Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ah, Tanita-San is making me happy again, allergies are not making me happy--again--and today I really hate all you &^%#$*&^% Meth Addicts! AND..SparkPeople on Worst Diet Scams of 2011....Plus the joy of OPTIONS!

Tanita-san: 177.6

:) Maybe this week will see a new low-low, at last.

I went back to my 2 meals and a high protein shake/snack, instead of 2-3 meals and 2 protein shakes...calories are still 1600 roughly, but I'm back to I.F.-ing and walking. Obviously, that helps with getting back down from regain, but what it will do metabolically, dunno. Still, nice to see the low side again.

Very noticeable to me when I woke up, too. I got a Fed-Ex and tried on my first pair of dress pants since the late 80s. When you have a huge protuberant belly, huuuuuge, like I had, pantsthat hook/button/zip just look weird. Apple gals know what I mean. So, I defaulted to stretch pants, leggings, yoga pants (and yoga pants I adore and imagine I always will cause nothing more comfy).

Well, these were Evan Picone size 14 suit pants (I got a suit). They fit perfectly in the hips, fell smoothly, no huge belly bulge. Even a bit loose in the waist. I was so happy. If I hadn't been nekkid (didn't even have undies on when I tried them), I'd have snapped a shot. But me, with bedhead and topless, you ain't gonna see.

So, I have a suit again. I have zip jeans and zip dress slacks again. This is so fricken exciting!!!

I do have to remember to disassociate from these clothes. I don't want to mentally attach to my new dresses and suit and pants and jeans and then not want to lose in order to stay fitting in them. I need to just say, "Some other size 14 person, maybe my banker SIL, can put them to use!" And release it. Or I know, psychologically, I'll hang. Cause I finally have a WARDROBE.

I finally have red and purple and green and blue and pink and magenta  dresses and tops...and most are now form-fitting, not loose tents to hide in. It's not a just a bunch of dark grey and black with some navy in my closet. Though I adore black and I look kickass good in black, so I'll always buy lots of black. I feel girly again..with options. It's not just the same black outfits over and over to cover up my bulk when we go out. OPTIONS!

Aside from energy, flexibility, and mobility--the best things about a body that's not obese--the options for dressing up makes me so happy. It's not an agony to think about what to wear to dinner out or a wedding or a party or a holiday event or a date-night. I can just walk in my closet and have real choices. It's not just elastic waist anymore. It's not cover it all up anymore.

Skirt. Dress. Leggings. Slacks. Zipper Jeans. Yoga Pants. Suit. Colors.

I am in a frenzy of joy about having options.


I'm also thinking more about the 2012 challenge I'm planning, and I wrote a few more thoughts on it over at the CDCC blog.  Pretty much, it's already half-full (unless the pre-approved, blog-post mentioned folks decide not to go on ahead with it.)


Anyway, so, the allergies are still annoying. I went to get some Sudafed at CVS, and I had to go through the whole annoyance of waiting in line for the pharmacy tech to get it for me (when for all my adult life, it used to be OTC). I tried the Sudafed PE and it's crap. For hardcore allergic folks, that stuff's dreck. I need the real thing...the one all you fricken meth addicts and manufacturers out there have now made a protected, behind the counter item for which I have to sign an affidavit and can only get 10 pills. Great. For anyone who's had bad bronchitis/flu and needs decongesting you know that 10 pills can go mighty fast.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, YOU IDIOT METHHEADS, FOR WASTING MY DAMN TIME! All of us with colds, flus, and allergies really appreciate having to take the extra effort to get decongested. :::dripping sarcasm::::

Okay, had to let that rant out. Ah, well. I guess I'll have hubby pick up a pack for me up in the next county and hope the FBI understands I'm a lifelong allergic type and not out to manufacture stupid-ass illegal drugs in my back room. Sigh. I like to have a stash (previously 24 or more pills type of stash, cause if you take some every 4 to 6 hours when sick, that's not even enough to cover a bout of bronchitis that last 3 weeks, but it will cover a few days of allergy attack or a milder cold) in the medicine cabinet for when the seasonal ickies hit. Guess making a stash these days means alerting the authorities.....

So, there it is. I'm lighter, stuffier, full of options, and annoyed at pharmaceutical shenanigans.

And looking forward to some concorde pears tomorrow in the organic coop. Best....pears...evah!!!

