Thursday, August 25, 2011

A tiny bit of new ground gained on an earlier weigh-in and Pilates (late, but done) on an immune attack day...and more thoughts on the Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge...and my Motivation Accessories, Ordered, To Use When In The 170s.

Tanita-san: 183.6

That's a mere.2 lbs down since yesterday, BUT, psychologically, it's big. A new low ground.

And it brings relief. Yay, I didn't go up again due to a bad night of sleep. Had I slept fully and well, might have been a half pound. :-/  Mebbe. Especially since I weighed in several hours before my normal time. (And yes, I've noticed 3 hours can make a difference of at least .2 lbs.)

But I ain't feeling perfect.

Woke up NOT able to breathe and had to remove the pillow to take a breath. I had a flash from my apneic past, only this was different. I've had this weird feeling before....

It's not asthma at the moment bothering me. I was breathing fine all week.

Today had trouble. But it's not bronchial. Yes, still some light allergic reaction (would doubtless be more sans the Singulair and Zyrtec, etc). I am slightly congested nasally (August/September, sucks), but this is apparently thyroid related. I go through phases when my immune system attacks my thyroid, and it can be very bad or so-so or milk. So far, it's on the mild-to mid side. It feels like there's an impediment to heavy breathing (so I can't exercise full throttle), a pressure in my throat, and if I angle my head (like on a pillow), it's hard to breathe.

Pain in the...neck. But it happens. For some reason, when allergies or an infection hits, it seems I'm more prone to this. Perhaps just marshalling an immune reaction (allergens, viruses, etc) makes things go berserk. Just gotta wait it out and put off getting my blood test done a bit later (not Friday), to see if it will require a meds adjustment.

Anyway, will work through it. As long as I can breathe, I'm fine. Just can't really exert myself.

Hubby accidentally left my keys in his workbag, so I was late to Pilates (had to panic a bit, then hunt down the spare, hah). Rainy, so my 12th day of the blow-out got rained on. No more blow-out. Curls sproinged back up. But hey, 12 days of smooth, elegant hair from ne condition/blowout--that gal did a great job at the Aveda salon.

Been thinking about the challenge to come, looking at red dresses online (and black, and green, and anything that might be holiday-ey). I think part of the challenge will be to encourage the "water lap band" experiment for those who can't feel full on modest portions. I think I'll also suggest a "go mostly clean for two weeks" experiment for those who experience stalls. I have to get a book list together. Think about what sort of stuff would go into the sporadic motivation mojo emails.

It's gonna take time and effort. I don't know if I'll budget in for some sort of prize(s).

But I am thinking about it.

I thank everyone who responded with interest in the challenge. As I said, I'm gonna limit participation and give priority to those who completed the Slimmer This Summer (thereby showing they can complete a challenge, hang in, not give up, etc). I'd love to have everyone aboard who has interest and can abide by the rules. And no, no exceptions to the MUST weigh in weekly and MUST post a weight/scale number, yes, those THREE DIGITS, weekly on the blog, a public act of accountability. If I host the challenge, that will be ironclad requirement numero uno.

And we will be kind to each other, good weeks, bad weeks, bored weeks, always. No mean people. Period. But we should feel free to kindly kick each other in the butt when we're screwing up. KINDLY. With real concern, not nastiness. That's okay, always. :D

I got inspired by Katie J's purchase of a Vera Bradley patterned purse. I ordered two in the Versailles Pattern. (I liked some other patterns better, but this has the colors I need to fill in the bag dept to match some clothes/footwear.) Pics:

These matched babies could take me on an overnighter/weekender, I think. :D And would match my mostly black/red/blues wardrobe.Especially since I want to acquire more happy greens to wear. Greens are cheery. I wore black for so long--and still default to it, as I look great in black--that I want brighter colors in future to supplement my black staples.

The purses are MOTIVATION tools to get me out of the dang 180s. I've been here too long and it's time to see a new "decade". 170s: here I come!

Got any motivational items waiting for you to see a new number? Do tell me!


Food Freak said...

I think black is a holiday and elegant special occasion color for dressing up, but RED, RED, RED, for you this season. Oh, yes. I can just picture you in a Jezebel red dress.

My mother, the demon, collects Vera Bradley, so when I see anything by her, it gives me the creeps. She must have hundreds of bags. I don't know why--she can only carry one purse at a time, and at least 80% of them have never been used.

I love your curls. You looked terrific in the photo with your blowout, but your hair is really beautiful in any state. It's certainly one of your finest features. I'm glad you don't do horrible things to it, such as double-processing, etc.

Should I be very worried about your new physical symptoms? Is something dangerous developing? Will you please let us know what happens, and keep us all up-to-date on how you're feeling? I don't want you to be sick for one single minute, okay? Take care of yourself!

Anne H said...

You in a little red dress? Yep - that's the ticket, all right!