Monday, April 9, 2012

Ready for Summer: Update #2, Easter Sunday Park Workout Edition! With Pics! :D

Tanita-San: 177.8
Waist: 34.75

Last Week:

Start of Challenge:
waist: 35

I made my week's goal of being under 178, as well as my initial challenge ongoing-goal of at least 1/2 pound loss per week. I had actually touched 177.4 one day this past week, but then it bobbled back up. Still....Me so happy!!!

I was able to use AGAIN my Vera Bradley "reward purses"--a shoulder bag and a tote in a matching floral-- that I gave myself back when I first went under 180. I had to put them  back to "off limits" after my regain. They're both back in purse rotation now. ...heh heh....I took the tote to the park. :D

And I met the other challenge goal for the week:
Mini-challenge for the week: try a different workout

I guess the activities for Sunday qualify: I played, consecutively, catch/pitch, frisbee, volleyball (netless), and some badminton (netless). It wasn't a DVD or planned workout--I just figured I'd do active things other than what I normally do (stretch, Pilates, dancing, walking).

A couple pics hubby took during the pitch/catch portion follow --and my right arm muscles are sore today, I may add, so I really did try to make it "work", and I feel a slight soreness in my hamstrings, too. Which activity that's from, who knows? I jumped and did a bit of running and bent down a lot to retrieve uncaught balls/frisbees/shuttlecocks/etc~~~~

Look at the glove:
I caught the ball!

I'm actually not a bad pitcher for
a middle-aged dame who was never
athletic, ever. My nephew, who plays
baseball in school, complimented my pitches
and the strength in my throws. :D

It was interesting to watch the activity--or rather INactivity--behavior at the park.

While the adults mostly sat in the shade and ate and chatted, the kids/teens and a few of the fathers were lightly active (helping kids with kites/strings mostly, and later, a few,  after some digesting, kicking a soccer ball around).

The women did squat. Seriously. I saw no women in the neighboring groups doing a thing that involved sporty movement. And many were carrying loads of belly fat. I can see more diabetes in our national future....

Anyway, Principally, it was the kids playing, adults eating while sedentary. And yes, lots of obese and overweight folks around (including me, I'm overweight!).

It was kind of nice to notice hubby and I--both in our fifties--were outliers: Old peops moving around and sweating. I want us to keep at that.

Conclusion: We need to move more in the US. Outings to parks should include not just barbecuing and drinking of caloric beverages, but some sports activity to burn that off.

Other challenge stuff:

Fluids were fine. Calories were on target 5/7 days. I had 1800 calories on Easter, including ham, cheese, gluten-free pasta and veggie salad, and lots of fruit.

Today, I got my blood drawn for my next appointment with my endocrinologist. Hoping my thyroid numbers are very good--and I do feel improved in all the areas that were bothering me when my TSH went bonkers. :D So...we'll see...

The next mini-challenge isn't announced until Wednesday. Hope I remember to go check on it. :-/

NSV: Not really aware of one, unless looking at my reflection in a store window and thinking, "Dang,  you look hot today, baby!" counts. I get bummed sometimes about the loose skin and stuff, but that day, I felt beautiful and got lots of compliments. I think attitude really helps, too.We need to cultivate a bit more self-appreciation on the journey, even when we're not "there" yet..even when we're older..even when we're crinklier...even when we've still got body issues.

Goals I hope to have achieved by  next RfS check-in:
2 strengthening, 4 cardio workouts
1500 calories a day
10 glasses of fluids daily
And be at least 1/2 pound less than this weigh-in (ie, 177.2 or less).

Happy new week to all. Be well...


Caron said...

And we are happy for you too! :) Good luck with this week's challenge.

Ken said...

That's a very nice workout! It's a combination of fun and discipline!

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Beth said...

Love the photos - looks like good fun and you look fit and healthy.

Congrats on re-winning your handbag back! That's quite disciplined of you to take it away from yourself.

I'm so glad that you think that your thyroid might be doing better. I hope that the blood work shows an improvement.

Happy days! And here's to continued good health in the 170's.

Jordan said...

I've wondered about how kids have "excess" energy that they burn off with activity, but adults don't seem to have any excess energy. I remember that most of my adult life I've preferred to be one of the sitters. Now if activity is going on, I consciously be a mover. Also try to eat for energy more than comfort. So glad to see you full of energy and focus!

upinthecosmos said...

You are looking fab & happy in your photos! The adult inactivity is so true! While I do notice a lot of people walking around the lake when I'm out & about I see double, sometimes triple, the number sitting in the parks being sedetary on those really nice days. Here's to good results on those labs and meeting your goals for this week:-)

Denise said...

Yeah for a loss.

Maren said...

You are looking so fit and happy in those pictures! You're awesome!!

Weight Wars said...

Cool action shot!

Karla said...

Ehh whatever, loose skin is better than what we had before!!! Than Gawd for Spanx!!!

PlumPetals said...

Love the photos in the park & I think your NSV is awesome :)