Friday, December 30, 2011

Eve 2 Easter Challenge: The Ridiculously Long, Eye-Strainingly Detailed, Photo-Filled Initial Post (Triple Gold Stars for Those Who Miraculously Manage to Read it ALL!)

Okay, here we are on the eve of a new year and eve of a new challenge. Hooray!

Bad news: I regained weight since Christmas.

The Really Bad News: It doesn't take much to regain for me. I mean, no cakes, pies, trigger foods, binges. Just a couple more fruits this day, some extra eggs that day, too much olive oil on the veggies a few nights, some sugar-free chocolate here and there, and overall sticking to 1700/1800 calories. And yes, that is regain caloric level for me.

The SuperDuper, UberBad News: this and this. Only a couple of the dire things we obese/formerly obese folks have to deal with/learn about. Work around.

The Light in the Dark:  If I did it once, I can do it again. The power is in me.

The Reality Spark: Read this. It may not be the BEST news, but it is still good news.

Okay, setbacks are part of the journey. STAYING SET BACK should never be part of it, though. So, none of us ought to wallow. Up and onward. That's it! Just armor back on and shoes tied up tightly and the march resumes.

So, since I set up the particulars of this challenge, it behooves me to get on with them, and they are:

        1. Initial update with challenge dress/outfit before pic, weight, waist measure.

        2. Main weekly update by Sunday with linky; midweek 2nd update.

        3. Post my guiding quote/verse in challenge updates

        4. Reveal and post about the books I will be using

        5. Support my assigned challenge buddy consistently

        6. State measurable goals in assorted areas and track them weekly.

        7. Commit to support at least 3 challengers weekly.

        8. Vow not to quit the challenge
       9. Final update with after pic in outfit, final measures.

Here are the goals and how I will measure them, what tools I will use, etc:

~~~A.  To LOSE 10 lbs in 14 weeks.
^^^Tools:  Tanita-San, my Scale, My Menu Planner, and my SparkPeople nutrition Tracker
****might seem low to you, but for me, hurdle. I'm pretty sure 180 or so was my setpoint, as I had to fight to get to it and couldn't hang on much below it. So, I have to encourage my body--using whatever tools I have--to heal up, reset, burn fat, and let me get closer to my end goal of 160 lbs.  Trust me, even a 1/2 pound loss a week is a fight for me these days. I plan to track calories and keep myself at 1400-1500 calories. That might produce a snail's pace level of loss, but I won't go lower. It will be what it will be at THAT level. I bought a calendar for the kitchen that has a menu planner, so I can better organize meals. Might save moolah doing that, which helps!

~~~B. FIT into my Nine West size 14 dress. (See pic of zipper not zipping, lower down in this post)
^^^Tool: the dress, natch. And the camera to document. Dress is to be tried on in regular intervals: every 4 weeks, final update.
***Fits great below. Fits NOT at all above. Combo of back fat and big boobs. Can the fat selectively burn off my upper back? Well, no. BUT..that's what I'm gonna ask my body to do. Just burn that upper back hump o' lard and let me fit into this scrumptious little black number. I keep the faith.

~~~C. Get my WAIST NUMBER in a healthier range i.e, under 35 inches.
^^^Tool: tape measure--my Myotape and weekly measures to be updated on blog.
***My waist is really resistant. And when I regain, guess where it goes? Yep, seems like all 5.5 lbs went to my middle. I'm up an inch there to 36 today. I had been 35. Dr. Oz and pals say women should be UNDER 35 for less risk of obesity related diseases.
Ya know, I lose more easily off legs/thighs/butt, even hips,  (not that I had much butt, though). The belly and abdomen finally caved after a while, but as an appley gal, it's a struggle to get the torso fat off. I think the years on steroids made me prone to upper body fat (hence the FAT BACK, and buffalo humpiness--much improved, thank God). I am back on steroids to get through December (bad month for me, asthmatically, which is good so far, no infections). 40+ years of oral/inhaled/injected/topical steroids probably will mean that upper back fat will be resistant. I will insist it do something. I'm gonna talk to the body and see what the body does. Ditto the WAIST.

