Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1 of 84 in the Slimmer This Summer Challenge henceforth StSC): Pilates, Barbacoa Salad, Beginning Push-Up Training, and Probably a Walk with Hubby...And a word to challengers: THINK OF YOURSELF AS A WARRIOR!

I verified starting weight this AM after 5 hours sleep (yawn). Still 195.0.

This is good. It means that had I slept fully, and weighed in at normal afternoon time, I'd have been UNDER 195.

I had Pilates today, and other trainers were there for a meeting and class, and I got some seriously great props on my physical and just general changes. The co-owner of the studio said I looked like a totally new woman. I feel like it (except for those crap knees and the itchy skin, hah).

I dropped a couple times during the day and just started doing it as Yum Yucky illustrated on her blog yesterday. I'm gonna get to those 4 push-ups, dang it. I could NOT, even with modification, do a full on. I got nearly half of the way down and back up several times. But that was all. Halfway. Not all the way. The training continues...

After Pilates, I hit Chipotle for their Primal-friendly fare. Had the Barbacoa Beef Salad (romaine, fajita veggies, small fluffball of cheese, guacamole side). Took my vitamins. Drank water and iced decaf.

My calories so far: 515

I have roast tenderloin for supper. I just have to decide on which veggie. Maybe asparagus. Maybe mixed. Not sure. Will consider whether to have rice as my starch. I'm back to adding 1 starch a day. I got all skeered about some of the reports of screwed metabolisms with VLC (okay, so I wan't doing VERY low carb, but I'd rather just spare any chances). This will likely slow my loss or at least up my water retention, but a not-screwed up metabolism is worth the starchy investment.

As per some medical recommendations --and taking into consideration my auto-immune state and how gluten is a big no-no for us--no gluten, so no wheat/rye/barley, etc. I also limit legumes. Once in a while, I'll cave to some beans...I'm Cuban, it cannot be helped. But it's not the many times a week indulgence anymore. I miss them. Could eat them every day, I swear.

So, my remaining caloric range is roughly 700 to 900 cals. I plan to keep it closer to 700 for 1200 for the day. I still have 8 more glasses of water/fluids, too. And one dose of Vit D3 and Vit C, and a dose of glucosamine (shellfish free) for my crap joints.

It was a bit startling to see that we had more people trickle into the challenge. Debbi and I had agreed that today would be the LAST DAY (okay, I had wanted yesterday to be the last day, but Debbi is a softie and I was swayed). No one will be allowed to join the challenge AFTER TODAY. I guess that means today by Debbie or my midnight (I'm EST, not sure which is her zone). If you want in on the challenge, you have a mere handful of hours, then the door is SHUT.

I think of myself as a warrior against fat--well, I try to most days, and even make my trainer laugh when I have to do something and fail, then regroup and say, "Hang on, I gotta find my inner Amazon!" Or ninja. Whatever. You get my drift.

What's a warrior? According to Richard "Mack" Machowicz, author of UNLEASH THE WARRIOR WITHIN (see my left sidebar for a quote), a warrior is this:

"An individual who is so prepared to face the challenge before him and believes so strongly in the cause he is fighting for that he refuses to quit."

Warriors have targets. Whether it was Osama or whether it was Luke Skywalker's eye on that Death Star's wee hole, we have targets. Our targets as fatfighters are our goals. How many pounds to lose. Our ultimate target down the line is our end-goal weight. Some will make that on this challenge. I won't. But I'll get way closer. :D

In this challenge you have a goal weight you've selected (ie, how many pounds you want to lose). I chose 18 pounds to lose. That would put me at 177 by August 28th.

My target: shoot down 18 pounds, which gets me to 177 on the scale. Mission: KILL 18 POUNDS!

To get the target, you gotta use weapons. What's a weapon? Mack says they are:

"Any skill, instrument, or device designed to knock down targets."

My weapons for killing each of those 18 pounds: Pilates, walking, a 1200 calorie low-starch/moderate-to-lower carb diet, 16 glasses of water, good sleep, prayer, group challenge support. I plan to add more I think of them. :)

Some of you have interesting weapons: BodyBuggs. Personal trainers. Dietitians. Special doctors. Special exercise equipment at home.

I know we have other targets. I want to do push-ups, which is not STRICTLY pounds-destroying related, but it is related to getting a fitter body, a side-mission. :)

You're a warrior. Think of yourself that way. It's a long fight, a life-long fight. Cause once you get to end-goal, you have to fight to STAY THERE.

Keep your eyes focused on the target for the next 12 weeks of this mission. You have fat to destroy. You better have good weapons. I better have focus and good weapons. Failure...not an option, right? :)

Happy Monday. Go use your weapons....


The Evolution of C. said...

Sounds like you've got the plans and the lingo, and I'm here for the support! Here's to day 2! Cheers!

Jade Angel said...

WooHoo!!! I love the warrior theory!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

I love this! I am definitely in the fight against the fat too! Yay for Warrior Princesses. ;)

Push-ups -- wow, I am going to attempt that once I get around your weight range. Those are definitely tough, but a warrior can do it. ;)

Susan said...

Or the target is the head of an awakened being using a giant sword by a Claymore. (to answer what Anime I am currently following). So many Anime, so little time. LOL. You are definitely into it using all the lingo and such. Cool. I used to collect comics and when Manga collecting became a trend, I was intrigued. So many choices so little money LOL.
I am reved for this. So many of us on the challenge. I am allocating a specific time to do the rounds. So much wisdom and feelings to tap into. Love it.

Karyn said...

"This is war Peacock, casualties are inevitable. You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs." A little bit of war, a little bit of food from the hilarious movie, "Clue!"

I love the warrior metaphor...let's fight on until the victory is ours!! :-)

Julie said...

Cool words. Like how it all relates. You can do this Mir, I know it. You are so strong.
Keep up the great work. Take care and God Bless!!!

Rettakat said...

I saw Macks quote in your sidebar, looked him up, and ordered the book from Amazon. Looking forward to reading it... sounds like it will be motivating.

Thought you'd enjoy seeing a doodle I posted that says "I Am A Warrior", here:

kewkew said...

Also loving the warrior analogy. Failure is definitely NOT an option. Here's to winning this battle!!
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Phil 4:13

Thrice Blessed said...

The warrior analogy is wonderfully fitting! Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering encouragement. Even though my calorie limit is higher than most challengers, so far I am staying under 1400 anyway, its not easy, but I'm managing. I want to kill 30 pounds. I don't just want to lose them ('cause I might find them again!) I want them dead so they can never back!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I wouldn't be able to live without beans long either. I'm scandinavian so it has nothing to do with being Cuban. :-)

Yup, the doors are closed, I've gotten a few emails with people trying to link but are having trouble so I'm leaving it open for them still. A few have posted goals but not linked so I'm waiting to see if they will but we're good. A lot of challengers and a busy summer for about 50 people.

Failure, SO not an option!

Anonymous said...

This is where I come for inspiration. Here. Thanks for a great post, you awesome thing you. :)

PS: It's Kelly Happy Texan. Google won't let me sign in today. :-/

Becky Baker Horn said...

Love the warrior with her weapons at the ready... great analogy!

Amandaf said...

You are so right about "It's a long fight, a life-long fight. Cause once you get to end-goal, you have to fight to STAY THERE." It is a daily, well almost hour by hour commitment to yourself. Keep up the good work.