Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ready for Summer Challenge Check In #4: I"m late again...I'm hardly budging again...Um...yeah

Okay, so the busyness and stress have made me late..AGAIN. Sorry, Maren and all. I don't think I'm the only late one, as only 32 folks have linked up (I took a peek). We started with 50+. Last week was 45 linkies. Where'd everyone go??? That's a steep drop for only 4 weeks in....come back!

Okay, the update...

The essentials:

Weight: 179.2
(it was this Sunday, and it's this today)

Waist: 34.75

Last week:
weight: 179.4
waist: 34.75

How I did with goals:

Weight: -0.2 lbs which = maintaining, essentially

Calories: Oh, geesh. Not good. Only two days at goal. Every other day was a bit to more than a bit over. I only had one big setback: a day when I just was hearing chocolate. I had 5 pieces of dried apricots and peaches dipped in chocolate. My bad. Yes, stress makes me want chocolate. I'm surprised I didn't dive face first into a pizza, frankly. Gratefully, I did not. I dove face first into fruit smoothies a few times. Better than pizza.

Exercise: 1 strengthening session with trainer, 3 walks. Missed goals by 1 for each category.

Fluids: Messed up one day. I just flaked that day altogether. I was in just this haze of stress.

NSV: I can't think of anything other than I didn't stuff my face daily with bad crap given I am really in a bad stress place and anticipating some more upheavals (though I'm praying hard that this won't be necessary). Maybe I should feel happier about that--the not binge-ing or freaking with food--glad that I didn't totally go berserk when I feel that agitation rising. Maybe that IS my NSV. That I've eaten pretty normally. No binge or major freakouts.

Hardly been blogging cause I've been doing a lot of online research on stuff (easily 8 hours a day) and I just didn't want to deal. Haven't even been reading my personal email or checking with pals dailly on FB like I was used to. I find when I have to focus intensely on ONE thing, the other things take a backseat. The blog, FB, mail, housework. Um. Ick.

I have no idea what the challenge is for this week, will have to check that with Maren, our challenge leader. I did complete last week's mini-challenge, though. Yay.

Goals for this week:

Frankly, I can't see myself setting anything radical. I hope to achieve good fluids, the original exercise goals (s x 2; c x 4), and not to exceed 1500 cals. If I can maintain this week, I'll be relieved. But yes, I hope to break below 179. I can't really feel confident setting anything high. I'm a wuss.

Maren wants us to set a challenging goal for exercise. Well, because I have a trainer, she always challenges me. Monday, I swear, I was ready to cuss someone out. It was so hard to do the ones on the disc (I kept losing my balance, argh). So, I already have a person who pushes me at least 1, usually 2x a week. On my own, I do more moderate exercise. I pay her to push me. :) So, pretty much, Mondays and Thursdays, I get to be challenged. 

I hope my challenge mates are well and making their goals better than I am mine. :D


Deb Willbefree said...

Good job, Princess, really. You kept yourself under control. We both know what "out of control" looks like and you didn't do that.

I hope things lighten up for you.


Betty WSch. said...

Your NSV is a big one. I think if we put too high expectations on ourselves we are setting ourselves up to fail. So just be happy you managed to NOT binge or "dive into pizza".
Good job! Hope your stress will lighten up this week!

Jo said...

You are forgiven for eating fruit, regardless of whether it's dipped or not.

I have missed you around here. It's indeed difficult to focus on blogging and keeping up with email when there are life stressors going on, and more important matters demanding our attention. However, it's good to take a break now and then for whatever reason.

I hope things get better quickly for you and you can be back with us. Stress makes inflammation and it's not good for our health. But you know this first hand. I'm just sorry it's taking so long for you to get your healthy body back, and that stress has hit you so hard.

Take care, Princess. And thanks for your comments to me today.

Julie said...

I am finding it very hard to blog right now also and to get back on track harder yet but it'll happen.
You'll get to where you want to be Mir. Keep working at it.
Take care and have a blessed evening!

Nanette said...

Uhhhh.... everyone is talking about pizza these days! I thought I was past those cravings! Alas, saying "no." is building character. heh!

I'm so glad you're not giving into the cravings and binges... and working with a trainer that keeps you on your toes. If anyone knows how to stay in this, it's you.

If I've learned anything from you it's Consistency is key! You have all the tools. :)

Beth said...

Yes, I agree with the voices saying that you have taught and demonstrated that consistency is the key. You are sticking with it and your weight is holding steady which is GREAT.

I do so hope that things settle soon with the stressors. And you can find a more settled place emotionally and mentally.

When you said to me the other day something like "may this be the beginning of many binge free days" I really grabbed hold of that - I believe that I can have years of binge free days again because you have had years of binge free days again and I know that your journey has been a "true" one and this is demonstrated by the fact that you are holding steady in difficult times.

I'm counting the binge free days now - I just want the madness to stop and to return to health.

And wahoo on a trainer who pushes you! I would murder someone who did that to me. I'm just not in a graceful enough state to pay someone to torture me, lol.

Hope today brings good things your way.

Alana Jo said...

Good luck next week. I hope it is less stressful for you.

Shannon said...

You're still doing good!

I'm with you on the "focus on 1 thing and forget all the rest"!! I do that ALL the time and then have to play serious catchup!! :)


Angela Pea said...

"Dive into Pizza" - ha ha ha!!

Mir, it's the same here at the Pea home. Sick, cranky, irritable and stressed...all six of us. I'm hanging in there, confident that it will get better.

Be strong and persistent, my friend.

Bluezy said...

Personal trainer sounds awesome. Are they pricey? Hmmm...

I got involve in the facegook app games. I quit playing apps because it anchored me to them and in order to keep my game friends happy and keep my game up to date. Not to mention all the spam we gave each other. I have filtered out most of it.

I like how my cell phone can link up to ya'll lol So if you post, I can see it anywhere. Love my celly. It even notifies me when I have my music and earplugs on. I like that so it reminds me that I am with all the diet bloggers and I do love to read the goings on! It is working for me. I use my desktop less. Move around more.

PlumPetals said...

I think you're doing a great job! :)
Good luck with the rest of the week - I hope the busy-ness subsides!

Maren said...

I think you're doing well, especially considering how busy you are! :)

The mini-challenge this week was carried over from last week, because so many skipped it (and because I think paying it forward is so important). ;) I'm a bit jealous of people that have trainers, I think a good trainer would kick my butt in a great way :D

Miss April said...

I don't know if this is bad or good news... but when I see your waist size, I am very jealous. I would kill to be that tiny (compared to my current size). You're a winner, keep fighting!