Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Goal, New Motivation: Christmas Dress Countdown

I am pondering the matter, and it's not unthinkable that I can be close to--or by some crazy good fortune and a metabolic shift of tectonic degrees, AT-- goal weight by Christmas this year. I lose slower now, but I still can lose. If I can get to 170 or 165 by Christmas, that's pretty dang close. I don't know what size that would be...12? 10?. No clue.

I carry in my torso, so the size YOU wear at 185 or 170 is not what *I* wear at that size. Dense bones, wide torso, hips and bosom....that's me. :)

But I know I CAN lose 1 pound a week, even 1.5 pounds, with focus, lots of exercise, and tracking my food to stay scrupulous. There are 4+ months to the Christmas holiday season, that's about 16+ pounds if I'm a good girl and my body doesn't do something odd.

That would take me to a bit under 170 as long as I'm consistent and my body doesn't do anything whack. My original goal was to reach 160 by September of 2012. If I can reach 170 or less by Christmas of this year, then that would motivate me to push to make goal (or very close) by my birthday 7 weeks after that.  I could hit goal, maybe, 7 months ahead of schedule. How cool would that be?

I know weight loss isn't always a smooth trajectory. Boy, do I know it. But one can plan and hope for a consistent bit of progress. Planning that way, you can at least get CLOSE and CLOSER, rather than backsliding and losing focus and regaining. Right?

So, here's the plan: I want to be in a smaller size, maybe 2 smaller sizes, and look good in my Christmas outfit this year. I'm thinking red. :D  Something like this, a cheery red or green, ie. holiday colors, though I prefer 3/4 sleeves, ya know? I do have that loose skin issue, so I may want to default to a dark color with bright accents--a deeper red, perhaps, if not black-- just to camouflage that. Dunno. But  maybe I'll just try to rock the red and to heck with the lumps and crinkles!

There's always compression foundation garments. hahahah

So, since I got inspired by Thursday Child and her own Christmas goal--and hopefully hubby will still be gainfully employed so I can afford a Christmas outfit!--it's a Christmas Dress Countdown here on this blog. I figure there are never enough motivators for us fatties-who-wanna-be-non-fatties. :D

Slimmer this Summer continues--I'm down 10 pounds so far today, but still behind schedule for the 18 pounds off goal-- and Christmas Dress Countdown begins, at least mentally and unofficially.

Anyone else wanna be motivated by a snazzy, form-fitting, new holiday outfit and shoes to match? Maybe that can be the next official challenge after Slimmer this Summer ends. There's time enough to save up for it, too--dress, shoes, bra, slip, maybe cute purse. Four months to save and four months to lose and four months to tone up.

Think about it. Gimme your ideas on it. Should it be an official challenge?

I'm scheduling this to post Saturday (I'm writing it Friday, after reading Thursday Child's/Z's post.) I didn't wanna post twice on a milestone day. I'm very proud of that milestone! Heh. well this weekend. Keep to your healthy plan of eating and moving. Kill the fat, k?


EmptyNester said...

Yes, yes, yes, and YES! I think that would be a marvelous challenge when STS ends! I was hoping beyond hope that someone would come up with something and I love this idea! Count me in!

Thursday's Child said...

I was thinking of making it an official challenge after StS finishes, but I'm a little worried about it being too long a time, making it hard to keep momentum? I was thinking of finishing StS, then starting the Christmas Dress Countdown three months before (which would be September 16th-December 16th). It would give a little break between so people wouldn't get challenge fatigue, but would also not be so long that people couldn't keep their goals in mind. Let me know what you think, then we can look into getting stuff prepped.

hee! my security code was 'zesti'!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

That sounds like an incredibly manageable goal! I think you should go for it.

I'm going to murder my fat this week, I promise!

Joni said...

Love that dress!!!! Merry Christmas!

Brandi. said...

Awesome goals!! I'm looking to lose about 35 pounds by December. We can do it. =)

MB said...

I haven't worn a dress in years but have been thinking of it more and more lately. Would love to feel comfortable in a sleeveless dress so I'd be up for the challenge.

Congrats on your great progress. I know that red dress will look amazing on you. Keep up the good work. Rock on!

Angela Pea said...

Yes!! Red Christmas Dress Challenge, but start it right away, as in the day after StS ends!