~~~D. Resume my more energetic EXERCISE mojo in the benevolent winter in Miami
^^^Tools: Exercise journal, exercise videos, exercise equipment, sneakers, trainer.
***I slacked off in the last couple months, once for necessity's sake (I sprained my ankle) and the next time from holiday lollygagging. Time to get back to what was working for me, which was 4x to 5x a week of 30 or more minutes of walking or dancing (ie, energetic, heart-pumping movement) and 2x a week minimum of strength/flexibility training (with Pilates trainer and/or a video). If trainer, 1 hour. If video, however long that is, from 20 mins on. I also want to incorporate eccentric strength training, and need to figure that baby out. That would not be a long bit of exercise, but it will be a HARD bit of exercise. I bought an exercise journal, and I aim to update it.

~~~E. Remain thoroughly HYDRATED
^^^Tool: Tallying 8 oz increments for a total of 10 cups a day worth.
***Basically, I count in my head as I drink and keep a running tally. I might just use the calendar in the kitchen and notch out the water tally. Other tools: filtering water pitcher and lots of fresh decaf green tea & coffee and coconut water. More sweat, more water.

~~~F. SUPPORT at least 3 bloggers in the challenge a week.
^^^Tool: Um, my computer? ; )
***I don't expect this one to be tough at all. I blog and check other blogs anyway.

~~~G: Stay MOTIVATED, learn, and apply knowledge
^^^Tools: my challenge books and science/research blogs and articles or blogs by other fatfighting experts.
***I'm a big reader by disposition, so my goal is to read something every day--blogs, articles, chapters in my books. Learn..and apply. Measurable: I will note in updates for the challenge how much reading I'm doing, progress in books, articles read, etc.  I will quote or link up to anything that was especially good, that I apply, or that motivated me most in my reading. I plan to reread THREE BOOKS to more fully absorb the info. All of them are useful and jampacked with stuff.

^^^Tool: email, blog comments, maybe phone calls, not sure.
*** Since I have an assigned buddy in the challenge, I aim to be very supportive and watch their back. If I see any sign of flagging or demotivation, I will try to find ways to cheer them up, energize their mojo, whatever. I want to do right by my buddy. So, the measurable portion: leave a comment on all their blog posts!We'll work out whatever else is to be done.

~~~I. Be Affirmed by my GUIDING QUOTE/VERSE
^^^Tool: Posting the quote 2x a week (or more) with my challenge required blog post updates.
*** Yeah, gotta remember to do this one. But I believe in the power of affirmations and of words and verses.

^^^Tool: verbal/written commitment made in public
*** I believe that when we actually put it in words of oath or vow or promise or commitment, we seem to activate something inside that makes it more likely we will do that thing we vow, promise, commit to do. So, I'm asking myself and the challengers to do just that. Make a vow, promise, commitment to stay in the challenge to the very end.



STARTING WEIGHT:  183 pounds. (Sheesh, just SHEESH!)

THE DRESS (basic, but elegant, sleeveless black)...and how it fits in the BEFORE PIC:

Excuse the messy scrunchied hair.
I wanted no obstruction to the back view.
The zipper stops here. I have this with
other dresses--14 below. 16 in boobytown
Dat's my supportive underwire sports bra.

Front view, full shot.
Love how this dress accents the waist.

Side view, and yeah, I coulda ironed it, huh?
The white tag is peeping out from my arm, see?
  Okay, that's dressy BEFORE.


Walking and Pilates
SWITCH (on Kindle Fire)

SWITCH on Kindle Fire &
FITBIT for motivation to walk MORE
Two measuring tapes...but I'll use the MYOTAPE
for the official weekly updates.
More tools: weights, kettlebell, Pilates toning balls
These are the feet made for walking and Pilates, hah.

