Sunday, December 11, 2011

CDCC Update #13:Back to walking, progress is achingly slow, but hey, size 13 juniors jeans!

Tanita-san: 177.6

For my official weigh-ins on this blog (I do them weekly, see my sidebar left, scroll down), this is a new low. I've seen this number on the scale before, but not in a weigh-in.

I really wanna break down past 177 and up my ticker to 122 lbs lost. Aaaah, dat would be nice.

But I'm okay with achingly slow progress, as the blog entry title puts it. I know, well enough, that as you get closer to goal weight, it's just a crawl. Barring starvation, which I ain't gonna do. I refuse to do. Period. I'd rather take another year, or TWO years to lose 17 or 18 pounds than do more metabolic damage. Ain't doing it.

So, I continue to focus on the positives. Feeling great. Looking good. My husband's dazzlingly adoring praise. I mean, I got the "You are awesome, you're beautiful" compliments even at 300 lbs, but not anywhere near the frequency and fervency I get it these days. And part of that, I'm sure, is that I FEEL IT, when I did not feel it before. I feel sexy again. I may be old and gravity-afflicted and crinkly and whatever, but I feel sexy. And I think that transfers, the attitude, not just the physical change.

I wore my snug Karen Kane dress to visit relatives yesterday, without shapewear--yeah, I'm brave!--and I felt girly and attractive't no cookie worth that feeling. Not a slice of pizza is worth that feeling. No soda pop, cake, bag of chips, ice cream bar or anything self-destructive foodwise is worth that feeling of liking how you look and loving how you your body it sits and stands and walks and bends. It feels so good!!!!

And, most surprisingly....though the loss is so minimal....

I went jeans hunting at ROSS (looking for bargains!), cause the jeans that were snug a month ago are not so snug anymore, and the but area has got some room and droop and the waist needs to be belted.  There weren't any in the women's area, so I headed out of curiosity to the juniors section. Well, long story short, I fit into a 13 juniors. The butt looked great. Nice and snug. All zippered up, too. Partay in the dressing room!!!!

I should upload pics of my thighs in that. I love how you can see the curve of my hamstrings. Purdy. I love that curve.

The top and dress I bought in size L fit quite fine, no snugness. I didn't even have to glance at the XL. :D

So, challenge particulars:

Fluids: fine but for one day, when I just sort of...spazzed. Yeah.
Exercise: met challenge minimum (2x Pilates, 3x walking) and added a bit of dancing.
Support: I was out there, and I commented. 
Calories: Sticking to around 1500
Mood: very good
And I ain't quitting!

Keep your head in the game and keep your hands reaching toward only good stuff. Right?


Be well...


downsizers said...

At Weight Watchers they say "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels". You know that first hand now. Thanks for the encouragement. I always get uplifted by your "can do" attitude.

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Congrats!! You are such an inspiration. I can imagine the happy dance with those 13 juniors... Seriously... You are rock star & I wanna be like you real soon. Thanks for the challenge and the support. I haven't hit all of my goals but I am wiser & stronger with the help of this challenge. When will you decide who gets to joinu the next go around...?

Princess Dieter said...

Thanks, ladies.

Stormy, I'm still working out the challenge particulars. Some time after CDCC, I'll set up a blog with the rules. At that time, I'll finally nail an "cap" number. I am still leaning SMALL...but committed. :) I know it's hard for folks to keep track of 2 and 3 dozen challengers. So, while it's nice to have an open door, an open door ain't always the most beneficial, numberswise.

keep tuned.

Anne H said...

I love how you think and write and dance!

Betty said...

I wish I knew how to dance, I´d go dancing with you. :) Congrats on the new low!!! That is awesome and you really need to show us those size 13 JUNIOR jeans! Incredible that you fit those.

Laryssa said...

You continue to do so well and inspire others so much.

Nanette said...

I can't believe you're into the junior jeans!!! congrats!!!

NO shapewear is another reason to celebrate. I'm glad you're feeling sexy, cuz, lady you ARE. :)

Becki said...

Great post! Im so happy for you! Also do to you I am out there reading and posting to show my support. Waiting to get some back bit that will come one day. Thanks for being an inspiration.

lv2 said...

It's great that your jeans keep getting big. Junior sizes are even smaller...You motivate me and inspire me. One day those pounds will be gone.

Debby said...

JUNIORS!!!!!! WHOO HOO!! Amen!! Sexy feels greater than any piece of candy!!!

Julie said...

I screwed up big time and did the strave to meet a goal and then it didn't happen enough to go to NY and then it came back with a vengence and now taking dyamite to lose it again. I knew it wasn't smart but ... well nothing, just stupid.
You are doing great Mir, smart and doing it right. Keep up the great work.
Take care and have a blessed week.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great NSV, Mir. I can't even imagine fitting into a 13 with my panni. 12 in misses is about all I can manage right now. Maybe when I'm back to 150 I will give it a try. But anyway, good for you! Yay!

Jo said...

Been trying to comment and couldn't get through. Congrats on the junior size! My old bod is not shaped to fit in a junior anymore. So enjoy it while you have it. And...WOW on the weigh-in!

Anonymous said...

Really really smart to just take it slow and easy.

Your husband saw you for you and you WERE beautiful back then.

Great NSV at Ross. Let's see the pic - you feel great and you deserve to. Pretty hamstring did not just magically appear.

Jane Cartelli said...

Ah Mir, I am so glad you be on this journey with you!

Jane at

Denise said...

Congrats on the low. Keep it up.

Beth said...

Yay for the juniors and the new low too. I'd love to weigh 177 about now! And slow progress is fine, the tortoise and the hare and all that. I'd give anything for a bit of slow progress here, I just can't seem to get on any even keel for very long but I'll keep fighting.

upinthecosmos said...

Congrats on your new low! Never thought I'd say that to someone & mean it in a great way... LOL:-). You are an excellent example!