Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Closer to the "One-Seventies", Wheat Belly, And Not Hungry...And almost half of you hung in there in Slimmer This Summer, which is great.

Tanita-san: 181.8

Yes! A bit more down. Closer and closer to breaking that next barrier and hitting the 170s. I don't know how long, but I hope before the challenge begins on the 11th. :D

I just downloaded a book I've been looking forward to reading since I heard Dr. Davis was going to release it. It's just now available on Nook and Kindle (I Nooked it), and it's called WHEAT BELLY. I'm a big fan of ditching the wheat. Hubby and I both feel great, great, great, since ditching the gluteny grains. I may review it on the blog later. May not. Dunno. But you should at least go look it over if you have issues with obesity. The author, Dr. Davis, also has a blog. It's on my blogroll.

I had a good Pilates session yesterday and my core is nicely sore. Weather is miserable, so no walking today. I'm so gonna be happy when cooler, drier late autumn days come back.

I am not hungry. I just realized, right now, I have not eaten today. I'm gonna go fix something after I publish this post. Not cause I have an appetite, but cause I don't wanna get hit by the hungry beast and then have to decide what to eat. Preventative eating, yeah!

I visited the last Slimmer This Summer update linky blog to see how many challengers made it to the finish line. About half. That's pretty good. It was a moderately lengthy challenge--12 weeks--and my hearty congratulations to those who hung in there. TWENTY FIVE made a final post. Some did great, some not so great, but they finished.

We've got a nice number of challengers already for the CHRISTMAS DRESS COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE. I've got a few on the under-consideration list. Basically, I need to know you can finish what you start, which is why StS and DDDY peops were automatic acceptances if they finished a challenge/phase. You stick it out. I consider that important. I've learned that's important, even if you do poorly. You understand weight loss struggles go on for life and you just don't quit! So, thanks to the StS who made it to the finale. And if you're in the CDCC, welcome. Do your prep work. Get READY.

See you in that challenge soon.

And to all: Have a good evening . Be well....


Anonymous said...

I'm heading over to Kindle to get the book! When I eat gluten, I not only gain 6 pounds overnight, but I gain--I mean this, I have measured--3 inches around my wasit. OVERNIGHT.

(Of course, I have other celiac symptoms like that hideous rash/hive/shingles looking, tormentingly itchy plague that goes away when gluten goes.)

So, even tho I know that gluten is my problem, I keep tryiing to convince myself that I'm making it up. :} The book should help with that.

Just this evening on our local ABC news, there was a report that wwoman w/ uncontrolled DM2 was found to be gluten intolerant, cut out the gluten and in 2 months her glucose is normal without meds. :o Yeah. I have to get serious about this gluten thing.

Thanks, Princess, and congrats on the continual weight loss.


Princess Dieter said...

Read his posts on wheat/grains/gluten at his blog, too. :)

I really do think the considerations about wheat/gluten are more than for those, like you, who have sensitivities. And I do think anyone who is InsulinResistant/Diabetes/Inflammatory diseases/Autoimmune Diseases needs to at least give the no wheat/gluten a shot for a spell--say 4 weeks-- and see how they feel and how the scale/tape measure responds..

Wishing you the best as you AVOID THE FRICKEN GLUTEN ALREADY, WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so subtle.

Karla said...

Ok you got me interested, I will Nook it tomorrow.... Too tired tonight

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I don't have time to read a lot but you got me interesting in that book, does it come as an actual BOOK? I don't have the other things, I haven't figured them out yet. I'll check later.

I do think that it is wheat that is affecting my stomach, I've been avoiding it and am doing better. Then I go and have a couple of whole wheat tortillas and I'm right back where I was. Truthfully, I'm trying to figure out if it just wheat i need to give up or all gluten and is there a difference? I still need to do some research. I don't THINK that I need to avoid every tiny bit that comes in condiments and stuff, I don't think I am that sensitive. Anyways, the book sounds interesting.

We had 25 link up this week, I was hoping for more like 3/4 but that's good. I think it would have been better if I was able to rah rah them better, after my computer stopped commenting on about 3/4 of blogs, I just practically stopped. No idea why I am able to comment on yours without having to go to 12 different screens just to tell me there is an error. It doesn't make sense.

Yea, I gotta get moving on prepping for the new challenge. Exercise is still good, I just need to step away from the dang food!!

MB said...

I bent the rules a bit but I'm proud to say I finished the challenge! I met new bloggers, reconnected with old friends, got advice, gave support, and made some progress.

You are right about the numbers which is why I'm not going to extremes to get to my goal. I'm in the range I want to stay in and I feel comfortable so the number is just a number. I figure if I keep trying to lose those last few pounds forever it will keep me from losing any ground and regaining.

Hey, did you hear the good news? You won Crabby's FitBit giveaway. Congratulations! Get over there and claim it before she gives it away to someone else. I've been using one for over a year now and love seeing all the stats, keeping track of my steps and activity level. Of course, you know I don't use the calorie counter part though ;)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Ooh! You're going to love that fitbit! I LOVE mine and I want to find some "friends" to compare numbers, I don't know anyone else who uses it all the time though.

Anonymous said...

Man, I am so disappointed in myself. I didnt mean to drop out, I just for got to post my link thingy.. But, it was a awesome, I met some amazing bloggers and had a blast reading their blogs. Kudo's to all of those that finished. Blessings. Gracie

Jane Cartelli said...

Princess - Did you see that you won the contest for the thingy over at Crabby Mcs?? Congrats!


Princess Dieter said...

Debbi, I emailed ya!

Hey, thanks for the heads-up. This is the THIRD giveaway I won this month. The universe and its Lord clearly wants me to keep getting fit. :D

Jo said...

Years ago I was told I was allergic to wheat, but was not advised to do anything but "try" not to eat it. Now I strongly suspect I have celiac disease, or at least gluten sensitivity. I am going to download that book. Thanks!!