Saturday, April 7, 2012

Final Update: E2E Challenge and an eye to a future challenge for those "Close to Goal"...

Tanita-san now: 177.8 lbs
Starting weight: 183.0 lbs

Ending waist: 34.75 inches
Starting waist: 36.0 inches

Challenge loss: 5.2 lbs
Waist decrease: 1.25 inches

I did not meet my challenge goal to lose 10 pounds. I lost a bit over half.

I did meet my challenge goal to get my waist under 35 inches. I measure with a Myotape, always, for years, so it may or may not be accurate, but at least it shows a consistency.

I found out a month and a week into the challenge that my thyroid status was bad. This certainly helps explain why I was having trouble and gaining/regaining, was losing hair, had horrible joint pain (gout-like pain), suffered increasing lethargy, experienced lowered mood, and slept up to 16 hours some days, 14 others.

I'm pretty sure that this is improving,though I dont' get retested until next week. My hair loss has stabilized. My energy is up. I'm sleeping fewer hours, the weird joint pains have resolved and all that's left are the usual arthritic/bursitic/torn ligament issues and pain. And after having regained to 184 pounds and change, I'm back down to my nearly lowest weight on this journey. I'd say the increased thyroid med dosage has come into play. :D

I still do not fit into the dress, though I fit BETTER into it. I'll just repost the pics from a couple days back, since it's pretty much where the dress fits now:

My starting weight/stats/photos can be viewed here.

I stayed hydrated nearly every day of this challenge. I supported my buddy and some fellow challengers--and it was never my goal to support ALL 18, but I always met the minimum of supporting at least 3 a week in addition to my buddy. I never missed setting up a linky for the challenge-mates. I didn't quit.

My main helpful book this challenge was THE WILLPOWER INSTINCT, and if you have willpower issues, yes, I recommend it. The other book for the challenge was THE SMARTER SCIENCE OF SLIM. If you've gotten to obesity and want a healthful way of eating that helps keep appetite calm and gets you plenty of nutrients and has some science behind it, this is a good one. Lots of studies, charts, and a very easy recommendation for a high-protein eating plan that keeps you full.

These two following were my guiding quotes, and they still apply. I will see them as quotes useful for the whole of 2012 or life:

"The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success."
~~Maxwell Maltz

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   

 ~~Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) 

For me, after a time of struggle and health status decline, just hanging in and regaining ground feels like a victory. Imagine if I had quit...if I had tossed in the towel . I'd be 20 or more pounds heavier by now, given my lousy thyroid measure (5.5 points HIGHER than my normal status). I'd have eaten my way in short order back well into obesity. It's ridiculously easy to gain. Is this not so? It's hard to fight when you feel down, stressed, beset, tired, unmotivated.

It's what you and I do when times are rough that will determine how this works out long-term. If you give up, you lose the fight. If you keep at it, keep at it, keep at it, seeking solutions, finding strategies, working to hold on to even the smallest miniscule of motivation or lightest molecule of hope, there's a chance to turn it around.

But not if you QUIT.

I did not quit. Almost all of the challengers (17 out of 18) did not quit, and our Bluezy came back for the finale. I'm hoping all 18 of us check in by noon Monday!

 I'm very proud of them.

I'm proud of me.

God bless us all and help us as we continue on this difficult journey to better health and a happy weight. For life!

I'll see you guys in the Ready for Summer challenge --my second week update will be posted prolly on Monday--and around our bloggy realm of fatfighters.

Finally, an announcement: FUTURE CHALLENGE IN THE WORKS!

I am considering a challenge for later in the summer called "Close to Goal" for those with 25 or fewer pounds to lose: That last stretch toward whatever is the chosen goal weight.

I'd want to keep it smallish and for those who have already lost a lot and just need to push through those tough last bunch of pounds. If that's something you might be interested in, keep an eye open. I'll probably fiddle with a a blog url I already claimed and, if time permits,  play with the layout. There's a temporary blog theme there now.

I'll set it up in a few weeks at

Just an early heads up for those who may be interested, be qualified (have lost lots, need to lose a bit more) --with priority given to those who have already done and completed challenges with me. (If you quit on any of my challenges, don't join. I only want folks who'll stick it out. Sorry, but I get irked when people drop out of my challenges.)

So, see you soon, my dears. BE WELL. Blessings upon you....a holy Passover time...and a very, very joyful, love-filled, hope-assured Easter. Believe in a whole new life for yourself and others!


Julie said...

Thank you Mir. You have been the most inspiring leader and friend.
I'll keep up with you and how you're doing and what you've learned along the way. I am very proud of all you've done Mir. It has been a pleasure to be in your challenges. If I can get my crap together and life calms a bit I hope that when you start your challenge I will have just 25 lbs or less to loss and can be part of your challenge.
Take care my friend. Have the most blessed Easter.

Debsdailylife said...

Thankyou for hosting!! I have loved being in your last two challenges. You showed us that sticktoitaveness pays off! Right now Im 32 from goal. Hopefully when your next challenge comes, Ill be down to 25!!! Thanks again for all your hard work and encouragement!!!

upinthecosmos said...

Thanks Mir! Even though I didn't make my goals I haven't quite and I've been inspired to push myself in some other ways so as to try to keep on track to get to where I want to be. I wouldn't have been able to do that without you & the other ladies in this challenge:-) I have way more than 25 pounds to lose so I'll be sitting out of your next challenge... OK, not sitting out cause I'll be moving for sure so that I keep going and someday reach that point where I am at my last 25 pounds to lose:-)

upinthecosmos said...
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Betty WSch. said...

Congrats on reaching your lowest weight again. I'm so happy you are feeling better and are on your way down again. You are such a great leader and I REALLY want to be in you next challenge again. I'm going to try it on my own for a little while, but it would be great to reach goal on your next challenge. I've already got it on my reader.
All the best to you my friend. HOpe you have a wonderful blessed Easter!

Jane Cartelli said...

All progress is good. Congrats on the progress. You are looking very fine in that dress. I think princess needs a tiara to go with her basic black.

Happy Easter!

Nanette said...

Despite all the tough times and challenges with your health, you still have progress to show for it! I hope that gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Thanks again for hosting these last two challenges. I've had a lot of fun, learned and lost some of my jiggly jiggly bits. :) I super appreciate it!

Chinagirl said...

Sorry, Mir, I just got my update online to late. My VPN wasn´t working yesterday and today I just got to busy. I hope, this doesn´t count as quitting. But I´m so thankful to you for giving us this opportunity for this challenge. Just now at the end of this challenge I started to realize, how helpful that bible verse was for me. It has been so good. You don´t want us just to loose weight, but really get deep to our real problem. You have been used by God. Did you know that? You are such a blessing!

Deb Willbefree said...

Congrats on the loss and on sticking with it during a tough time! you have a right to feel super doper good about that!


Jo said...

Love the pics of our Mir in action!

Again, thanks for hosting this challenge for this small and more intimate group. I have learned so much! I will see you in the RFSC and would love to be in your next challenge to lose the last 5 lbs that have eluded me for almost a year, if they're still hanging on when it comes.

I am so glad your health is better, which should lead to better all around. I wish you all the best in the rest of your journey and beyond.