Saturday, December 3, 2011

One bit of advice for those who haven't dieted yet, but plan to in 2012...and a linky to one great blog entry to read today.

My advice for those obese/overweight folks who want to lose weight in 2012, but have not dieted yet:

GO BUILD A TON OF MUSCLE FIRST. Then go on your healthful weight loss plan.

Seriously, after all these years of experimenting, reading, trying, losing, the single best advice I can give a person who is about to embark on a plan is...spend 2 to 4 months building as much muscle as you can. Eat good protein and work out with weights. Get muscle. Lots of it.

Cause when you go on a caloric deficit diet, you're gonna burn away muscle. If you're one of the metabolically challenged, you're gonna burn a helluva lot of muscle.

So, start first with a good muscle architecture to support that loss. And you'll just plain look better when you do lose weight. :)

Now, the link:  I love Evelyn of Carb Sane Asyum. She's a smart, scientifically-minded cookie who critiques the science behind claims. I like gadflies. They keep us from becoming blind-ideologues to dieting ideas. Her critiques focus mostly on the very low carb side of things, and it's valuable to have the dissenting perspective, especially from someone who did VLCarb to lose weight. She's worth reading, whether you are for, against, or indifferent to low-carbing. I"m a moderate carber (avoid most starch, eat fruits and veggies), and I know the value of it FOR ME. And I think it's valuable for diabetic/I.R. folks. But I think her blog post today is a bit of a remedy for any sort of blind allegiance to a program.

Bodies are different. Some are metabolically charged to be lean, others to store fat. Some are ill, some are vibrantly healthy. Some handle starches well, some don't.  I firmly believe in finding what works for YOU and your life and your medical conditons (or lack thereof).

My husband thrives on less starch, lots more protein. He can eat all day and his setpoint keeps him lean now. Before, with lots of starch and sugars, he got fat. He doesn't have to count calories (like moi) now. He can eat galore and stay in a 3 lb range. His setpoint is a lean one now. :)

Me, I'm different.

You're different.

If you're gluten sensitive, stay the hell away from gluten, but find what works in terms of food ratios. Maybe you can eat a bucketful of potatoes and be lean and fit. Maybe not.

If you're vegan, and that makes you feel great, power to you. Do it.

If you want to do very low carb and that works for your body and health, do it. And keep abreast of what might happen later on.

Cause, what works now, may not work later. Bodies change as we age.

Know thyself. Know thyself adaptable to changes.

And be well....


Betty said...

I´m just getting to know myself again and will have to experiment what works best for me. But you are so right, everyone is different and you have to find your own "way".
Thanks for your weekly encouragements and your great posts!!

downsizers said...

I started out low-carb and still restrict carbs somewhat. I had to find the point at which I was not tired since I do Step Aerobics 3 days a week and Jazzercise three days a week. Carbs do provide energy so we must educate ourselves on good carbs vs. bad carbs. You are so right about the muscle - I just went up to using 10 lb. weights in my classes and feel really good about it. I just had my 62nd birthday and I don't want to have to have other people open jars for me and I want to be able to climb a flight of stairs when I am 100!!

Anne H said...

It's all about getting to know - and love ourselves.. not in a cliche silly over- the-top way... but in a way that takes care of our bodies... in a "loving way" that can't really be put into words!

Julie said...

You are so right and also what worked at the beginning of my journey isn't working nearly as well now. My journey is changing as well as my life style. New challenges are heading my way and I am up to them. I have to be because I truly want to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 50.
Take care my friend and have a blessed weekend.

sixty-five said...

Enjoy all your posts! Another vote for Carbsane. Two other blogging voices of sanity worth listening to are Monica Reinegal (Nutrition Diva) and Barbara Berkeley (Refuse to Regain).