MY GUIDING QUOTE and VERSE (yeah, I picked two):

--Maxwell Maltz

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   

~~Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) 

My VOW: I vow here and now not quit this challenge, I will NOT QUIT.  And I commit to support fellow E2E challengers (some, if not all, and my "buddy" above all).

To all fellow challengers: WE CAN DO THIS!

If you aren't in the challenge, please encourage and support us. If you're praying folks, pray for us.

Let's do it.

Be good and be well....


One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

Wow sounds like lots of fun wish I could of joined :( you will do great and I love the dress again you have great taste. You did inspire me to start my own challenge if I can get anyone to join lol good luck and even though I'm not in the challenge I can't wait to see your progress.

upinthecosmos said...

I didn't think your blog was too long at all but then again I'm usually the wordy one with long blogs... LOL! Great dress and I love that you showed pics of all your tools:-) I use a myotape too, love it! I'm so excited for this challenge, we are all going to do awesome I just know it:-)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I read the whole thing, Mir and it was perfect. I think you have set very realistic and specific goals. I have no doubt that you will be successful. I will post my goals etc tomorrow. I am just too tired tonight to get it all together in my mind. Bethany is coming over in the morning and we will take photos and do all the measuring then. I'm really looking forward to this!

Karen said...

Cheering you all on!!! Looks like you have all the tools you need. And the right mind set. :) Happy New Year.

Betty said...

Great post. The link you added was something I suspected buy we will fight it when we get there. I´m grateful to be part of this challenge and hope it will get me closer to my goal weight.
I´m sorry you had a regain, but knowing you, you will get rid of it soon!

downsizers said...

I will be cheering all of you on. Prayers as well. Even if we fall on our faces, we have still moved forward. Let the fun begin!

Anne H said...

Loved it all.... and Happy NUDE year to us!!!
New and Nude - as in Look Better Nekked!

Bluezy said...

Awesome as always! lol on Anne's comment! I also changed the spelling to nekked. It is the only way I say it and spell it. But I don't do it with company much more...oh well. It is either a nudist colony or right now while I type (no not really) but I could never dance that way anymore I need my bra!

So I am cheery, deary and I love the visuals. Love this challenge. I am gonna go bug my bud right now!

Eaba said...

Thank you so much for issuing this challenge. Your journey is an inspiration to me and I hope I can have the determination you have shown already.

The dress is beautiful and for us boobielisous girls out there silhouette dresses can be difficult but When it fits in the chest you will rock it!

Good luck and I will be here till the end!

Bluezy said...

And man between FTO's and swollen hypothalmus...that IS a bummer! To literally have one's mind scarred. Like when my mommy called me lardo. LOL I am kidding, (sort of. boo hoo).

Nanette said...

what a fantastic dress!!! 10lbs for the challenge isn't ridiculous, things slow down closer to goal weight.

I read the articles and whoa... the constant fat battle. The brain scarring. I wonder what kind of shape I'm in and how effective this weight loss will be since i'm catching things kind of early on in life, however, I'm also enormous for my size. Just a lot to consider! :)

Good luck lady! You can get that one inch and ten lbs!

Laryssa said...

Good luck getting rid of another 10 pounds during this challenge. I have a feeling you'll "git R done" if you can stay away from the salt. I know ... easier said than done. :) I'll be here cheering you on!

Julie said...

Mir you have the tools, you have the will, you have the heart and you'll do this with flying colors. It is amazing how easy weight come back on but refuses to leave. I hate it but with work and commitment we'll do this. With bells on we'll do this. Good luck Mir.
Take care and have a blesse new year!!

Chinagirl said...

Thank you for being us an example in how to do it. It is so motivating to read your blog. I wish you a lot of strength and that you won't give up at any time! Good luck or let's better say> may Father help us.

lv2 said...

Read it all, a bit late, and I agree that moving your set point is going to be hard and this will probably be a hard 10 pounds. But....look at those arms....they look so much thinner and that profile pic is flat. You'll do it.