Monday, August 15, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Challenge Update: Complacency Goeth Before the Fall...Or Rise (in weight)-- 1.2 Pounds UP as other things take the stage. Looking for balance, organization, and getting that number back DOWN! But, hey, my hair--and hubby's, too-- looks great. Pics included.

Hey, all. I meant to do an update yesterday for Slimmer This Summer, weighed in and everything before heading out the door for assorted activities, but came hope late and still had stuff to do--laundry, cooking hubby's Monday lunch, packing the 2 lunches and snacks--and yes, he eats two lunches to keep from being too skinny since he gave up all grains except rice and all starchy veggies except potatoes and a bit or corn now and then.

Wish I had that problem.

My problem this week came from Tanita-san's numerical glare:  185.0

Sheesh. 1.2 pounds UP from last Sunday. UPPPPPP. UPPPP.

Yeah, and only me to blame. No excuses. I simply got lax and comfy. I am so happy where I am, even as fat as I am--cause we can't call 185 lbs sleek, now can we?--but so energetic and so flexible and feel so good and feel cute and get tons of compliments and hubby's adoring my new bod, and, yes,  still so happy to be officially NOT obese, that my motivation just fizzled. If I don't watch out, I'll be officially obese again.


But part of creating this blog and joining this challenge was being accountable. I have to report the BAD, not just the good. And here it is. The bad.

Let me correct a point: It's not fizzled altogether, the motivation. I still counted calories. I still exercised. I still drank my requisite fluids. I still took vitamins and blogged and read inspirational snippets and visited fatfighters online.

Fizzled as in not scrupulous, not as focused.

Part is that I've begun a new HUGE project, almost as huge as losing weight, and that has sapped a lot of my focus. I"m doing two new things, the HUGE organization of my clutter/healing of my hoarding/simplifying life thing, and getting back to serious Bible study, which also takes a couple hours a day. Between all those hours and that divided focus, weight loss seems to not be my sole-super-duper-main-supreme-above-all focus. This means calorie creep and exercise whittling.

Sucks, but I am NOT a multi-tasker. When I take on another huge project, the others suffer.

But I have to find a way to do it all. I am envious of folks who can do many major things at once--Allan, formerly of Almost Gastric Bypass blog(s),  and his career expansion while undertaking major weight loss and overseeing challenges comes to mind, as well as those of you dealing with challenging new jobs while losing, or bearing and rearing new babies while losing. I admire the ability to do that and hope I can develop some of it. But me, I tend to need to focus on ONE BIG THING at a time.

I focused on weight loss for the last year. The economic realities of our current nation means it's imperative for us to simplify and be ready to sell and move in short order as needed. This is why I am tackling this BEFORE reaching goal weight. I decided reaching non-obese goal would have to be the cut-off.

So, this week, I need to find the internal drive and energy to give more than one thing priority. I can't let myself lose all momentum and regain to the point of waking up and finding I have 20 pounds back on me! No, sir.


Okay, new week. New obstacles. New refocusing. And let's see how talented I can get at organizing multiple projects.

This past week, my exercise was:

1x swimming
4x walking
2x Pilates with trainer

Fluids: fine
Prayer: yes, praying for y'all
Push-ups= worked on them x2
Waist: Still 36 (dang)
Quitting: No, but I need to learn new skills, clearly, to regain progress-making mojo

I'm not depressed or bummed, mind you. I am simply more in "problem resolution" mode. I assumed that having a couple of 1600 calorie days and a 1750ish day, which should not have impeded me at 185 active pounds,  BUT THEY DID. It seems that I will have to revise goal weight. I will not live with any weight that requires me to LIVE FOREVER on 1200 calories. Forget it. I'd rather stay fat. The lowest I'm willing to go, lifelong, is 1400 to 1500. I find that a livable range, whereas I find 1200 too restrictive for life. It doesn't seem a like a lot of leeway, but that's yogurt and fruit plus nuts worth. That's a salad with chicken's worth. It is a big difference for those of us who've done the 1200.

I know I'm metabolically lower than many. I knew that a year ago from tracking. I don't maintain of my weight in the range the charts I've seen state. I maintain on my weight on the range minus 300 (if it's consistent with my previous estimates, which probably is WRONG, and it's more complicated formula-wise,, but I'll worry about the math some other day). I'll find out in time. But after this week, when I ranged from 1400 to 1600 a day for all but one day, the weigh-in comes as a slap of reality to realize that, yes, I will never ever ever eat remotely like I used to. NOT REMOTELY...and I knew that intellectually, but I know it now in actuality. While exercising THAT much, I still can't eat much at this lower weight.

