Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ready for Summer Challenge Update #5: Caught up on sleep, not as active as I should be, though, and picture proof I'm not big as a cow anymore...

Tanita-san: 178.8
Last week: 179.2

Waist: same as last time, 34.75 in.

It was a stressful week (see previous post), but my car is back (with a suspicious low level clunk sound when I make sharp rights and lefts, but I want to drive a bit and see if it persists before complaining). Steering is way easier, now that the steering module has been replaced. NO herky jerky "wheel is possessed" movements so far. Yay.

I had hoped to be .6 or fewer lbs , but let's face it, I didn't stay at 1500 cals every day and I didn't exercise 5 days this week, so, who am I kidding. Stress eating (not a lot, but some) messed things up.

I suspect the weigh-in is better than I expected (I expected a gain) cause I slept 14 hours last night. I just crashed. It felt good to just wake up when my body wanted to...

Okay, recap:  I got my two strengthening sessions in with trainer. I walked x 3. So I missed my cardio goal.  Fluids were fine 6/7 days. I nearly made my goal of losing 1/2 pound.

I visited some challenger blogs, but not many.

This weekend, I've totally vegged. No excuses. Just did. It's been rainy and I didn't wanna move. There it is. I"m a slug.

Did have hubby take a pic yesterday when we went to Miami Lakes to get my car from the dealer's service center (no charge, warranty covered it, and thank God, as i think it expires next month). I visited my sis, who lives there, and then went to get some grilled chicken at CHICKEN KITCHEN , as I felt no desire whatsoever to cook.

We took the pics with one of the plainer examples of "cow art" that dot the city. My sister has lived there since the 70's, back when the city was full of REAL cows grazing all over. Now, most of the cows are gone (some still can be seen), but the art is a reminder of quieter, more bovine days. 

See? Not big as a cow anymore? ; )

For me, my NSVs--yes, multiple-- this week were ~~

1. not letting NOT having my car keep me from my Pilates session
2.  keeping some rein over my eating when I wanted to carb it up the wahoo
3. having my BIL yesterday look me up and down when he let me into his townhome and say, "You look good. Really, really good." :D And the sincerity and emphasis in his tone was very cheering. :D :D He's known me since I was 13 and 130 lbs....through my weigh escalation and topping out at 300 when I was 44. Now, I'm 52. It was a very victorious moment, emotionally.

Okay...I'm out of update, so I'm winding this up. Goals for next week:

weight: 1/2 pound down
exercise: same, 2x strength, 4x cardio
fluids: 10 cups a day
calories: 1500 a day cap

Be well, all!


Caron said...

I love the pictures and your BIL is right. You do look really good. Here's to you meeting all your goals in week six. :)

Betty WSch. said...

I agree! You look really good. And you did have a loss this week, so that's even better! Yah!

PlumPetals said...

You look lovely :)
Still sounds like a good week to me! Good luck with week 6!

Michele said...

Looks like it was a great week!

Maren said...

Definitely not as big as a cow! You look beautiful! I love all your NSVs!

tomadou (とまどう) said...

Those are some really nice NSVs! Have a great week! :D

Beth said...

Wow, I'm thinking that you are the only person in the history of the world for whom their car broke down one month before warranty was up rather than one month AFTER warranty was up. That's good karma, eh? Or somesuch something good!

There is a local butcher who has a cow like that out front of his shop and I'm pretty sure the artist decorated cow's were dotted around London for a while - I'm sure it was cows and not some other animal. And no - you are not as big a a cow!!! Not by a long stretch!

Hope this week is bringing more energy and less rain - honestly, I'm so sick of the rain here in London - we've had the rainiest April in recorded history. Aaaaaggggh. The worst part is that the traffic gets so congested when it rains as people take their cars rather than walk places.

May the sun shine on you today! xoxo

Miss April said...

Looks like a great set of NSV's... Mir, you are so silly taking a pic by a cow for a point of reference. You're just so cute sometimes.

Blech on the car stuff, hope it works out!

Bluezy said...

I imagine that opportunity when you saw the cow(s) and how you did not feel offended by the word and brainstormed your pictorial. They ARE cool! Even cooler to triumph on how you are "not as big as a cow anymore"!