Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to EXERCISING! & What the heck is that line down my torso? Oh, is THAT what it is? ; ) Rereading REFUSE TO REGAIN and sharing a quote on metabolism & exercise..and what is your exercise block? Move!

Tanita-san: 186.0

It keeps moving down. I keep smiling.

In less than one pound, I'll just be "overweight". Buh-bye, obesity!

I'm officially back to exercising. Yesterday I walked 28 minutes (stopped when left foot got numb, which hadn't happened until the 40 to 45 minute mark before). I guess I have ground to regain, footwise.

I then went swimming at the local pool for a half hour. I used some of that to work on my triceps (ie, swam in ways that made me force water using triceps muscles).  I also did that thing where you lift yourself out of the pool, held it, went back to water. Lifted out of pool, held it, back in water--twenty times. I did scissors while holding onto the edge of the pool until my inner thighs were exhausted. I just used up energy and moved and had fun.
The moon was amazing (we did evening time in the pool), a sliver of newness that got more golden then coppery as it dropped further into the west. It was a gorgeous evening. I'm glad I went out and walked and swam.  Saw an ibis. Saw a ravishing moon. Smelled flower-scented balmy air. It was good to be alive. And because I felt so alive again, I missed my nephew. A lot. And cried, a little. But he's in Heaven, and that's better than here, as beautiful an evening as it was.

I was a little woozy after exercising so I checked my BP: 104/62

Pretty good for a gal who was on blood pressure meds for years until a couple months ago. :D
I've been noticing this line that runs down my torso. I couldn't remember seeing this before.

I found out what it is: linea alba.

It is formed by the fusion of the aponeuroses of the abdominal muscles, and it separates the left and right rectus abdominis muscles. In muscular individuals its presence can be seen on the skin, forming the depression between the left and right halves of a "six pack."

I had kidded around with my hubby how after 3 years of Pilates, I had a six-pack under all that huge pile of fat. Apparently, I wasn't far off. You can't do all those abdominal exercises in Pilates training, week in, week out, 2x or 3x a week, and not have results, right?

Mine is not a lean athlete's or personal trainer's version. Heck no. Loose skin. Still a large load of fat. I carry in the torso anyway. When I was a teten and normal weight, I had skinny arms and legs and a poochy tummy. My belly was always my weak spot.

But the linea alba and segmented muscles ARE gently visible and that is a badge rewarding a lot of cruches, hundreds, and assorted sweat-fests. I didn't have that the last time I was 186. But then, the last time I was this weight, I was not exercising much, other than some dancing/aerobics. No hardcore abdominal work and such. I've spent 3 years knowing what regular sore muscles (abs and others) is like. This is the payoff.

I also note that my legs look great. Working out changes how you look as the fat goes away. If you want to look better when you lose some weight--start working out NOW. I do notice that it helps a lot with contour and firmness, even with the shifty layer of excess skin here and there. I know I'd look way, way worse had I not worked out consistently for THREE YEARS and worked my butt off multiple days a week for 7+ months.

Yes, I have saggy thigh-butt-belly-upper arm-bosom skin, particularly those crinkly-droopies in the inner thigh and upper arms and that panni, from  having been 300 lbs and now 112 pounds LESS than that number. You pay a price. But the abdominal muscles are showing. I SEE THEM when I'm nekkid and it makes me happy.I'm still fat. I'm still abdominally fat, but I finally see what all my hard work did over the years.

I haven't had a Pilates session in over 2 weeks. I miss it. Bad. I always felt so zingy and flexible and alive afterwards. So dang virtuous. I resume next week (and I will assess what the budget allows). But tomorrow, I'm gonna do some mat-work at home. I wanna keep my abs, even if I can't keep training with Liza 2x a week. (Though I'm praying I can. It does my body good.)

I don't wanna lose my ab muscles or my nice thigh shape. I love what Pilates did for my aging body and especially my once thunder-thighs. I really love LOOKING at those muscles in my thighs in shorts. They look GOOD.


