Friday, April 27, 2012

Like I didn't have enough stress: The car, the carbs, and the caterwauling....oh, and the VITAMIX!

With the other stuff going on, with my jangled sleep, this I did not need.

What, you ask? Well,  my car did some wonky stuff Wednesday evening. Scared the crap outta me.  I had to park and call hubby to get the organic goodies in my stead on the way from work.  Waited for roadside service to tow it to dealer. Yeah, see me jump around with nerves.

Thursday and today, lots of phone calls, internet research, and near-to-hollering to get a problem fixed that seems to be discussed much for my model/make/year. Spoke to various GM c/s folks (I'm assuming in India, given accents, which is fine, me loves da Indian folks and you can't fault their language skills and courtesy!), and the local service manager, and got assigned to a district representative, as I'm getting heated in the brain as this progresses.

My Bronx gal resurrected after a whole day and a half of polite and informative and patient being on hold, talking to people, explaining over and over the weird malfunction. Being told, "Car is fine."

Excuse me? Fine? Yeah, right.

Basically me going all Bronx Princess: "You are keeping the car until it's fixed. You are going to find the issue. I wil not DIE on the highway cause you won't fix the issue. It's a defect and you need to fix it. FIX THE DAMN CAR! Cause if I die, my hubby is under orders to sue the whole lot of you and be a fabulously wealthy widower!"

Looks like it might get fixed. :D

But I actually just bawled at one point today with hubby--cause, hey, who can you bawl with if not your beloveed?-- which is NOT me, and it's probably cause it was stress upon stress, worry upon worry, and I needed a good bawl since I refused to have a bad binge. It was one or the other. Cry or eat. I cried.

Still, I caved to the starch. Starch sends all those calming chemicals to the brain and all.

The stress led me to hit the rice, the cassava, then the rice again in the last 24 hours. I did NOT binge. I did not surpass 2000 calories, but hey, it's starch and a heckuva a lot of salty stuff with the start (ie, I dumped rice in egg drop soup; I had take-out boiled cassava so salty I think my kidneys screamed).

So, I'm totally afraid to hit the scale. Which I will on Sunday...but

I did get more walking done, as without a car, I had to walk to my Pilates session or lose the moolah. (They need 24 hour cancellation and one session is $72, which I was NOT about to toss down the drain!)  Session went great. Was hard. And being all warmed up from the walk ended up being a plus. As long as the weather is beautiful (before the big rains and humidity strike in Miami), I may just walk there....

In other news: I got me a VITAMIX. OMG, this sucker is expensive. OMG. Seriously. Expensive.

Still...I am expecting it to last 10+ years.

I got it cause I loved seeing BETH at OBESITY STRIKE --see my blogroll for the link-- do her smoothie and other things in it. It sounded yummy and healthful. So, I  invested in it and I hope to learn to make the smoothies, "ice cream", and soups with fruit, veggies, and greens. I'm kinda clunky in the kitchen, so I'll have a bit of a learning curve, but the simple berries and banana smoothies are notably more delicious in this than my old blender. It's just mixed to a wonderful consistency like pro smoothies. Me likey dat a lot.

Well, not so inspiring here with my bawling and starching, but this happens, and we'll get through it. It's funny how I can handle some emergencies--all those awful years when mom and dad were ailing and dying, school stuff, work stuff-- and stressors pretty well, but car's always one of my bugaboos. Always has been. I guess cause I know squat about cars so have nothing to actually DO other than call for help.... ; )

Happy weekend to all. Be well.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I hope things work out with the vitamix. I have been reading about Beth's success too and it is impressive. I don't do well with liquids though other than maybe a protein shake once in a while so I don't think I would use it even if I could afford one. I think it is a great idea though and very healthful. Hang in there, Princess and I know you will be back into your rhythm soon.

Jo said...

Ohhhhhh, car trouble is one of the worst stressors! And how vulnerable it makes us feel! Good for you for turning Bronx on them. Sometimes politeness gets us nowhere.

I hear you on the carbfest. I will have a post in a day or two on me and the carbs, but sometimes nothing calms the nerves like carbs and salt. For me it would have been potatoes with salt (fries, anyone?). Or it could very well have been pizza. Mmmmmm.
Okay, I don't mean to add fuel to the fire here.

Hang in there, Princess. Whine and rant and cry all you want, just don't pick up the fork again. Mkay??

kristi said...

Sorry about the car problems. I just found out my job is closing..ugh. Not a good week!

Betty WSch. said...

I guess I'm lucky. My hubby's a mechanic and when I have car trouble he's my knight in shining armor. :)
Hope you feel better and it's not too bad/expensive!

Julie said...

Crying and eating and crying and eating and ..... well you get it. That's my week this week. Plus I'm sick and haven't been for a good 3 years so on top of it all I'm tired and just plain not having a good week. I don't say to much though Mir but sharing with you, well it's seems pretty darn normal.
I hope this too passes for you and that they fix your car and life calms down and hubby keeps being the wonderful man he is (and he could send a few pointers Jim's way...he just doesn't get it sometimes).
Blessings my friend!!

Kelly said...

Oh my, so you've been having a bit of a week, huh? I'm sorry to hear this, but it sounded like you were snapping out of it, I hope!

Raeesa Samizdat said...

Sorry you're having car issues, great job not binging and staying within calorie budget! I'm a stress eater and every time there's an "event" I'm tempted to give in to carby carbs and fatty fats. And yikes, those are some super duper pricey pilates classes!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

I would say you had your fair share of stress this week. :)

Bluezy said...

Glad you were able to make it happen with your car. It is really messed up how you had to fight for it!

I have been to Beth's blog and not only do the smoothies intrigue me, but she uses some exotic fruits and veggies. I am in the process of researching protein mixes that may fit my budget. And yes I do remember Amazon and you reviews. I am not alone in the plan at home and incorporating a green smoothie here and there will be interesting.

Beth said...

Oh, bawl away, huh? My car broke down on Friday evening when I went to pick up my son - thankfully the AA (not AAA in the UK) came quickly and now we are throwing in the towel and buying a new (used) car for me. We just can't abide the extra stress of car troubles, it's just more than we can take so I can totally relate - especially on top of everything else that you are going through.

I have been compiling some Vitamix hints and recipe lists in my mind - I'll post a post with it once I have some time to get it all together. It's such a great machine - I lub it! Some folks have had their Vitamixes for 40 years!

Oh and yeah, I second the whole not losing the pilates money - that's great that you felt up to walking there. You go girl!

(Honestly, I must start exercising, I am being put to shame by all of you go-getters!)

I do hope that life settles for you soon with the car and the other unsettling recent events.

Big hugs from grey London.

Miss April said...

Bronx Princess sounds like a winner, keep that attitude around. Sometimes, you have to be tough when life gets challenging. Everything always works out, ya know? Stress comes and goes.

Rettakat said...

How fun that you got yourself a Vitamix... I love mine! Yep, it makes THE best smoothies, of all kinds. I like a very smooth and silky texture, and discovered that if I had about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of glucomannan powder (depending on what amount you are making), and didn't rush it (it will absorb liquid and swell and be silky) it will make sooo good. I pour it in a big cup and put it in the freezer while I clean up, and when I get it out it's just like silky expensive ice cream, without the sugar and chemicals. :-)