Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2 of 84 in the StSC: I ate how many calories? Ah, but I did how much exercise? Beginning on those push-ups, and other updates and spontaneous bemoanings....plus a bit of blathering on anime music for Susan the ScooterButt Sister... And where do the forks and socks go? Can someone tell me? Plus: Visualizing it----the Warrior Doodle!

Here we are, day two. I hope day one went well for you all.

Caloric Weapon misfire: Dang. My rifle drooped some. I went over calories. This is rare for me and it irks me. But, there it is. I wonder if I had a weird psychological thing going on like, "Oh, a challenge ended, lemme be lazy one last time before I throw myself into the next one."

I'm not used to using starches much, and when I input the rice, and tallied the EVOO, well, there we go: 1435.

That makes it more necessary for me to be at 1200 today. An occasional "feast" day  of 1400 calories is fine--and how relative is THAT feast, huh, for the gal who used to eat 2500 in one sitting easy! This I know. Warriors can't slack. I don't want that to be habitual while on challenge, though there will be celebratory times when I will want more on certain days. For optimal loss, 1200 will do it. I've seen the proof of that.

Anyway, this morning, I feel LESS great. So, maybe my starch experiment is gonna be mighty short-lived. I like feeling super-duper. I don't wanna screw that up. My self-discovery continues, I guess.

On the exercise battlefront: 1 hour of Pilates and 25 minutes of walking. Well, thank God this weapon is primed, as it should make up for the overages in the caloric dept for yesterday.

On the push-ups stealth maneuvers: I dropped a couple times for some modified attempts last night after my walk. If you're working on that, too, and need to do it modified, like me, here's a short video primer and here's a really short one that might help.

Note: If you are one who can't afford to invest in a lot of exercise DVDs, don't have On Demand free exercise videos with your cable, and don't have access toAmazon or  Netflix videos (on demand or otherwise), remember: The internet is your buddy. Youtube, Sparkpeople,  and other sites have free exercise demonstrations from Yoga to Pilates to Bootcamp style to Zumba to Jazzercise to various spot exercises and etc. Lots of personal trainers put good stuff out there foryou.

Just seek and you will find.

Canteen check: Got my water/fluids in.

Vitamins inventory: Consumed, general, sir, yes, sir.

Prayer deployment: Yep, you all got prayed for. I even asked hubby to join in with that, and I posted on FB to my pals to consider praying for us.

Encouragement: Well, I sure posted on a lot of blogs! I didn't get everyone since Sunday, but nearly!  And my thanks to all who stopped by and filled me up with good wishes.

Note to Susan re comment yesterday: While hubby and I didn't continue with CLAYMORE (I might recheck that one in future, as the ladies there do kick beastly hiney), is the opening theme you like the one by the group Nightmare~~"Raison d'etre"?  (romaji and translation are HERE, though not video.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Loooove the J-rock boys!!!  I have a cd of theirs, the one that includes the songs used in DEATH NOTE (terrific anime! really good tunes!) I like that band. Not as much as Buck-Tick (my fave)  or L'arc-en-Ciel or Vamps (kinda tied) or Abingdon Boys School or Sid or Uverworld...but they have some fun tunes. Lead singer just goes a little flat or pitchy sometimes. But when he's on it...he's ON! ; )

I think the closing theme is beautiful with its Celtic bits/meets symphonia/meets J-Rock: "Danzai no Hana~~Guilty Sky"

And I love singing along with anime themes, so when they add the Romaji lyrics, I just love dat. Lately, I get a nutty kick out of the silly ending theme from DENPA ONNA TO SEISHUN OTOKO, the one that goes, "Kaze hiku no, kaze hiku no" in that little-girly ootsy-cutesy voice. Such fun....

Sleep: Working on making it longer and better. Really, I am!

Silly personal side note which will assure you I'm odd and rather dorky: I'm running low on my discontinued Les Bains du Marais "musc blanc" huile de soin, and that's like my "time to go to sleep" aromatherapy. Oh, man, I love that stuff. I shower, rub it on my inner forearms and chest and shoulders, so I smell it as I doze off. So relaxing. The bestest musk scent ever. Why do they discontinue stuff I love?  Like FIREFLY (the TV show), or FELL (the comic), or like the TRIBECA flatware from Oneida.

Here me, world: If anyone wants to send their Musc Blanc huile to me, I will love you forever and ever. And if you have Tribeca dinner forks, them, too. I just ordered 6 from eBay out of desperation. Got the knives, salad forks, spoons. Forks: no. They're gone. Huh?  I have no idea whey we keep losing forks. And athletic socks. We're disorganized idiots, I guess. Socks and forks. Do demons pilfer forks in the night?  Are Fork Gnomes visiting my apartment while I shop for produce, then take my forks for subterranean feastings? Maybe aliens abduct them while I'm in a Les Bains du Marais White Musk dream haze?

Well, I guess I rambled enough. My apologies. It's a flaw.

I will endeavor to make this a stunningly good challenge day. I will pray it goes stunningly well for the 552--oh, wait, just 52? Whew!--of you fellow challengers.

Okay. New day. Time to deploy the weapons and be a warrior for health!

