Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 22 of 84 in the StSC: Week Recap--and it wasn't a perfect one--with Challenge Weigh-in, Assorted Blather...and Mango Love!

Okay, so I had a busy weekend, and part of that busy-ness meant I really slacked on my strategies.

Yesterday, Tanita-San said: 189.8

That makes a change of -1.4 lbs off for the week.

However, yesterday was hubby's birthday party, and while I had no candy, cake, or assorted junk food, I had too much cheese and too much fruit--yeah, for someone like me who needs to monitor carbs, there is such a thing as too much fruit--and half a cup of homemade lower-cal potato salad and no-sugar, no-gluten, low-carb cookies. I was very moderate with my meat and condiments. But, well, there ya go. I done not so great.

Yeah, I overdid it. The scale is the proof. Today: 191.8 . That's 2 lbs up of carb and salt bloat. I will have to battle this back this week if I intend to make progress for next weigh-in. Pain in the keister. Geesh.

My goals and how I did this past week:

Weight: I was on target for the week with the loss, but not for the challenge. I should be 6 pounds down as of Sunday, and I'm only 5.2 as of Sunday. So, after this bloat is gone and I see if there is any lingering damage, I have to play CATCH UP!

Calories: I went to the max of 1400 several days and went over 2 days (yes, the weekend). One day was 2000 cals. Holy smokes! Well, I've had a great eating streak, and I was bound to eff up. Here it is. I effed up. And I don't plan to do it again as of today. Yes, I tracked calories. I do it automatically in my head if I don't do it online or in a notebook. So, some days I did it online, some jotted down, some in my head (if I'm out of the house a lot). It's just a habit now. I count. Always. Even if I can't perfectly measure. Like Debbi, I'll round UP if in doubt about the actual portion weight/size.

Exercise: Not this past week. I only strength-trained ONE day (instead of goal of 2x). I did meet half of my goal of trying 2 new exercises The kiddie pool exercise. hah. No work on push-ups due to knee still healing (bruises are faded, but knee still is unstable.) I had to curtail walking due to knee issue, and then this weekend, stormy weather kept me inside, but I was able to resume. Glad for that.  Hopeful to be able to walk normally this week.

Fluids: About the only perfect thing this week.

Prayer: I missed a couple days. I know, how could I? Sorry.

Encouragement: Yes, I encouraged some challengers. All, no.

Today is the "Mind back in the game" day. Today is the last "milestone" June day for hubby and me. The 29th anniversary of the day we first said "I love you" to one another. It's a day I hold very dear and have very sweet memories of. No celebrating out of the house, but, well, a good day to get back on course, as it's a day about love. And love of health and self should play its part.

I had my coffee, tea, more than half my water, had my spice-rubbed grilled chicken with organic mixed lettuce salad, 1/4 cup of guacamole, 1/2 a tomato, and my blackberry/strawberry dessert is waiting. Dinner is already made--a beef stew with carrots and onions and taters. Taters are mostly for hubby (who needs to keep weight on). I'll have mine with some mushrooms and cauliflower on the side (unless it's no longer yummy, gotta see if it's still fresh). Otherwise it'll be zucchini. I just got some today. :D

I will likely have papaya and mango for my fruit with dinner. Brother's mango tree was just full of the things, and I brought 9 mangoes home to use this week. My fave fruit. Since childhood. I'd get so happy eating those in my panties, sitting on newspaper (to keep me from staining my clothes). Sucking away on the huge pit. Man, I loved me my mangoes. Very high in sugars, but, hey, I ain't eating bread/pasta/etc, so I'm having my beautiful tropical treat and feeling all of 9 years old again. Um, not naked or on newspapers, but still full of joy. Fruit joy. I can't give it up. :D

Happy new challenge week. My prayers and best wishes for health and success are sent to all my fellow-fatfighters. Off we go....


Anonymous said...

Wow a mango tree. Awesome. Mango is my absolute favorite fruit. I call it the fruit of God because it is so good. Wow a mango tree, yes I had to repeat it. Crazy jealous. Gracie

❦ fitcetera said...

One day I would like to eat a mango freshly picked from a tree. I'm sure it tastes much better than any that have been trucked up here to the North.
Lucky you to have a brother with a tree!
My pick of fruits would be the ... cherry of course. :D

I'm almost finished the Refuse to Regain book and I just love it, PD. Now I understand what the Primarian eating plan entails. I think I can get on board with most of it. This book is definitely valuable for us folks still working on the weight loss itself. I'm so happy I took your recommendation to heart.

You're doing so well. It's making me really happy witnessing your success.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

The good thing about salt bloat is that you KNOW it will go away. I actually hate weighing myself daily, even though I do. I hate obsessing and seeing every bit of fluctuations. So jealous on the mangos!! Enjoy! :-)

spunkysuzi said...

I'm really impressed that even though you had a few ups and downs this week you still finished the week strong (and with a loss)!

downsizers said...

You've come too far for a slipup to throw you. We all appreciate your work on this Challenge and want you to meet your goals. Yes, we can do this. Yes, we can do this.

Julie said...

AWESOME Mir. There are weeks that are up, weeks that are done, weeks we eat a bit more, weeks we don't. You are doing fantasitc. A loss is wonderful. Me really just a .2 so I didn't count it as anything.
Keep it up Mir, I love stopping by and seeing what you've been up too. I have never had a mango. I think I'll have to give it a try one of these days.
Take care and God Bless!!

Jessica said...

Mmmm, nothing better than fresh picked fruits! My grandfather had this awesome garden with tons of amazing fruits and veggies when I was kid. I used to pick whatever I wanted and eat it as a snack or cook it up for lunch or dinner. I miss being able to do that!

MB said...

Great job on keeping things under control during your hubby's birthday celebration.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Princess, You are doing great and will be in maintenance before you know it.I understand the slip this weekend. I had a few slips myself due to some medications issues. Thankfully, the scale is being good to me so I'm right where I was before the debacle. It is good to see you back and posting. I missed you over the weekend and am glad you had a good time.

spunkysuzi said...

I forgot to thank you for your comment to Karen about drinking 3 cups of water before each meal or before you eat anything! It's working for me and I really like the idea. So thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I love mangos. So do my offspring. I buy them by the CASE - we go through at least one a week when they're in season!

Keep going!! You're doing fine, my friend!

Anne H said...

I can count the times on one hand that I bought fruit when I was heavy.
I eat 10 times that much now. Berries, etc.
Bread too... it would go bad before I would eat it.
But yeah - you are doing great!

Laryssa said...

Ooooh! Mangoes!!! I love me some mangoes too! Ripe, half ripe, not totally ripe ... doesn't matter they are so yummy!!

The best part about reading all there is to read about your weight loss journey is your complete honesty when you have an off moment and how you successfully get back on track almost immediately after having that off moment.

Hope your knee is 100% better (or as better as it can get at our age ... hahaha).

Michele said...

You already know that I am about the slowest loser around. SO, not to worry: you will eventually drop what you are hoping for. Summer fruit is the best. Here's to another good week with the STS!