Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Finale Update --progress made, review of goals, eyes on next challenge...

I began the challenge at 195.0 lbs.
I end it at 183.0 pounds.

I was happy to end on a nice round number with my weigh-in today. I originally planned to do the update on Sunday to get the most time to lose ....but I like round numbers. :)

Pounds lost: 12
Original goal: To lose 18. Missed it by 6. Still happy with progress.

Waist: I started with 37 inches. Wanted to make 35, but not sure if it was possible for me (my waist is resistant, but I hoped). Maybe if I had made it to 18 lbs off. But I only made it to 36 inches. However, if I pull the tape nicely snug, I make it to 35. Hah, loose skin!

I exercised consistently, though I did not meet goals perfectly.

I completed the goal to try a minimum of 2 new exercises: I swam. I did aqua-exercises. I played catch and frisbee. I did video-game dancing at the Supercon. I did rave-dancing at the Supercon. I used a kettlebell for the first time.

I think I only missed fluids level 1 , maybe 2 days. I did well with that. DDDY habit got entrenched.

I prayed for the contestants, though I will admit, not daily-daily. I missed some days.

I offered support via comments and email and on my blog. I hope it helped.

I went over my caloric levels more than I care to admit. I'd say at least 3 weeks' worth of days n 3 months had me surpass the 1400 limit. I did not binge, though. I never went over 2000 calories. I resisted a hella lot of temptation!

I missed the updates a couple times (time ran out on me when I went to check). I missed a couple weeks due to death in the family. But I hung in there.


For me, while I was quite imperfect, I was not a total wash-out. I made good progress. I lost 2/3rd of my desired loss and made a 50% progress on waist measurement reduction. During the challenge, I "resolved" my prediabetes and got off blood pressure meds.

I consider this a successful challenge for myself.

I'm glad Debbie and I organized this and stuck it through. I hope the participants got something good out of it. If you made it all the way through the 12 weeks, congrats. Proud of you for NOT QUITTING. I hope you're happy with the results.

My next challenge starts September 11 (eeeeek, dire date, but hey, that's how it is). It's two weeks longer than Slimmer this Summer. If you finished StS and want to join the Christmas Dress Countdown, then please visit and read the rules. See if it suits your needs / personality. I know I get motivated by challenges. One doesn't have to be perfect to make progress. This update is proof.

Okay, happy rest of summer, folks. Let's keep pushing toward our goals!

Be well...


Thrice Blessed said...

You've made good progress during this challenge in spite of facing many challenges and hard times personally! Way to go!

I know you are already starting a new challenge, but if you want to, come and check out the one I'm running. It starts September 18th. Here is a link:

Debbie said...

Congratulations, you did very well during STS. You are so committed and I think you are very consistent. You get a standing ovation from me!

Best wishes in your next challenge. I checked it out, but I just don't have the personality to do well with group challenges. They bring out the rebel in me. But I have challenged myself to ride another 1500 miles on my exercise bike between Aug. 25th and Dec. 25th. And I'd love to lose another 20 lbs during that time. I gave you a shout out in my last post.

Food Freak said...

I like the thought of challenges, win or lose, as long as you stay in the game and don't quit. I'd also like to be a part of the camaraderie that goes along with such a process. People get closer, support one another, and have somewhere to go when things start to get rocky.

Congratulations on the weight loss. You work your thing HARD, so I always expect you to succeed, and you always do. While you can't ever predict exactly how much you'll lose, you can predict with accuracy that you WILL.

In one of your future blogs, could you talk about your muscle development, strength, and power increases since you've been exercising on your eating plan?

Network Marketing Mama said...

Sounds like you did an awesome job! Congratulations!

Carrie @ Exercise & Fitness At Home

downsizers said...

You should be very proud of your total loss - another chunk of weight gone. Twelve pounds is a size. YES!

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Great job, lad! Wow, you really have dropped the weight. Looking good! So proud of you. :)

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

I meant great job, LADY! not lad. LOL

Karen Butler Ogle said...

You did a great job on the challenge, Princess. You should be proud of yourself. Good luck with your next challenge. I'm sure you will rock it as well. :)

Angela Pea said...

The most important part? Resolving the diabetes and the blood pressure meds. Either will kill you if you let them take over.

I'm so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Angela Pea, there is complete success in resolving those major health issues. That is amazing, congrats. You had a full plate for a lot of this challenge and your posts were always stillm otivational and informative. I think you did great. Thanks for organizing and then doing another, I checked it out and would love to throw my name in the hat. :)

debkhershberger said...

Thanks for the support over the last 12 weeks!! and the prayers!!! Looking forward to the next challenge!! I love the guidelines!!

Anonymous said...

You have done well. I just went and looked at your progress pics - wow, you have come so far. It's like watching you literally start to come alive and into your own through the pic progression. Ahhh, inspired - congrats. You rock!

MB said...

Congrats on the progress you made. It is a good lesson to learn that it is about progress, not perfection. We will never be perfect no matter how hard we try. I didn't reach my goal during the challenge but I'm closer than I was when we started so I'm just going to continue on my slow and steady way.

I love the idea of the Dress Challenge and will be joining it unofficially since you know I'm not good with rules. ;) I haven't worn a dress in YEARS but have my eye on a beautiful blue one I'd love to wear this Christmas.

Thanks for all the support, encouragement and prayers.

Rock on!