Here's a doodle by Rettakat on the warrior theme:

I really like it. Thanks, Retta! And I want to LIVE that mentality.

Happy and healthful Tuesday to all challengers and supporters!


Julie said...

They always discountiune the good stuff.
You're learning what you body loves and can work with, that is great.
Music make life so much nicer. I love putting on my headphones and just listening, however I need new music. Gotta see what's out there, been awhile.
Day 2 a great day. Good is great, went swimming....burr, the water is still very cold here so shivering better count for some calories burned. It's 90* out there so not to sure about running tonight but maybe late ron it'll cool down. Did get a walk and crunches in last night. I'm hiding the scale this week, not happy with the up and downs each morning.
Take care Mir and have a blessed afternoon.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I love your random rambles. :-)

As far as calories, you'll probably do BETTER by throwing in a higher calories day once in awhile. If you always take in 1200 calories, your body will expect 1200 calories. If you all of a sudden throw in an extra 400 calories, you're body will be like, What the heck?! And it will start working harder, then when you go back to 1200, you'll still get that burn from it not knowing what you'll do next. You can't do that often but every few weeks works well. Too bad I just have been tending to do that WAY too often!

My husband likes anime, not my cup of tea though. :-)

Okay, the only new ones on the linky are people who talked to me before so don't yell at me for taking more. :-) I'm done.

Sarah said...

I never thought of using YouTube for Zumba! I just hit the Holy Grail of exercise! Sweetness! Thank you!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

Miss April said...

Thanks for reminder to check video links online, sometimes I forget what resources are already available.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Happy Tuesday to you too, Princess. I'm glad to hear things are going well. You are so going to rock this challenge. Thanks for the tips on finding exercise videos online. I will check into that. Enjoy your evening!

Lizzie said...

Okay, this is SO weird! I was going to comment on something else but I saw (in your list of Pilates Blogs) something from the studio in the town that adjoins mine. (That would be Rhinebeck.) And I live in the middle of nowhere! So, I guess it's a sign! If I become a Pilates Goddess, it's all because of you!

❦ fitcetera said...

Well I've never heard of that particular musk scent but now I want it, too! :D

Right now I'm bummed because Costco has discontinued carrying my butter pats. Also, I just found coconut cream in a can at Walmart and now that has disappeared as well. WTH? I know it's small stuff but it bugs me nonetheless.
Oh and my favorite bra has been discontinued. THAT is a major bummer! I hate bra shopping as I have such a weird shape to me that it isn't easy to find one I like. *sigh*

Bodyrock.tv has some great vids. She's a tiny thing but WOW, she's in incredible shape. I'm pretty sure she has made grown men cry with her workouts. :D

I have no doubt in mind that you will meet your goals for this Challenge and wouldn't be surprised if you surpassed them. You're THAT good! :D

Christopher said...

Saw your comments over at Carbsane's blog and came here to check out your site. Just wanted to say that you're inspiring, GORGEOUS (your guy is one lucky dude... :)), radiant, a force of nature... Best of luck with your continued endeavors!

Susan said...

Oh I read your blog earlier, but I had to get mu walking in before it got dark and the grand babies burst.

I love the Kaze hikono song. I really have not seen as many Anime considering they have been out and Manga...well it is a luxury I did not afford myself and I can get carried away with collecting. I have spent 175 bucks in comics in one sitting in life. I just had to have them. Yet I see they have a Manga reader online. That would be for me. I love the music and I appreciate it being shared because like I said in my post so many Anime so little time. The last one I watched in it's entirety was Monster and before that Blood +. I like the complex dark ones and sci fi'ish. I actually cried in a couple of Anime I watched. And love the feature movies. It is not Anime correct to watch dubbed but I am lazy. I love though to hear the real voices. That cute little girl sounding voice is cool then slash die a bloody death! LOL

STS is going smoothly. Love reading all the comments everywhere.

Princess Dieter said...

My fave Hyde song is his opening theme for Blood+ ("Season's Call") I sing the English parts out loud and love it. Play it during Pilates, too. "How many cuts should I repeat?
How many fates should I accept?
Does it have an end?"

Having a sexy guy who will feed you his own blood and stay awake for years and years while you hibernate, well, that is definitely romantic, yes?

I read most of my manga online. I buy very few, but will to support the artists. Like anime, I'm used to just using the internet to get my fix. :D

Thanks all for the comments. And Christopher, you do make me blush!

Candy kankles said...

In my house its butter knives I have bought 100's of them we currently have 1 and im the only one allowed to touch it!

Thursday's Child said...

considering calories in vs exercise I really wouldn't worry about it, it's not like you binged or anything.

I don;t actually walk that much, it said 15000, but I think it's probably closer to 10. That's the walk to and from the station (both my side and in town) and my 4 hour shift at work (though it is a big department store). So it's not like I'm setting out to walk x amount of miles or anything.

Colie's Kitchen said...

You are a warrior! Keep pressing on you are doing such a great job!!! Nicole @ colieskitchen.com

Cara B. said...

New to your blog and a fellow STS challenger! Keep your chin up, you're an inspiration.