Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy NaCl, Batman! WTF am I doing???? Oh, and Working on the Challenge....

I'm finishing up my tweaks to the E2E challenge, and still grinning like a silly girl at the so so so sososososososo cool badge Bluezy created for us. (I love you so much, Bluezy, smoochsmooch!)

This is it:

Seriously, how kickbutt cool is this?

I just have to work out the final organizational bits, cause the first challenge linky goes up Friday and the initial update is due Saturday, New Year's Eve. I know, I'm insane to make that the start date, but I wanted "Eve" in the challenge title, and "Eve" in the metaphor and there it is. I'm certifiable. :D

I'm also astounded at my scale. Well, not, I'm not. It said 182.0. OMG. Well, lemme go update the ticker. I believe in transparency and honesty on weight loss blogs, so I have to turn back the 121 pounds lost. Geesh. I'll get it back.


I've totally been on a salt binge. Notice, not a food binge. I've not binged since spring of 2010. My last binge was THAT long ago. But once in a while, I just go nuts with the salt tooth I have (salt tongue?). I've been hitting feta with my eggs, feta and olives with Greek salads, salty restaurant chicken veggie soups (cause I've been too lazy to make lower sodium homemade ones). Ham on Christmas Eve and the day after. If it's salty, I wanted to eat it. I was even tempted to just shake salt on my tongue.

Compulsion and addictive behaviors...they transfer. If it's not food as an outlet, some folks shop (I went on a wild spree a couple times during the DDDY challenges when I was eating 1200 cals.)  Or sex. (Um, yeah, hubby's gotten way more in 2011 than anytime after those first 7 newlywed years.) Or drugs, booze (ah, no, I don't go there).

My addictive personality has been downloading Kindle books, playing too much solo Scrabble and going for the salt.

I need to cut that crap out! I'm up 5 lbs from challenge final weigh-in!!!!!!

And that's dangerous. In more than bloaty ways. It reignites the urges to eat, salt can. Hyperpalatable foods (salty counts) can make the body fatten up again, appetite ratchet up again. It affects the brain, and the brain affects EVERYTHING.

I need to get a handle on it. Sigh.

I tend to do fine with some salt. It's when I go sodium mad that the cliff edge gets closer.

I don't want to mess up this close to goal weight.

So, yeah...pre-challenge, my goal is to ease off on the yummy salty overload. God, help me, and let's get this done!

Okay, I need to go have some water, plan out my exercise and errands and finish with some challenge stuff.

I also wanna say I'm glad to see Allan blogging again. He is a kick in the butt for many of us...a motivator. Some hate him, and yeah, I understand that tactful he ain't. And some love him, cause he helps folks get focused and stop making excuses. He'll always have a soft spot in my heart for those DDDY challenges. So, love him or hate him, maybe go read what he has to say and it might (or might not) help. Some need tough love. If that's you, head over. If you are really sensitive and gentle of soul and take criticism badly, stay away. Not everyone's cuppa, as they say.

Be good and be well...


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Thanks, Princess for the help with my low carb plan. I'm working on the sodium now and am feeling much better. Still waiting to hear from my doctor now.

Angela Pea said...

Oh seriously - Sex with the Husband is better than salt ANY day of the week - I vote for just switching out the binge focus and moving on (and on and on). Besides, sex will use up calories, right? ;)

Betty said...

Who´s Allan? You´ll have to add a link, I´d love to read him.
Ok, now lay off the salt, ok? :)

Anonymous said...

I am still in shock with the 7 year honeymoon phase. Lucky Princess Hubby eh? Jeez.

I am glad you did a post on salt. I have been very strangely salt addicted too lately. WHY? I want piles of pickled food. Herring, pepperoncini, jalapenos, sauerkraut, kimchi. Seriously salty. Why does the body crave salt? I haven't ever thought of myself as a super salt lover.

Princess Dieter said...

Munch, we are still honeymooning. :) But, year 7, I got very ill and had to quit work and, quite frankkly, entered a period of suicidal ideation, depression, and compulsive emotional/comfort eating (hence the morbid obesity!) I lost my sex drive for over a year, too, at one point. Being chronically ill sucks the big one.

Feeling better makes it ALL better...and back to the mad jungle whoopsie!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Another good reason to eat right and exercise...everything gets better. :)

Nanette said...

I'm a total salt addict. I'd pick salt over sugar any day. I didn't know that sodium up the appetite and help your body keep fat. I just figured it would equal out in retained water or whatever.

Remember your water and potassium rich foods on these salty salty days. And YAY for more sex! Favorite exercise ever.

upinthecosmos said...

LOL! I'm happy to say that I don't have a salt addiction but the jungle whoopsie can be very addictive:-)

AlmostGastricBypass said...

That guy scares me to death

Jane Cartelli said...

Salt can be a struggle. It is one of the socially acceptable addictions for most people. For others of us it bites us in the ass (as it inflates said asses) when we indulge too much. My daughter even as a blog for her salt addiction but I digress. . . .

Salt makes me sluggish and sad. I do not like to feel that way and I try to think about that anytime I want salted nuts or chips. It has taken some time but it has gotten a lot better. Keep doing the work, you are doing great.


Beth said...

Love the challenge badge! That is awesome. I am really looking forward to following everyone as they progress. Also hoping to discover some new inspirational books from others. I could use some new books to read to keep me going.

The salt thing is difficult for me too. I can eat a lot of salt, I have a high tolerance for it and I agree totally that it can be the beginning of a downhill slide as far as the foodstuff goes.

All the best to you and happy new year.