Monday, April 2, 2012

Ready for Summer Update: After Week One, noticeable scale progress for me, the snail.

Tanita-San: 178.6
waist: 34.5

Initial challenge weight: 182.4
waist: 35

I exceeded my mini-weight-loss goal of the week. I'm sure there's water loss due to cutting back on starches to one serving a day--again. :D
I fell short on cardio by one.
I met the strengthening goal.
I didn't meet caloric goals every day, but stayed close enough for progress.
Fluids: fine.
Except for one day, I met my "one starch a day goal".
I met the mini-challenge set by our leader. :D See below.

All in all: a good week. Very good. :) And all this during major stress. Maybe it's the stress burning some calories. I can feel my heart racing sometimes during the day. Yeah...

Mini-Challenge: new freggie~~

I had Japanese sweet potato in my organic coop, so I prepped it very simply. I boiled one. I didn't salt or butter or oil it. I scooped it out of the water, put about a half-cup's worth on a small plate, and tasted it. And, I really, really like it. It's like a nicer version to my recollection of Cuban sweet potato (boniato; batata). My middle sis loved boniato; I did not. But mom sometimes made it assuming I liked it. "No, mom. That's Balby who likes it." I haven't eaten it in decades. But like the Japanese sweet potato, it has a chestnutty taste. Or rather, to me, as a kid, eating chestnuts while walking in the cold Bronx winter, roasted chestnuts tasted like...boniato. :D

I like the texture of the boiled Japanese Sweet Potato. It's pale-fleshed, not like the orange of our usual sweet taters. They really are nicely sweet, so really, needs not a single thing to make it enjoyable. If you like chestnuts, these should work nicely for you. I am grateful for anything I can enjoy PLAIN and BOILED as I hate to cook. Heh.

Get nutritional info for it here.

My own goals for this week are the same for exercise and fluids and calories. I want to weigh in under 178 as my goal for next update.

The leader has asked us to do a new exercise as our mini-challenge for this week. Um, okay...gotta think about that. :D

On we go....


Mina said...

Good job this week! You're doing great :)

Julie said...

YEAH!!! Mir, that's great. Your finding your mojo and moving along. I am proud of you. Keep it up my friend.
Take care and have a blessed week!!

PlumPetals said...

Awesome job for week 1! Good luck with week 2 :)

Caron said...

Great week! Now on we go through week 2. :)

Maren said...

Wow, that is an absolutely stellar week 1! Good job! I'll do my best to copy you into week 2 ;)

Treadmill Hiker said...

Congrats on an amazing 1st week and outstanding results! I already think you look like your own daughter in the before/after pics posted here. I think when you hit your goal, you may be the graddaughter of the photo bunch.

Have a great 2nd week! Looking forward to hearing your next update.

Laryssa said...

Good going in getting out of the 180s. I'll have to look for a Japanese sweet potato, sounds tasty.

Kara Lea said...

Thanks for sharing your update! I think you had a good week! The sweet potato sounds delicious!
Have a great week ahead!

Wendy said...

You're doing awesome! Regarding the mini challenge for this week, judging from your photo, I can't help but think you'd love to some sort of dance or dance-oriented workout. Have you tried Zumba yet?

Beth said...

Wow, 178! That's most excellent. I'm so sorry to hear of the stressful time, I do hope it resolves or passes soon. Thinking of you. Life can truly suck sometimes.

I admire you for pushing yourself even through the tough times. You keep going.

Look at me commenting - I must be feeling better.

I'm excited to read about new fruit and veg. I just found a new fruit that I want to try and also I bought some Sharon fruit a few days ago - never had it before. There are so many fruits and veg to explore, it's unbelieveable and quite exciting.

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Great loss for week 1!
Sounds like you got the motivation to make week 2 a success!