We will see how this unwinds...

TWO weeks until SLIMMER THIS SUMMER ends. I'd like to end it at least at 182 (or less). Let's see how that goes, shall we? :D

Oh, and we had an Aveda hair spa day Saturday, hubby and I:

I wish all challengers well in this final stretch. I hope I didn't let too many of you down with this week's uptick and my motivation's semi-fizzling.

Be well, all...


Jo said...

Well, you seem perfectly normal to me. Weight loss and health focus are very time-consuming. Life gets in the way. I have let some relationships suffer due to my focus on health, and some other areas, too. I know what you speaketh of there.

But you are taking care of other very important things, which are equally important in your life's big picture.

You gain a couple of pounds, you know what to do to lose them. I did the same thing once I got NEAR my goal. Got complacent about weight, started focusing on other things, and slowly gained a little here, a little there, and then it was 4 lbs.

You are out of obese, and as long as you are happy and comfortable right where you are, enjoy it. But the minute you get UNcomfortable, nip it in the bud, as they say.

Keep up the good work!

Mrs. D said...

I can totally relate to the multi-tasking issue!

Being a mom/wife/employee/fat-fighter kind of forces me to multi-task, though. It's hard, but it's doable. With my ADD, making a list when I've got extra stuff on my plate helps me a lot. Maybe you can start making a daily to-do list of everything you need to get accomplished (exercise, one house project, etc).

After coming as far as you have, learning to multi-task will be a piece of cake!

Anne H said...

I think of your victory over sloth post all the time.... Love it! And you!

Julie said...

How in the world could you think you let any one of us down? You are awesome, you are truthful, you are inspirational and so much more. Yep you are learning along the way and teaching us the do's that work and the don't that might not and others. With me starting the maintenance I am learning 1400 is my highest I can stay a day to keep the weight off, a day or two once in a blue moon to go over is fine but mostly 1400 is the number for me. Now it might not stay that way come winter or when I get back to the gym next month (if I can swing the fee) but it's all learning.
I plan on leaving my new me blog and adding my maintanence to my regular blog. It'll be a bit of everything and me. I will be by to see you and learn from you and so much more.
Take care and good luck. Blessings!!

Julie said...

Oh and Mir, you are beautiful and your hubby...well he's sure a great looking man. Perfect for each other!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Keep your focus, Princess. You will get there. You have done tremendously so far. Just hang on for a little longer.

Food Freak said...

I can't multi-task either. People who can do that awe me, and I respect that ability.

You're going to get back on track now, and you'll dump that 1.5 lbs. in the blink of an eye. I know it, because you're strong, as well as committed to getting to your goal.

Your hair looks great. I do love the curls, mind you, but this straighter look is quite elegant. Will it stay this way in your humid climate?

Angela Pea said...

Your Husband is a Cutie!! Smooth hair is fabulous! I love getting my wild mane all smooth and shiny, but it never lasts past the next moment I step outdoors or start sweating. Sproing!! The curls spring right back!

Multi tasking is a skill that can be developed. You have to be willing to stop mid stream and leave a project unfinished while you devote time to something else, and then be able to pick right up and take off again. Not impossible for anyone, but it does take practice and lots of note taking and list making to get it down.

Have a wonderful week, Mir!

MB said...

You are an inspiration even when your motivation is semi-fizzing. Looking forward to finishing the challenge strong with you.

The hair looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Multi tasking can be tricky. I recently got slammed at work with a major project and have noticed I focus and worry about that and my weight loss seems to be less important? Strange how our minds work..... Aveda days are good days!

❦ fitcetera said...

Princess ... THE best thing I did for myself this year was to de-clutter this mess of a house of mine. I can't even describe in words how freeing it's been and how tremendously happy it's made me.
As it happens, it was a blessing in disguise too as my Mom and her hubby are ill and my focus needs to be there right now. Not having to deal with what was an overwhelming mess lets me focus on what's important right now.
Here's to de-cluttering!!! I hope you do well with it and see amazing results like your weight loss. You'll be dang well flying you'll be so light!!!
You two look gorgeous as usual!

Michele said...

Love that picture of you and hubby! You look fantastic! I can completely understand why your motivation is dipping right now. Look how far you have come!!! You are inspirational and NO!NO! you have not let us down. Here is to another good week with STS! Michele