Friday, December 30, 2011

If You're a Believer with Spiritual Gifts, How Does It Manifest In Your FatFight?

It's funny, cause it only just occurred to me today that my spiritual gifts manifest on my weight loss journey/blogging. I know, it makes sense that it would, but I hadn't actually really just NOTICED how much it happens.

Since I was sealed with the Spirit in 1975, I've heard over and over, including from ministers and pastor's wives, that my clear and present spiritual gifts were teaching and exhortation. I've used my teaching gifts overtly--I tutored deaf and Title I kids in high school, led tutoring groups in college, led Sunday School classes for teens and for adults. I always got amazing feedback on my teaching, whether secular or spiritual. I had failing students get B's and better, in short order. (If my health had been better, I would have taught high school English, cause, yeah, me likeys the booksies.)

My exhortation gift tended to take more personal forms, in conversations,  but it clearly did come out, and obviously should, in a class or group study situation. I really wasn't just happy teaching. I wanted to excite and move the students to apply. Including myself. I wanted people to shine. And I want to shine, too. About dang time for me, I say!

Maybe this is why blogging is helpful to me. I can teach and exhort MYSELF as I research, experiment, read around, try things out. Learn and apply. Learn and share. Kindly admonish myself and you, too. Cheerlead with faith and optimism that we can do it!

I think I like leading challenges because my gifts--well, that sounds snotty, but that is how we talk about them in the Church, gifts/abilities given by God through the Spirit--can be used. I like to feel useful to my fellow fatfighters. Yes, this blogging things is mostly about ME since its inception--me in my journey overcoming my weaknesses, getting stronger, moving forward. But I so much want to share what I learn that MIGHT be of use and I so want to pump you up to move over your humps, too.  I want us all to move forward together.

And so I wonder, if you are a believer and know you have particular gifts from God, how have you been using them in this forum? I mean, gifts spill over. A teaching gift doesn't evaporate cause the setting is secular or the topic is worldly. A gift of giving doesn't turn into a selfish hoarding trait if it's not a church setting. A gift is a gift.

If you have it, use it. Use it to help yourself and others win the fat war. Makes sense, yes?

I want to keep self-teaching and self-exhorting, and I want to win this fight. And because these are my gifts, yes, I'll still share what I learn and try to find where you have weaknesses you don't even notice, all to help you. I'll keep cheerleading you, cause it makes me happy to see you perk up and move forward.

Please use your gifts...on me! I need them. Use them. We all need help.

And if you aren't a believer, and you have skills/gifts, then use them. Think about what your real gifts are in relation to others--are you a good listener, are you an encourager, are you generous and a giver, are you highly empathetic, are you a tough drill sergeant who won't back away from truthtelling, are you motherly---and put it to use here in bloggy world for the benefit of those fighting the fight.

Don't waste what you have! Use it!

Be well...


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Mir, I have always believed that my gift was in discernment. I have always had an understanding of words and their meanings whether the writings are biblical or spiritual or not. I believe that I can also discern some of the situations that others find themselves in. Sometimes I just know how they feel and I know what to say or how to help. This gift has not been as prominent sent my mental relapse but it is still there, buried beneath the confusion and depression. I still try to use the gift to interpret ideas to others and to support others in their endeavors. I hope I am an encourager. I try to be but there is a lot standing in my way at the moment.

Princess Dieter said...

Discernment is one of mine, too,that seems to be tied in with exhortation (you have to discern what needs exhorting). But it seems as if my discernment is at the service of teaching/learning and exhortation. A companion.

Keep doing it, K. I know having that gift coupled with exhortation can be highly difficult (people get their hackles up if tact is not sufficient). But with it mixed with encouragement/mercy, it's one of the best gifts--Discernment Plus Mercy can make a person's whole day and attitude revive!

We all need different things at different times. Just use what you have, my dear.

Jo said...

I'm a good listener. And just yesterday one of my good friends told me I am the one who can put things in perspective for her. I encourage, wanting people to do the things they "think" they can't do. I am patient. But also I want people to help themselves as much as possible. Are these gifts? Maybe. But a lot of it comes from my many years in customer service, face to face and listening to and solving problems, offering alternative solutions. Either way, I agree that we should use the gifts/talents/education we have to help others, whether in the blog world or in life. Just my 2 cents worth. ;-)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Thank you, Princess. I will keep trying to make my gifts available and usable.

Jo, I think you are a great encourager. I know you have helped me through many rough days.

Suzan Robertson said...

Mine are prophecy and discernment. Sometimes I long to have easier and nicer gifts, but those are mine. :-D

Casey said...

I havn't thought of it in that way. I feel like my life has been all about my home and my kids these last 11 years, and any gift I may have has expired! Some say I'm a good mom, but they don't see what happens when I've run out of patience.
So maybe this will also be a journey to discover my gifts.

downsizers said...

I have just had an epiphany about the commandment "thou shalt not bear false witness". I always thought that commandment meant not to tell a lie. My aunt quit smoking because she said she thought it hurt her witness. Bearing a false witness is trying to be something other than what you ARE. It really is impossible to be something other than what you ARE - to tell a lie. Our true selves will manifest themselves and we cannot lie in that regard. You have the ability to be what you ARE in the presence of others and they are drawn to your spirit. I have the gift of words and expression I think. I try not to get too "preachy" and have been told I encourage and enlighten many of my followers. I do not have Karen's gift of discernment or Suzan's gift of prophecy but I can put my experience into words and help others in the application of what I have found to be true. It's all good.

Julie said...

I am just plain me. Plain and simple. I don't understand big words, I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, I'm just me. But I love to encourage people. I love to listen and offer support and help if I can. I have ears and I love to just sit and listen (or read).
Thanks Mir so much for sharing your talents and really for everyone else also.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Angela Pea said...

My spiritual gift? Joy. Pure and simple. Joy in the Lord, delight in the gifts and graces showered upon us.

Joy to spare, joy to share. It's better shared.

Caron said...

Mine is helps. I could not be a leader but I can help. I have not been as active as I should be this year but I really love visiting elderly widows. It brings me joy and seems to brighten their day as well.