubby:

Anyway, fluids good, prayer good. Exercise and encouragement, not so much. Sorry.

Today, I'm going to Pilates and I suppose we'll work around the knee. Maybe upper body stuff.

Later, peops! Fight the good fatfight!

UPDATE: Got back from Pilates. Am eating my satay chicken, salad, fruit and French press Sumatra java. Yum. Knee is aching and throbbing. We had to stick to upper body and reposition me so the knee wasn't strained. It was tough. I had some dizzy spells. Trainer says stay off, no walking, and if in a week it's still unstable and hurting, must see ortho. Um, yeah, figured that one out.

On to the goals, no matter what....!


safire said...

Hope everything works out! I feel less hungry when I'm active and exercising too. If I'm not exercising, I definitely tend to eat more. I wonder why...

My weight has stalled recently too but I think it's because I have a few on plan days then have a bad day (repeat x10)

❦ fitcetera said...

Can you get a brace for your knee?

Try not to get bummed about being at a standstill. You've lost an amazing amount of weight very consistently. When you're in the midst of a standstill it feels neverending sometimes but then you get out of it and in hindsight it's barely a blip.

This will soon pass and you'll be back in form and the summer will have ended and you will have reached your Summer Challenge Goals.
You only have to look at your weight loss chart here to see the pattern of success! It's clear nothing will hold you back, not even a temporary glitch and a bum-for-now-knee.

Hang in there like we know you will! ☆☆☆☆☆

Anonymous said...

I just wrote about dealing with cravings, unfortunately not offering any solutions but I can offer my best wishes that you come through this quickly and get back to your normal activity levels.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Feel better soon, Princess. I'm glad you have the support you need. I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! I hope you get back to your happy place soon. I love getting older (hopefully wiser!) but, like you, I have come to the realization that my body is not the healing machine it was when I was an invincible teenager. I am more cautious now, and I move more carefully knowing that an injury will take ages to heal.

And? THAT is a most excellent photo of your Sweetie!

Lizzie said...

You have been FABULOUS! Don't forget it! Now what are you going to do to comfort yourself? I was about to grab a lot of anything terrible at Sam's Club this afternoon but grabbed an InStyle magazine instead. A little comfort.

Hang in there, and I hope both of our bad, old joints recover soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no. I hate when that happens. Isn't the mind/appetite something? Those old patterns just don't want to give up.



Rettakat said...

!! I glanced at the photos, and thought you were posting pics of a younger Richard Chamberlain... then realized they were of YOUR HUSBAND!! All I gotta say is... hottie is an understatement, LOL! Good for him losing the weight getting all snazzed up in that suit.

MB said...

Love the photos of your hubby. I just bought a stiffer knee brace to wear at kickboxing. I've had that weird loose pain, especially when doing kicks, so I've had to modify my workouts and put the C25K program on hold AGAIN. Hope your knee feels better soon. On to the goals, no matter what ;)

Julie said...

You'll heal but you have to take it a bit easy. Yes, it's so hard to do, but be patient.
Your husband.......WOW!!! Such a handsome hunk of man. You guys are perfect for each other. I love reading about him.
Thank you for stopping by and your words of comfort and support.
Take care and God Bless!!

Ms. Scooter Butt said...

That is so messed up for you. And you did Pilates? Your husband is so handsome and young looking. I hope all this healthy life has made your system quickly heal. From reading your blog, I know you are not one to like to sit around.
I finished Claymore won't spoil it and tell you, but Anime has so much emotions in it. I cried in the last episodes of Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. I cry at movies, too. I still have lots to go on Ruraouni Kenshim. You can always get your reading, Manga and Anime caught up!