Hope your Tuesday goes well. Eat soundly and move healthfully and smile a lot...and, psssssttt,  if you have some spare Sudafed, chat me up. ;P

And did you avoid the Worst Diet Scams of 2011 (chosen SparkPeople)?


lv2 said...

It's really nice that zip pants fit you again. I have a pair I bought that i can now close and zip but they still look so bad that I haven't worn them....and the top is now too big. You're gonna be at that goal one of these days and I'm sure you will want to pass these clothes along no matter how well you like them......or you can always get them altered if you really love them.

Meth is a huge problem here in OK so while it's a pain I'll sign if it even just keeps one kid clean......however they seem to be able to get around the rules.

Looking forward to the pics

Anonymous said...

Yay for a 'wardrobe'. I haven't had to shop TOO much yet as most of my 'new' digs were already in the back of my closet. Clothing is such a great way to see how far you've come, it's tangible, real, you can see it, feel it and most of all - strut your stuff in it! Work it, mama!

The Sudafed rant is amazing, thanks for the laugh. It's crazy. I had to buy some once a year or so ago and I looked at the pharmacist and said - 'Does it look like I'm on meth?'. I wouldn't have normally taken my frustration out on him (Don't kill the messenger!), but he was rude. Way rude. Maybe it annoyed him as much as it does the customer.

Jo said...

Agree with the allergy med rant.

Congrats on the new size with zip/button! What a milestone! I always feel smarter in suits. Silly, but I just do.

I hope I make it into the new challenge. I need to be accountable and have so enjoyed the CDCC and the camaraderie.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sorry to hear about the meth head problem, Princess. That really sucks. I can't wait for the challenge to start. I'm going back on plan tomorrow and avoid the rush. Your advice is sound and I can't afford to fool around for a month doing nothing but eating. Time to STOP THE MADNESS!:)

Julie said...

I didn't buy anything but banana's and flour. In fact once I just let the chip thing run around in my head it was just fine. I have know idea what I still have cravings but at least it's not all the time, just like the last month or so. I'm strong....I am working hard at it anyways.
Proud of you Mir, going down is great.
Take care and have a blessed week.

that TOPS lady said...

I was just looking at your progress pics---wow...you've done awesome!

Angela Pea said...

LOL...it's so ironic that I can freely purchase chemicals to strip paint and etch metal at WalMart, but I can't buy sudafed. Makes me crazy. BTW,here, I can get a 24 count package of Sudafed at Walgreens, but I still have to check in with the pharmacist to get it.

A BIG Yahoo on the dress pants. New clothes are grand. Especially in bright, girly colors. My closet is getting sparse now...my large tops really have to go because they are way too baggy, and since I really don't like shopping.... There are a few pieces that I just love love love, so I suppose a weekend with my sewing machine is in order!

Anne H said...

Love the clothes - no wonder you are happy about it!
And yeah - I lived on sudafed for about a year when my bp would drop down to 90/50. Those meth guys made it pretty hard to get at times.

Betty said...

I hope you show us pictures of those dress pants. They sound like they look really good. Yah !! for another pound lost! You are really on your way down now.
The other night when I was getting ready for our work Christmas dinner, I found myself in front of a closet full of clothes that were too loose. I wanted something tight, so that I wouldn´t overeat. So that´s on my "to get" list, something tight, so that I´ll FEEL like I can´t eat. It helps.

j. littlejohn said...

yeah, those methheads really give the rest of us allergy sufferers a lot of extra work.

Steph said...

You probably already know about foods that can make seasonal allergies worse? For some, melons and bananas can make ragweed symptoms worse, etc.

Hope you get some relief!

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

That is awesome, girl!!! Yes, I understand the belly problems with pants. Ugh. You look fantastic! Don't get attached to that suit. It's just here for a short stay and then it's time for a smaller one. ;)

Sorry about the allergies. I can relate.

Beth said...

Excellent for the downturn! Boo for the allergies, hope that passes soon.

So lovely to read about your new adventures with clothes. What fun. Colour and new styles, so much joy.

I'm not sure why but the meth problem does not exist here so if you ever hop the pond, you can buy your sudafed with abandon here in the UK. I'm just sayin.

Happy weekend!

Tiffany said...

Yea for the new pants!

If there is still room I would love to participate in your next challenge. I'm new to weight loss blogging and looking for more friends going thru the same thing. (I can't comment on the Christmas dress blog because it won't allow the url/name option & I don't have the other ones)