Thursday, December 1, 2011

ONE MONTH LEFT IN 2011 TO TRANSFORM: Oh, and Told Ya I'd Get That Ticker Number BACK! Still with Challenge on the Brain...

Tanita-san: 178.2

Okay, that feels better. I hated losing ticker ground.  I'm eating rather generous meals, but heavy on veggies and protein, and only 2. Third meal is a protein shake or a snackish type (like cottage cheese and fruit or yogurt with cucumber n' herbs or with fruit n' nuts). Calories have ranged from 1400 to 1900, and in between since Thanksgiving Day. Trying to stay on the LOWER end, but not too low any day, cause, hey, more starvation body derangement, I don't need.

Still tinkering with the 2012 challenge. If you have brilliant title insights, let me know. For now, I got nuthin' dazzling.


If you've been lollygagging, it's time to work it.

If you think you can wait for January 1--stop dat. Stop thinking stupid stuff like that. Start now. Right in the middle of this afternoon. Start this evening with dinner. Do not put it off.

Dec 1. Last Month. One month left. What can you do in ONE month?

A lot. A little. Some. But you can do it and avoid seeing 2012 the same as 2011 or heavier. You can make amazing changes in ONE month. It's possible.

On to other "me" stuff...

Ankle is much improved (though can't say knees are making me thrilled), so I expect to be back to walking Saturday,  Monday latest. I made it worse by not resting enough after the sprain and neuropathy, and I'm not taking chances. I am so eager. I miss my walks. I miss how I felt just me and the breeze and the sky and the trees. Aaaah.

I had errands yesterday, so I put on my only pair of zipper/button jeans that fit nicely (slightly loose at waist, but I use a belt). I hadn't worn button/zipper jeans in ages, cause my belly was so huge, I could not find a pair that fit right. If they fit my belly, the front hip/ thigh area was a big, loose, ugly empty space.  But I can fit in jeans more normally now--though I'm still a belly-fat prone body type.

So, in my zipper jeans and purple snug sweater and Puma flats--and feeling mighty attractive, even with "unfresh" hair, I might add, a feeling that's still novel and fun--I went and got my organic coop stuff last night.

Button & Zip Jeans...

I'm set with some nice goodies today--spinach, tomatoes, pink grapefruit, oranges (all stuff I love for BKFST),  brussel sprouts, avocados (hass), cucumbers, apples (two varieties), pears, parsnips (never had em), broccoli, cilantro, kale.... Hey, the makings of guacamole in there!

I let the coop coordinator keep my share of beets. I just didn't figure I'd eat em, so why let em go to waste. She and her fam juice stuff, and beets are great juiced. 

I also went to TJ Maxx for new stuff. As you saw with the jeans pic, the body changes are showing up in how my clothes are fitting. So, stuff that fit fine or snug in September and October are now starting to not fit as great. I bought some new yoga pants, some tops, and I tried on these pair of size 14 designer suede pants that looked so fabulous on me that I was just flirting with myself in the mirror in the dressing room. Dang. But they were expensive and I have weight to lose. I refuse to pay 150 bucks (reduced from250) for pants I may only wear 2 months. But dang, so purdy!

The yoga pants were size large. :) The jeans were 16. The tops were all L. No XL this time around. :) And they looked pretty good, too. Shopping for clothes hasn't been this fun since I was in my 20's....

Remember--one month in 2011. A new year awaits. Get ready. Be change-minded.

I do hope you all are having a day that takes you one step closer to your goal, your dreams, your joy. Realize your potentials, babycakes!


Anonymous said...

Clothing does get crazy in just a month or so these days. Size L shirts? You are truly amazing. I think it's very fun that you tried on the pants even though you weren't going to buy them. How great that must have felt!

I can't believe it's December 1. The last couple months have been a fog, I feel like I'm finally coming out of it and feeling strong and much more happy. Your support has been so appreciated.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

You were talking to me. I don't need to wait a month to start. I need to start right now. I will have to clear the cupboards first and get some healthy stuff back in here though. Hopefully, tomorrow.

Jo said...

I bought a new yoga pants and jacket at an el-cheapo store yesterday --- Size L. I'll bet we could wear some of the same clothes!! Cheap clothes run smaller. Yeah, I'm all over the place in the sizes, too. Not complaining, though. No one sees the tags but ME (and I can cut them out!). I want to be in your next challenge. But I know it's a lot of work. Have a great rest of the week!

Caron said...

The jeans look great. Go you!

Karla said...

Woop woop.... lookin good
I love buying new clothes now ~~~~ weeee~~~~

Jane Cartelli said...

Enjoy zipping up!


Carbie Girl said...

lol flirting with yourself in the mirror, I love that :0) Ive missed far too much on your blog the past few weeks and I suck for it. I cant believe 2012 is around the corner but its coming whether we are ready or not so absolutely no excuses in waiting around for it!! You are such a great motivator!

Beth said...

Wow, you look so slim in those jeans! You virtually have no thighs at all, do you!

And thanks for the motivation, I am off to the Christmas fair tomorrow and baking for the cake stall tonight, I need to remember that this is just another day, not a season for me to gain even more weight. There's no reason to heap more misery into my life.

And brilliant for fun clothes shopping, there's so much more choice and they just look so much better on when we are slimmer, eh?

Have a good weekend and hope that you are back to walking sooner rather than later.

Julie said...

Remember the olive green suede outfit I got last weekend at the thrift shop? I wish I would try things on because the jacket and blouse fit awesome but the, I'm not sure who put this outfit together but they are so big you, me and the cat could fit into them. I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to fix them but the outfit is amazing so I need to figure it out.
Yeah for new clothes. Keep kicking butt Mir.
Take care and have a blessed evening and a great weekend. Good luck getting out and about walking.

Nanette said...

I look forward to the L days. For now I would gladly settle for some 2x days. I'm so glad you're finding the 20's joy of shopping again. It's so fun when you don't have to say "no, too small" or "why don't they carry my size?!"

One month.... what can we get done in one month? Blog topic! :) Thanks.

Becki said...

Nice jeans. Feels so good to wear jeans that fit. You inspirebme everyday.

Bluezy said...

So awesome! Used to be my fav a sweater and jeans and some cool designer sports. They all accentuate the curves above and below.

You look great. You are not jam packing nada flabby there. You look casual and cool chica!