I dipped into REFUSE TO REGAIN by Dr. Berkeley last night. Since I reintroduced some starchy carbs recently --potatoes, rice, the safe ones according to the Jaminets-- I find I'm TOO MUCH letting them slide in. More than a couple times a week. I needed a reminder why I need to be very vigilant with starches and make them the "rare" S food, not the usual meal item. My dietitian allowed me one starch serving a day. I did better with one starch serving once or twice a week. I'm doing about 4x a week now. I'm not gaining or anything from it. But I fear re-invigorating my appetite. I am more insulin sensitive, more leptin sensitive, but I'm still someone with "issues" with starchy carbs and sugar and I must always be vigilant. This book reminds me to not let this slide....

The chapter on metabolism is helpful--realistic, but hopeful--and emphasizes the role exercise can play in maintenance. I'm not in maintenance, but I will be, and soonish.

I had exercise on the brain, so a quote stood out. It just highlighted for me why this habit is a habit that's worth developing, even for those just starting their journey of weight loss, even those who haven't yet lost the first 5 pounds on the long journey. I started developing the habit when I was 278 lbs. You are never too big to move in some way.

Here's a quote:

"Exercise may benefit metabolism as well. One study which looked at maintainers eighteen to forty months after dieting showed that those who exercised had normal metabolic rates for size, whereas those who were sedentary had slower than predicted rates. If you want to be assured of a nice, active metabolic rate--exercise. Be sure to include some muscle-building activity to maintain a good store of metabolically active muscle tissue."
It's just common sense really. Move more = higher metabolism Move less = slower metabolism. Diet a lot = impair metabolism. But that impairment seems to improve with time and with increasing muscle mass.

So...if that doesn't get ya to commit to move...you need some deep soul-searching to figure out why.  We all have our reasons, and it may come down simply to plain, old, classic-vice sloth. What's your block?

If you've not exercised in a while--or ever--commit to 10 minutes today. Just ten. Walk, swim, ride a bike, dance to fast music, walk in place in front of a tv show you like, put on an exercise video. 10 mins. Start now.

Okay. I'm off to eat something and figure out how to bust a muscle-building move when a stormy sky threatens my walk. I see an On Demand video as a possibility. Or some dancing. I just got a new electronica/dance cd from Amazon via UPS today. Might try it out.

Go. Burn some calories. Build some muscle.

Be well...


Jo said...

Thanks for the reminder - I think I'll dust off that book and read parts of it again. You are doing great on getting back to the exercise. Sometimes don't you just crave it when you've been away for awhile? Keep it up!

midlife_swimmer said...

I like the way you are exploring yourself over and over. So positive!

Anne H said...

Wow - to the abs!
Miss you - missed the whole bunch of us!
Onward and downwards!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome, wow I wonder if that will ever happen to me - the six pack line. HAHA, who would have thought? You rock, that is so wonderful. I LOVED this post for so many reasons. Thanks for sharing all of this. An evening well spent, I loved your description of it - the sights, the scents, the feeling in the air. You're a great writer. ;)

Angela Pea said...

Yeah for the lurking six pack!

Laryssa said...

You give those of us who have been 300 pounds hope that if we start exercising now, the changes to our body won't be so bad as we lose weight, they'll actually be awesome. I'm off to do some exercising ... thanks! :)

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Good for you. I know that I have abs somewhere too and you can start to see the outline. If I can just cont to lose weight, I'll have some nice ones! Great job!

Julie said...

That is what I'm on my way to do starting September. Really sooner but lots harder in September. I have the begining ones just under the breast but it'll take a lot to do the rest. With a very invasive C section for a 12 lbs/24" baby though it was 19 years ago they said I just wouldn't have all I had at one time but I will keep trying.
Keep up the great work Mir. Take care and have a great week/weekend/week. I'll be back on the 15th-16th. Blssings my friend.